montanafesto is no fan of rules or regulations.  Since some people enjoy them, however; we provide the following warnings and gentle suggestions.


  • We are not politically correct.  However, we do not appreciate bigotry.
  • We have very strong opinions. If you are offended easily, go away now!  We are all leaders and leaders choose sides.  Get over it or get lost.


  • Be polite within reason. We realize this is a political blog and opinionated comments are expected.  If your argument is weak, go ahead and use profanity.  Although you may look ignorant, we won’t have to invest much energy to make that discovery. The weaker the argument, the stronger the words.  To disagree is one thing, to be disagreeable is quite another.
  • Be concise and remain on topic. We don’t appreciate long-winded diatribes unless they are relevant and provide enlightening evidence or profound wisdom.  If each of your comments are interesting or entertaining, we will get along fine.
  • Don’t be a criminal.While we understand if you must use profanity or call others names, but please don’t threaten anyone or post lies.  Thoughtcrimes are still allowed.
  • Don’t Solicit. Comments that seek to endorse commercial products or activities or solicit business will not be accepted. Advertising your business will annoy everyone. This blog is for POLITICAL commentary.
  • Be yourself if possible. Although we don’t ask that you use your real name- and actually in many cases, we’d advise against it-we ask that you be original.  Do not impersonate others commenting.  If you are a politician or leader of an organization and you plan to use your real name, please email us first at so we know it is you.  Comments from usernames of political figures will receive extra scrutiny.  This is our blog and enforcement of preceeding “gentle suggestions” will be at our discretion.