Rick Hill: A Lot of Baggage, Still NOT “A Lot of Folks”

While there still aren’t a “lot of folks for Rick Hill”, the 2012 hopeful republican gubernatorial candidate is at least aware that he needs some more folks.  Late last week, he sent out an email virtually begging for new followers, perhaps because nearly all of his devoted supporters (primarily lobbyists and insurance executives) already have maxed out their contributions to his campaign.  He expressed his intentions to have the most friends, Twitter followers, blog subscribers, etc and vowed to show everyone how an online campaign is run.

Dear Friend:

I’m very pleased to announce the launch of our new web site at:


When I last ran for public office over ten years ago, the Internet was still fairly new, and the social media revolution was in its infancy.  But I’m excited to get to try new things with this campaign, and I’ve made it my goal to be on the cutting edge of technology this election cycle.  It is my goal to be the candidate all others are trying to catch up to in our online presence.  I want the most Facebook friends, the most Twitter followers, the most subscribers to my blog, and most importantly, I want to raise the most money online.

Over the weekend we launched a new web site, a new Facebook page, and a new Twitter feed.  I need your help to get the word out to start building our presence.

Please forward this email liberally.  Please go to your own Facebook networks and suggest they join me.  Please spread the word in every way you know how and let’s show Montana how an online campaign is run!

Join me on Facebook

Follow me on Twitter

Subscribe to my RSS feed

Contribute to my campaign

I can’t thank you enough for your support,


Paid for by A Lot of Folks for Rick Hill, Republican

PO Box 1585

Helena, MT 59624

Note:  He has not been making any friends in the medical cannabis industry, in fact, he has mocked patients and caregivers at every opportunity in nearly all of his speeches at area Lincoln Reagan Dinners.

Well one thing is for sure, Hill isn’t short on arrogance, although the fact that he wears lifts in his shoes and generally travels with a stool (kind of like tiny Michele Bachmann) to create the illusion of height at his public appearances would lead some to believe he is indeed insecure.  Because of his desire to have the most friends, most Twitter followers, etc, he has recently been imitating opponent Corey Stapleton, posting photos very similar to his and copying his Facebook status update topics.   Stapleton must be doing something right though, he has more Facebook friends and more Twitter followers.  Stapleton’s posts are generally thought provoking and he often encourages friends to comment on controversial issues.  In contrast, each of Hill’s posts masquerade as news articles about … you guessed it, Mr. Hill himself.  In reality, however, the links lead visitors to his own campaign website.  As a result, one of the candidates seems REAL while the other one seems manufactured.  I will let readers be the judge.

Unfortunately for Hill, arrogance isn’t enough to be elected governor, especially after a sudden shady decade long “retirement” that included obtaining a faux online law degree (ironically while he was supposedly going blind, cyber braille perhaps?) and working as a lobbyist.  In addition to that, some “folks” may recall his public infidelity and subsequent divorce, temper tantrums that included hurling a letter opener at a congressional staffer, abysmal JBS Freedom Index scores, and reputation for tyrannical behavior.  Hill holds a slight lead over Stapleton, but the race is young.  Former US Congressman Hill suffers from low name recognition (all of the GOP candidates do, but Hill was the only one who held national office) as well as high negatives.   Obviously the liberals are having fun mocking Hill, today Cowgirl referred to him as the GOP’s crusty leading man but he has real trouble on the right as well. A lot of baggage, but not “a lot of folks”.

(we anticipate a prompt response from  Hill’s yes man operative, Chuck Denowh, to defend his honor)

9 thoughts on “Rick Hill: A Lot of Baggage, Still NOT “A Lot of Folks”

  1. Haven’t been to Hill’s website in the last couple of weeks, but the last time I did it was really a joke. This early in the election cycle with the ones of us who have entered the race, (more so within the GOP) there will be a lot of claims for who is ahead. Personally I would like to see Stapleton get the GOP nod. With him, I feel that the general election race will be a good one based on facts and ideas.

    • The new site has had some WORK done. I find it entertaining that he continues to copy Stapleton- Their twitter background pages are eerily similar, Rick is using a campaign photo much like Corey’s (an above the city pose), and Hill even copies some of Corey’s Facebook status posts. The funny part though, is that nobody bites. Hill gets few comments, it is hard to engage reluctant supporters and when all of your links lead to “news articles” manufactured by your own campaign, it just doesn’t seem genuine.

      I understand that Hill is old and that technology has passed him by, that is one of the reasons he should just retire. He seems to be trying to be someone he just ISN’T.

  2. ANY and I mean ANY politician who keeps his Facebook page locked up and doesn’t allow for a 2-way conversation will NEVER EVER get my vote.


    If they want to preach – go find a choir.

    Cory Stapleton is available for 2-way discussion – as is Denny Rehberg.

    If I cannot post my opinion on their wall and they do NOT want it – or care to hear it – they get NO VOTE – NO FOLLOW – NO LIKE – NO MONEY – NO NOTHIN

    Because that’s what WE get.

    Sick and tired of shifty boot politicians in this state – and Rick Hill classifies in my top 10.

    • I can comment on the Rick Hill for Governor page, I’m not his Facebook friend though. I don’t like him well enough to friend him and I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t dream of accepting a request from me. Are you referring to his personal page or his governor page? I agree with you though, if they are unavailable prior to an election, why would we ever think they’d be available after they were elected? I have numerous concerns about Rick Hill, but most recently, I’m disturbed by his obsession with medical cannabis (he calls it POT). I’m offended that he continues to mock seriously ill patients.

  3. I am honestly not seeing any upcoming candidates that “thrill” me. Far too many of the “conservative” candidates are actually idiots from the Tea Party or (worse) corporate stooges. We need a real change in how we do business and it won’t come from “business as usual” pawns or the radical right. At least the left leaning candidates seem semi sane though none of those really thrill me either.

    • What don’t you like about Stapleton? Just curious as he isn’t an idiot from the Tea party or a corporate stooge. I wouldn’t consider him radical right but he does lean libertarian on many issues. I’m awfully picky this time around and I have yet to find anything I don’t like about him. Although I don’t consider him left-leaning either, he does have a democrat supporter who is VERY excited about him, he posts on his Facebook page regularly. I’m not sure why Cowgirl keeps calling him “most inspirational wrestler” but he has far more to offer than that! Look into him anyway…..

      • The most inspirational wrestler thing comes from a flap over the Wiki page Stapleton created for himself. Many of his claims on that page came under question and he revised those claims leaving only a few – one of which was the “most inspirational wrestler” award he received.

        As far as his platform, I really haven’t seen a lot. My first impression was that he was just another “Tea Party Patriot”… maybe not as out there are Knox, but still out there. I will take another look at him, though.

        I would actually like to see the current vice governor run, though. I think he is conservative enough to understand the current financial situation we are in and he is moderate enough not to be a complete wingnut. Since the economy and it’s impact on our state will continue to be the number one issue facing us for years to come, I want to see a true financial conservative in office. More importantly, I want to see someone that truly understands that just cutting spending isn’t going to get the job done. There are two sides of the budget equation and if you only look to one side of the equation, you are doomed to fail.

        • I gotta say that Corey is DEFINITELY not a mindless ideologue. He’s one of the guys who actually gets things done. I find him to be a guy of real integrity and isn’t in the game for his sake. He knows how to pick the battles that are winnable. And he’s a natural leader, in the real sense of the word.

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