Montana Cannabis Voting Guide


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The 2012 Cannabis Voting Guide is subject to change as candidates respond to queries or make public statements.  Candidates in green are currently considered friendly to the rights of Montanans who use marijuana for medical purposes and in some cases additionally, recreational users.  Candidates in red text are generally opposed to marijuana use in any form.  Some favor banning marijuana use entirely and others support regulations restrictive enough to produce a de facto repeal.  UPDATED 8/21/2012

This determination was made after analysis of public statements, NORML survey responses, emails to constituents, campaign materials, known stances and actual voting records.  As more information becomes available, we will update this page accordingly.  Should a candidate feel that our decision is in error, please email us at and we will weigh the information and consider modifying the assessment.  We welcome information from readers as well.  Comprehensive information- voting records, original I-148 results by district,  and statements from current and past candidates can also be found here.