I See Dumb People


Montana’s GOP renounced the tea party in dramatic fashion earlier today.  Jennifer Olsen, Queen of the tea people was defeated in her quest to become Vice Chair of the Montana GOP.  Incumbent Chair Will Deschamps defeated his less moderate challenger Mark French as well (although I don’t necessarily consider French a tea person- certainly not the same flavor of tea as Olsen anyway).  Jennifer, from Billings; is the co-founder (with her father Eric Olsen) of Montana Shrugged, Tea Party Patriots.  Montana Shrugged is known for its divisive tactics and inconsistency in following the principles it espouses.

Pardon me while I laugh.  Upon viewing the preceding clip, I was initially certain it was a joke.  Seriously.  Never before have I encountered a more contentious person in the Republican party.  Not even A.J. Otjen…. although she often makes me laugh as well.  Representative Cary Smith, of medical marijuana GOP God Squad infamy, nominated Jennifer Olsen for Vice Chair of the MT GOP and in doing so mentioned that she is actively involved with the Young Republicans.  As someone who actually IS actively involved with the Young Republicans, I can attest that there isn’t much farther from the truth…. which isn’t surprising considering the source.

Audrey Walleser, newly elected Chairwoman of the Montana Young Republicans, and current Treasurer of the Yellowstone Young Republicans issued the following statement:

“Ms. Olsen on numerous occasions has slandered and libeled the Young Republicans.  She has shown nothing but contempt and disrespect for the Montana Young Republicans and their missions and goals.  She has also never attended a YR event nor paid dues to any YR club or organization, therefore is not a member of either the Yellowstone Young Republicans or the Montana Young Republicans.”

I offer the following screenshots as evidence of her loyalty to the Young Republicans, apparently fighting for our principles is easier than living up to them.







Contrast the preceding screenshots with this one:




I am a big fan of individual liberty and personal responsibility as well as fiscal constraint, all principles that are typically associated with the tea people.  I don’t abhor everything Tea, my problem is primarily with Montana Shrugged- more specifically its leaders. Although they claim to be a patriotic force- and one to be reckoned with- independent from the GOP, two of their three leaders are now members of the executive board of the Yellowstone County Republican Central Committee.  Yellowstone County is a bastion of RWNJ ideology- most members of the GOP God Squad call that area home- Representatives James Knox, Cary Smith, Tom McGillvray, and Ken Peterson as well as Senators Jeff Essmann, Ed Walker…. and those are off the top of my head.  Forgive me if I’ve forgotten any key prohibition players in Yellowstone County.

It is no secret that I’m disillusioned with both the tea people and the current hypocritical majority of the Montana Republican Party and I doubt anyone would accuse me of being a uniting force in the party these days.  However, I do believe we need to either expand our tent or distance ourselves from the uneducated extremists in the party or we will face blowing defeats in 2012 elections.

Mainstream Republicans have to know that the Tea “party” gave us a group of legislators responsible for the most ridiculous legislative session in recent history.  Some of their legislation was purely symbolic, many bills were blatantly unconstitutional and some of the profoundly flippant legislation bordered on obsessive…. all of which obscured any successes of the GOP in 2011.

19 thoughts on “I See Dumb People

  1. I don’t know that the GOP “denounced” the TEA party so much as they sent it a message that, while they can be a part of the party – they aren’t the majority of it. More to the point – they can’t “take back” that which they didn’t have in the first place.

    On another note – all indications are that Jeff Essman thinks he can be governor. After leading the vicious attack on the party treasurer, he might want to re-evaluate his chances. Lots of folks not happy. And then there’s the marijuana thing. Guess some people like impossible dreams, huh?

  2. All I can say is I sincerely hope we begin to see a whole bunch more “Republicans” like you and fewer of the Republican’Ts currently running your party. America will be better off if we have two(at least) vibrant political parties. As things now stand we have a perfect recipe for failure.

  3. Who are these people who are in charge of picking the Republican candidate? They seem so out of touch with what the public seems to want. Or am I out of touch in thinking that we want legislators and a president who will be fiscally responsible yet don’t care if the person you sleep with is the same sex as you are or if you use cannabis to relax. With minor differences, the Republicans and Democrates at the national level are the same. The both want bloated budgets, wars all over the place, the war on drugs. The only place they differ it seems is in their acquisition of our money. The dems want to tax us and the repubs want to borrow and pay for it later. What a choice, eh? Meanwhile, men like Ron Paul, who definitely cares about individual freedom and fiscal responsibility, are painted by the party and the press as extremists. When will they realize that we must change some things, and do it quickly, or we stand to lose so much? How do we stand behind someone like Mitt Rommney when we know he pushes his religious agenda in his policies and that he will be a puppet of the Mormon church? How do you think he’ll do against Mr. Obama? My guess is that Obama will cream him. We need someone from outside of the box. We need someone like Ron Paul or Gary Johnson, and I’m pretty sure the Republican powers that be aren’t going to give it to us.

  4. I recently read that 44% of the voters in the Republican primaries in the US considered themselves to be staunch and/or evangelical Christians.

  5. I for one will not be voting for any evangelical Chistians. No doubt these are the voters Essmann is going for, however

  6. I’m so glad to hear of your disillussion, living with illusions is not healthy. I hope that the rest of your party will soon have a similar experience. The tea baggers truly are corporate americas usefull idiots, just look to the actions of republican led bodies across our nation. Imagine, if you will, our recent legislative session had we been under the leadership of a R governor. We would be stuck with all of it, from full repeal to the cowboy code of the west and all the mental masturbation in between. Please consider that your party is no longer a peoples party, only working for the good of the world corporate. If you truly wish to free the cannabis plant from its long oppression, it’s time to support the other party as republicans will never support our rights in this regard. Even if legalization became reality, republicans would do all in their power to give over it’s production to big pharma or some other large entity. Camel Bud 100’s, oh yea! Seagrams Ganga infused vodka.

      • Maybe its just that I can remember when it was all really great and who we really are seems lost…and I refuse to believe that all of our leaders have to pander to the ones you so accurately write about. What are we winning for anyway. You now see how bad it can be, I know how good it can be. Frederic Douglas said we should grow up and do one thing…”agitate”. You do it better than me. We have got to have a great Republican Party because the GOP philosophy of equal opportunity instead of equal results is correct. But neither party can have total power, as “absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Oh for harmonic discourse just every once in a while.

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