Our Sincere Thanks to Montana Senate President Peterson


Yet another dangerous medical marijuana patient



Dear Montana Senate President Peterson,

I’m writing this letter to express my sincere gratitude for your attention to your own public safety at the Capitol today.  With the vast number of  dangerous federal criminals marijuana addicts wheeling or limping running around , I can imagine you were all very frightened as the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on Essmann’s proposed legislation to essentially eliminate the very industry that helps over 30,000 patients potheads alleviate symptoms of debilitating diseases.

Let us hope pray that there weren’t any violent crimes that occurred away from the Capitol today as it certainly appeared that every law enforcement officer in the entire state of Montana was present in the Capitol to protect our nannies legislators.    On second thought, I suppose this waste necessary taxpayer-funded expenditure was justified because the legislature expected all of those handicapped bloodthirsty patients criminals to be present for the hearing.

It is really refreshing to see how important you think you are, as a legislative body, that your minions can continue to deceive, cheat and steal from legitimate Montana voters who approved an initiative to allow the medical use of cannabis in 2004.  Ironically, drug dealers across the state are virtually salivating at the prospect of your success.  They are now counting the days until they can add marijuana back into their line-up of illegal substances to sell Montana’s citizens.  You see, since Montana’s medical marijuana industry was created (in response to the legislature’s laziness)  malicious people (think Mexican border type perhaps) controlled Montana’s marijuana supply.  Because of the industry’s devotion to quality control and fair prices, the black market dealers have either moved east to another state or stopped selling marijuana in favor of higher- profiting drugs like methamphetamine, cocaine, or prescription painkillers.  Thanks to the GOP-led legislature, it appears they will be able to come home!

Thanks again for keeping our state safe, anyone can see that the increased number of canes, walkers, and wheelchairs could easily turn into malicious pandemonium so I will give you a pass on this crucial use of our tax dollars.   Now, the $700+ we pay you all monthly for healthcare….. that is another story.



8 thoughts on “Our Sincere Thanks to Montana Senate President Peterson

  1. I do I do like your blog. Very well-written articles. Can leftwing wackos like myself post here too?

    • Yes of course! Keep in mind, however; I am a libertarian-leaning conservative and the other bloggers here would likely categorize themselves similarly. We are open-minded thinking conservatives, but I do anticipate we will find plenty to disagree on. All of us like to argue and we all rail on Schweitzer periodically, so beware… I also love oil, hate the redistribution of wealth, and place a very high value on individual liberties. Can you handle that? 🙂

  2. Handle that? Geez, you don’t know me very well. I enjoy mixing it up with folks from the opposition. And enjoy a good debate too, especiallly in a civil fashion. With facts. No name calling.

    But I gotta tell ya that I think that there really is no such thing as Libertarianism. It’s goofy and doesnt exist. It’s simply a billionaire’s wet dream. Conservative, well, that’s a different story. Hell, I was probably a conservative before you were born. (Yes, I’m an old fart.)

    Anyway, some background on libertarianism:


  3. Dear Legislators for SB423 to regulate Cannabis,
    What will this cost? Where is the Fiscal Note? How do
    the Health Insurance companies feel about this? How much is
    this going to cost Medicare/Medicaid in the first year? Is
    this any way to have fiscal discipline? If Medicaid will
    cost $80 million for the next two years, what will these
    tests add? What will happen to thousands of the newly
    un-employed? Will these business owners be able to afford
    mortgages? Where will the several million in grow equipment
    go? Can law enforcement afford to lose focus on the Meth.
    epidemic which is a true danger to our youth?

    My yearly MRI for my MS is $4,000. How can a chronic pain
    patient and their insurance pay for that just so they can
    avoid opiate based pills? What is the deductible for a CT
    scan? How about a specialist with expertise in the disease
    process that is causing the pain and an X-ray? What will
    the financial impact add to a patients health insurance?

    This is restricting a doctors ability to practice medicine.
    Can you get a Dr. appointment every 45 days? Is this anyway
    to treat these 21,000 Montanans? Currently, only 353
    physicians in Montana are associated with patients presently
    enrolled in Montana’s medical marijuana program. How do
    they feel about this? If each can only have 25 patients, how
    will the medical community cope? The ability to prescribe
    dangerous narcotic pills isn’t questioned. How can the
    ability to recommend a substance with no overdose be this
    curtailed? 2 ounces and 4 plants is unfair. With my MS I
    go through well over that in three weeks. How can cities
    and counties regulate medical care?

    Can the PSC handle this added bureaucracy? Who will handle
    the deliveries and transport? Will the elderly ignore the
    potential income for programs that help them?
    Can the Legislators answer any of these questions from the
    week this has been put together? Who will end up paying for

    Can any elected Legislator answer my letter before they vote on the Draconian regulation?

  4. p.s. I just like good writing and good argument, both of which I find here, like the dude above. Kudos. He makes a forceful argument that I fully agree with. SOMEONE in power does not LIKE competing with an independent cannabis industry. And guess what. They have probably never suffered from chronic pain. It’s hell, it hurts, and it needs remedy. I say to HELL with Milburn. He’s a moron! I couldn’t stand the guy the first time I met him when he came to my house to campaign. He’s a sleazy corporate toady and retired gubmint sucking military man. He’s go his, at OUR expense! He just don’t want you to have yours. In other words, if you suffer from horrendous pain, UP YOURS! That’s our mikey milburn.

  5. I’m a fan of libertarian ideology. And…. reading the founding father’s own writings…. so were a good chunk of them.

  6. as a youth I was an idealistic liberal but gain ground on 50 have become much more conservative I believe our needs to be more fiscally responsible with our taxpayer money on the subject of cannabis I am still a liberal and believe people should not be incarcerated for possession consumption or sales of cannabis. two states have already legalize cannabis for recreational use. this fall we can probably add 3 more states to this list. when it comes to recreational marijuana legalization it should be treated the same way alcohol and tobacco are with reasonable legislation and taxation.legalization of cannabis would free up law forcement budget and the judicial system to actually go after the true drug problems cocaine methamphetamine heroin and prescription pain pills.clogging out jail and prison with non violent cannabis offenders is a true waste of taxpayers dollars. so let’s stop the madness legalize cannabis.

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