Smaller Government Advocates Wasting Our Money

Once again, I’m going to put out a call to Montana’s Republicans to stop embarrassing me.  This is a conservative blog and I’m tired of ranting about the actions of those on my own side. Former GOP Chair Jake Eaton and Billings City Council hopeful Jennifer Olsen have lost their vital complaint against Senator Kendall Van Dyk for allegedly violating campaign finance and practices laws by posting…… GASP……… a photo of his own completed absentee ballot.   Olsen, who is a co-founder of Montana Shrugged, a group of factually challenged tea people; often screams for “SMALLER GOVERNMENT” yet apparently felt it would be acceptable use of taxpayer dollars to investigate this dreadful alleged crime.  Jake Eaton and Jennifer Olsen…. they actually make quite a team.

Montana’s Office of Political Practices is reportedly understaffed and overworked… one would think that smaller government advocates would refrain from wasting limited resources on petty complaints, but then again, we are talking about Eaton and Olsen.  Olsen  filed to run in a thankfully contested race for Billings City Council ,Ward 5 shortly after being soundly defeated in a bid to become vice-Chair of the Republican Party.

9 thoughts on “Smaller Government Advocates Wasting Our Money

  1. Olsen filed to run in a thankfully contested race for Billings City Council ,Ward 5 shortly after being soundly defeated in a bid to become vice-Chair of the Republican Party.

    Soundly defeated? I thought she lost by less than 5 votes.

  2. The sadder part about all this is the obvious split in the Republican Party and the way the more – shall we say – radical arm of the party is causing problems for the less radical. The Republicans HAVE to figure out some way to came back from the abyss or conservatives will find themselves marginalized to the point of extinction. The Democrats will only go so far to compromise with Conservatives before they realise that Conservatives are so wrapped up in self destruction, that they no longer have to compromise. When that happens, we are just done – stick a fork in us, it is over.

    Core conservative values are useful and – especially in this day and age – relevant. Unfortunately, those core values have been subverted by all this excessive garbage – religious fanaticism, self serving corporatism, intractable rigidity etc. Until we can dump these self destructive behaviors and return to the small government, fiscal conservative roots we used to believe in, all the rest will marginalize us. I find it scary that the party of Lincoln, Roosevelt and Nixon would embrace someone like Palin or Bachmann. I also find it incredibly sad. When Nixon lied to the American Public, we were the first to stand up and crucify him – not because he was a crook (which, by the way was never really the issue and was never proven) – but because he lied. He broke a sacred trust that conservatives used to hold dear. We need to return to that integrity, that kind of responcible leadership and learn how to adapt to the new world we are faced with. Olsen and her ilk are dinosaurs, resurrected to represent a past that never really existed except in their own minds. We need to remove these dinosaurs from our party and show that Conservatism is NOT a dead ideal.

  3. Jennifer Olsen lost by only 4 votes. I was at the convention, I should know. You may not agree with her but at least she is getting somewhere unlike the rest of us who sit around and do nothing.

    • Interesting. Well, those were 4 important votes. I don’t agree with Jennifer… you are correct. That is primarily because Jennifer is an inherently dishonest person…perfect for politics I guess. I set the bar a little higher though. And “the rest of us who sit around and do nothing”??? Good try. That does NOT apply to me.

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