Follow the MONEY:The Truth Behind “Safe Community, Safe Kids”

Do as I say, not as I do!!

Brother Steve Zabawa, LDS faithful (Montaliban/GOP God Squad member) car dealership owner, isn’t known for his integrity.  When Zabawa faced dire economic circumstances, Tony Woolery stepped in to save the auto group from financial ruin.  Woolery, Rimrock Auto Group’s general manager obtains cannabis on behalf of his wife Melanie, who suffers from terminal bone cancer.  To show his sincere gratitude, Zabawa began a campaign to repeal Montana’s medical cannabis law entirely.  Recently, he went so far as to suggest that after it is no longer legal to grow one’s own cannabis, surely some good people in the black market will step up to assist terminal patients by risking their freedom to provide illegal marijuana to them in dark alleys.  Apparently Zabawa hasn’t ever witnessed a friend or relative dying from a horribly painful illness.  May God have mercy on his soul.

Although Safe Community, Safe Kids at first glance appears to be a group composed of vast numbers of soccer mommies and nanny-state advocating citizens, nobody other than Zabawa is willing to put their money where their mouth is. According to financial reports it appears the only person financing the quest to save our communities and kids from the medical use of cannabis is Steve Zabawa.

Financial filings with the Office of Political Practices were due March 15 for all political action committees, yet Safe Community Safe Kids failed to file a timely report.  According to NBC Montana,  there were several fishy stories offered by the group when questioned about their failure to file.

NBC Montana contacted Safe Community Safe Kids to ask for financial reports. The group denied having spent any money on the ads; “nothing, not a dime!.” When confronted with a station ad placement for $816.00, spokeswoman Cherrie Brady claimed the expense was far less than the $5,000 threshold for having to file a report.

After being contacted by Jennifer Hensley, Montana’s political practices commissioner, Cherrie Brady filed a tardy report last night.  The report indicated that expenditures exceeded $15,000, well in excess of the $5,000 threshold cited by Brady.   In the interest of keeping a community safe, one would suspect the list of donors would be massive, but not in this case.  You see, Steve Zabawa, owner of Rimrock Auto Group and Mercedes Benz auto dealerships in Billings was the SOLE donor listed in the filings.  Whether he is actually the the lone financial driving force behind the group or the group is lying, is at this time unclear.  The group has a prominently displayed “DONATE” button on their website, so the absence of any other donors is highly suspicious.  Safe Community, Safe Kids co-founder Susan Smith’s husband Cary Smith is an elected state house representative from Billings, so campaign filings are nothing new to her.  Claiming ignorance of our state’s political practices statutes cannot possibly be excused for Mrs Smith.  UPDATE: Jennifer Hensley has decided against imposing penalties on the group, which promised to file timely reports in the future.

To search for campaign filings for any political action committee (PAC), go to Montana’s Office of Political Practices website.  Select “Committee Report Search” .  In the past, I’ve searched for the Safe Community, Safe Kids financial filings and have only found expenditures and in kind donations from the group’s founders, all actual donors were notably absent on their C6 forms filed quarterly.

In a montanafesto post last week, we exposed Zabawa and Rep James Knox as hypocrites after  documents surfaced tying both of them to attempts to glean exorbitant profits from a medical marijuana entrepreneur.   The  Billings Gazette Monday featured the expose’ in an article titled “Profits and principles mixed in medical marijuana debate”.   Here is a pdf file of Zabawa’s lease contract with Mark Higgins.

419 Daniels St LOI

Perhaps instead of allowing Zabawa, a businessman rumored to have ties to the mafia, to “protect”  us from the medical use of cannabis, we should focus on protecting our community and our kids from shady characters like Steve Zabawa.  His dealerships are plagued with lawsuits from former employees and customers alleging misconduct ranging from failure to honor contractual obligations to fraud, foreclosure, wrongful firing, failure to pay employees, the list goes on and on. Zabawa also has a history of hiring employees out of the Alpha House who are willing to work for virtually nothing during their stay at the halfway house. One of his salesmen, Maurice Gunn was recently arrested passed out in a McDonald’s drive thru in Billings for his 4th DUI while driving a Cadillac Escalade registered to Rimrock Auto Group. He and other Rimrock Auto Group employees served prison sentences after defrauding the federal government via fraudulent FEMA claims as they attempted to profit off of Hurricane Katrina.   Interestingly, Zabawa’s partner in crime, Representative James Knox also has a history of shady business dealings and failure to pay his employees.  Birds of a feather……..

It is clear to me that the genuine hazards for our kids, community and state are hanging out at 2540 Phyliss Lane (Rimrock Auto Group) in Billings.  I’d suggest refusing to do business with such unethical  people. For your information, Cherrie Brady owns the Del Taco restaurants in Billings and James Knox owns KBS Computers.

13 thoughts on “Follow the MONEY:The Truth Behind “Safe Community, Safe Kids”

  1. The biggest hazard to Mr Knox’s health is that handful of Twinkies and bags of chips he keeps stuffing into his face.

  2. Maybe we need to pass a law in Montana against obesity….. you know…. for the health and safety of the community. Not to mention the reduction in healthcare costs.

    Wouldn’t you love to know if James Knox is driving up your Healy insurance costs by purchasing his insurance from the same company you use?

    • I’m not sure what the logic is behind this- I suspect it has little to do with the cannabis issue considering Hensley is a democrat. I suspect it is primarily due to the fact that the OPP is, according to the office itself, underfunded and overworked. Many of their complaints are years old…..

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  6. mister zabawa how is obviously never read the federal government schedule 1 narcotics act law though cannabis under the law is classified in the same boat with herion lsd and opium it does not legitimately fit into the criteria of that category schedule 1 narcotics. cocaine and methamphetamine are scheduled 2


  7. mister zabawa has obviously never read the federal government schedule 1 narcotics act law. though cannabis under the law is classified in the same boat with herion lsd and opium it does not legitimately fit into the criteria of that category schedule 1 narcotics. cocaine and methamphetamine are scheduled 2 narcotics and are less dangerous then cannabis which is still on the schedule 1 narcotics list
    .they teach our childrenand our public that cannabis is deadly and is not ..cigarettes nicotine is a drug and a poision and kills 1 third of its consumers yet it is legal alcohol is a drug and causes extreme damage to the human body and yet it is legal. these 2 products are the original gateway drugs children observe these things be used in their home by their parents.all i ask is show us the bodies of people who have consumed cannabis and died as a direct result of overconsumption.we can produce the bodies of the people who die from the over consumption of alcohol furthermore I know of no incident where some has smoked cannabis and returned home to there wife and kids and physically abused them. but I have experienced alcohol when it came home to beat my mother and my sisters and closing cannabis is not deadly nor is it dangerous and it’s time for 34 years of lies to stop from our government


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