Racism and the Yellowstone County Republican Central Committee Chair

olsenJennifer Olsen, a petroleum engineer who was unemployed for years while the oil and gas  industry was booming around her was recently honored in the Billings Gazette’s annual “40 under 40” segment.  The newspaper lists her many jobs, never mentioning that each employer was actually her father (Eric Olsen)  and the companies were often idle due to “government oppression” or some other excuse Jennifer and Eric Olsen used while soliciting donations to progress their political agenda.  During their long period of unemployment, Jennifer and her father founded Montana Shrugged, a “tea party” group that advocates selective federalism and operates in a divisive and dishonest manner.  Jennifer Olsen also holds the chairwoman position on the Yellowstone County Republican Central Committee.  In her free time, she files frivolous and unfounded political practices complaints and apparently scours the internet searching for racist anti-Obama material.

My disdain for the Olsen family is obvious.  Posts like the one captured in the following screenshot from Jennifer Olsen’s Facebook page today are why.

olsen screenshot

Thanks to the first amendment, Americans are able to think whatever they would like as well as express those thoughts, but such expression does has consequences.  I discourage Yellowstone County Republican precinct chairs and legislators from turning a blind eye to this blatantly racist post.  If Ms Olsen is not held responsible for her actions, we send a message that this behavior is acceptable and perhaps these views are even condoned by the GOP.  The Republican Party was founded on abolishing slavery.  Why do we now tolerate our leaders advocating bigotry in a public forum? Bigotry is rooted in ignorance and the Republican Party should purge this cancer from the party.  Shame on you, Jennifer Olsen.  You are a disgrace to your party, to the central committee you chair,  to Montana, and to America.

UPDATE:  According to David Crisp of Billings Blog, in a question post by a Billings Outpost freelancer, Jennifer Olsen responded as follows:

“The blog posting this about me is all fabricated. This is not the first time they have made up stories about me as writer, nicole french, and I had a falling out a few years ago and since then she writes this nonsense.
“Liberals always try to take our focus away from real issues by doing things like this. It is absolutely not true.”


54 thoughts on “Racism and the Yellowstone County Republican Central Committee Chair

  1. The GOP is being taken over by a rabid group of extremists – including racists, bigots, and conspiracy theorists. It’s disgusting.

  2. Not good picture going public, even if it is kinda funny, not a good way to convey the conservative mesge.

    On Fri, Feb 15, 2013 at 10:26 PM, montanafesto

  3. I think she needs a little of Rep. Jerry O’Neil’s treatment, the whole state party does.
    As a lifelong GOP leaning voter, I am absolutely disgusted with the current GOP. I must be the one out of touch because they keep electing these right wing extremist nutjobs to positions in the party and to the legislature.

  4. Why are all of the meatheads from (right around) Billings. Simply reaffirms my belief that Billings is the WORST city/town in this great state

  5. I think we are all accustomed to these offensive internet memes that spread throughout the web by various individuals who like to “show off” their ignorant and offensive views for the world to see. As a strong proponent of the first amendment I might not like their views but would never ask that they be censored. But if I were a member of the GOP or a tea party member I would be very upset that someone who holds a position of power in that party would represent ideas that would be counter to the platform of the party. I would ask that she be removed or asked to resign her chair to prevent any further association of her views with that of the party’s platform.I guess if nothing is done I will assume that the Yellowstone County Republican Central Committee supports and encourages racism and bigotry.

  6. There is “freedom of speech” and there is what this woman exhibited. I do not think that disgusting images such as this woman posted constitutes “free speech”. It is pure and simply “hate speech”. It serves no purpose other than to exhibit the constant racist views of the Tea Party and other GOP members. I agree wholeheartedly with the balance of your comments. Aside from airing her racist views this woman also showed us her stupidity, immaturity, disrespect for the President of the United States. She appears to think she would be appealing to her supporters in the Tea Party with this ignorant and stupid attempt at “humour”. Toss her out. In fact toss the whole Tea Party members out in 2014 they have not served the GOP well and will continue to be a thorn in their side.

  7. Shame on this woman. How do folks like this even get elected? The GOP= the party of racists, homophobes and wackadoos. You can’t dispute it anymore when they keep doing crap like this.

  8. Ha Ha Ha, if I put a copy of my pet goat under the box you would call me disrespectful of the Office. You have managed to do and be a scumbag racist. You make me ashamed of the Midwest. Why do hate freedom so much? ” always wanted to say that” Har Har funny funny your a traitor to everything America is about.

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  10. You’re right, in America we’re all entitled to freedom of speech. Which is why I have no reservations in saying that Jennifer Olsen is a redneck, classless cunt. Is it still any mystery as to why the GOP is a dying political party? It’s because of extremist idiots like this who don’t think twice before exposing their moronic bigotry on a social network where it will be spread like wildfire. Then instead of attempting to make an apology, she defends herself and blames the bad press on “liberals.” I also couldn’t help to notice how bad her grammar was and the run-on sentence. Congratulations, Republicans and Tea Baggers. You’ve got yet another racist shit-kicker to take your party even further down into the hole!

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  13. Whether or not this post was faked, it speaks volumes about the Republicans’ reputation that everyone assumes that the Facebook post was real. The racists have all crawled out from the woodpile over the past four years and they’re all wearing elephant pins.

    • I have risked my personal and professional reputation to assert that this post is not faked. I wouldn’t be willing to do that if I was not certain. What speaks volumes is that Olsen hasn’t involved the police in investigating either her death threats or these allegations of hacking.

  14. It is so silly that the main focus of comments on this post are regarding correcting each other’s grammar. I’m glad that reading this was my first experience reading about Montana’s politics. Looking forward to years of chuckles! And yes, if you think the photo is ‘kinda funny,’ you’re ‘kinda racist.’

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