Blow the whistle on corruption or share a juicy piece of news or simply spread a political rumor by emailing us at

Please include any applicable information and supporting documentation you may have.

All tips will remain anonymous unless otherwise desired and agreed upon by both parties.

8 thoughts on “TIPS

  1. I have seen this site pop up from time to time, today I finaly had a chance to really look at it. You will recieve some things from me in the near future as I am going to major in jurnalism in college. At 38, I have a lot to say! Love your site!

  2. Political corruption is abound these days. The most chilling and sad stories are on the local Indian reservations in MT. The story goes with the tribes are: They have a limit of their own stated sovereign gov. under the Federal Government ,almost protected from State Laws, and with “voted in” officials.

    Begin with the administration in most of the leader’s offices and you will begin to trickle on up to the meatballs…lol.

    My companions, children, their children, and so forth are testaments to the greedy corruption on the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation, Little Wolf Capitol Building, Lame Deer, MT 59043 PO Box 128, 477-6284 *ask to talk to the “elected” officials and you just may find the tip of the iceberg of “GREED ” 😐

    This greed is the blinder to the real problems right in front of us. I’ve put those blinders on a few times in my long life, and it’s been challenging to keep them off for the trust of the most High One until death.

    Thank you & others, hope you all may take heed to this message…

  3. I would like to expose a no good commie bastard name of Larry Kralj. Need proof? Well, I will personally vouch for his commie tendencies. He THINKS he’s Che Guevara, but he LOOKS more like Tio Castro. But anyways, watch out for him. He’s got it BAADD!

    Hi, Nicole. OOPS! I mean CannaP.

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