God Squad LIARS Can’t Handle the Truth

Prohibitionist religious zealots can't handle the truth

Once again, it appears the lying ladies (offense intended, James Knox) of Safe Community, Safe Kids have failed to accept or even acknowledge invitations for a public debate on their favorite only issue, medical cannabis.  Kelly McCarthy, founder of Politics in the Pub has invited the group to attend an event scheduled for March 15th in Billings.  Thus far, they have not responded to the invitation to join Senior High School’s police officer, Irven Rosenfeld (federal cannabis patient and author), one or more  physicians, numerous members of the industry, patients, and most importantly VOTERS to discuss the various options for medical cannabis in Montana.

Cowardly founders of Safe Community Safe Kids refuse to face the truth

For a group so passionate about saving their children’s futures, one would expect they would jump at an opportunity to publicly (safely) discuss this issue with the “cartel”, but perhaps the temple has a showing of Reefer Madness scheduled.

Maybe they are afraid little Cash Hyde will also be attending.  That would certainly make sense as I’m pretty sure his parents wouldn’t take kindly to being called cartel members for keeping their precious son alive after a malignant brain tumor threatened to cut short his 2 year life.  

Perhaps they are afraid of Irvin Rosenfeld.  He suffers from Multiple Congenital Cartilaginous Exostoses and has received rolled cannabis cigarettes directly from our federal government for decades to treat pain associated from his illness.  I wonder if he’d appreciate hearing that cannabis has no medical benefits.  

Maybe the leaders of Safe Community Safe Kids are simply afraid of the Senior High police officer.  After all, slander and libel are crimes.  Or could it be that the numerous tall tales they have told about how cannabis has infiltrated our schools to the point that boys and girls are spreading their legs for whoever will give them a puff or two actually aren’t true.

Most likely the SC,SK crowd isn’t interested in hearing the truth about anything as it is far too inconvenient for their agenda.  Shame on you ladies (James Knox included), your thousands of grandkids deserve better than a granny who lies.  Here’s an idea for you, instead of filming your little minions screaming “ARE YOU GOING TO STAND UP FOR ME?”, teach them to stand up for themselves.  Next time one of their buddies passes a bong around, tell them to just say no thanks.  Problem solved.  And if they fail to follow your advice, maybe it is because they don’t take you seriously…. after all, you have a long history of lying and unfortunately for you, the proof is all over your website and in your crazed videos.  Your kids and grandkids may be sheltered and naive, but they are still probably too smart to believe your dramatic and unsubstantiated rhetoric.  I’d be ashamed if my grandmothers were so ignorant and cowardly.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011 at 5:30pm
Bone’s Brewing, Billings, MT
Be there!

19 thoughts on “God Squad LIARS Can’t Handle the Truth

    • Sorry Jake. I’m having a tough pregnancy and I have other bloggers helping me. I’m pretty sure that the MM posts will taper off once the legislature makes a decision on the issue. It is an issue I feel strongly about and unfortunately for you, so do my other bloggers. Nobody forces you to visit.

  1. So – they won’t show up for public debate. That to me = COWARD.

    Will they show up at Senate repeal hearing? Or does Milburn stand alone…..

    If they show – we can debate in hall. I’m not scared of any of them. If anything – I feel pity for them making such fools of themselves.

    Still can’t believe Milburn & Knox can show their faces at the Capitol. Lying in our statehouse.

    Sad sad day……have they NO shame?

  2. Ummm…. has anybody bothered to notice that March 15th is a work day for the Montana legislature? That means that your elected representatives and senators (Rep. Knox included) are expected to be in Helena. If any of you had bothered to check, the workdays are lasting well beyond five o’clock as the appropriations bills are being discussed, so it would be physically impossible for Knox to attend your little gathering. Besides – he’s already voted on the repeal measure. Even if he changed his mind, he can’t go back and change his vote.

    But trust me – he’s well aware of your position on the issue. As is anyone who happened to be in the Capitol yesterday – where the stench emanating from the MM proponents (and it didn’t come from the drug, but from the lack of basic hygiene) was overpowering. This is an issue which pretty evenly splits the voters. Legislators are hearing from both sides in about equal volumes. When a significant percentage of the witnesses for one side are dirty, smelly, generally rude and unpleasant in speech and demeanor (behavior in the halls outside the hearing counts!!!), it is much less likely that they will be able to convince someone who is predisposed against their position to change their minds.

    I suspect that MM won’t be repealed – but it’s not because of the testimony or witnesses at yesterday’s hearing in Senate Judiciary. Or some little get-together in Billings next Thursday.

    • Auntie Lib, I was in the capitol yesterday and other than applause, the behavior was great. There were FAR more opponents than proponents so for you to say that they are hearing from people in equal numbers, that is very misleading. They may be HEARING from them in equal numbers, but far more people were opposed to the repeal in Helena yesterday. To say that the cannabis patients smelled is a very sick and nasty thing for you to say. I’m appalled that you would say something like that about legitimately ILL patients. I didn’t smell anyone actually. Keep in mind there were a ton of weirdos in the capitol for the helmet bill- biker gangs, etc. That wasn’t US. You are a very mean woman.

        • I could be wrong…. I knew nothing about any sort of helmet bill either, but I was told that there was a group of biker type people in the bathroom that looked really rough. They said they were testifying at a hearing for a helmet bill. I could have received bad info though, I was only concerned about one bill yesterday. I will admit our side shouldn’t have booed a couple of people (although they deserved it) but nobody in room 172 was aware that the committee would be able to hear them either. The hallway was indeed loud….. I’m not sure what was going on there, but most of our side was well-behaved. I didn’t smell any stench. There were a lot of very sick people in the capitol yesterday, that was clear.

          • There is no helmet bill this session and the only big hearing on Friday was the MM bill. I was up there (not in the hearing room though) several times Friday morning and the odor was most unpleasant. If it wasn’t from your group, then it’s unfortunate because you’re being blamed. My point – whether you want to admit it or not – is that the perception in the capitol was that many – not all, but a significant number – of the supporters were NOT those in need of MEDICAL marijuana – and that does not help your cause.

            BTW, just because there were more opponents there to testify does not mean that the legislators are not hearing from the other side. Constituents are writing, emailing, and calling their legislators like mad on this bill – and virtually every legislator I’ve talked to is telling me the contacts are about even from opponents and proponents. Without exception though, legislators are saying that the MM supporters are more likely to be rude and threatening – which again doesn’t really help you either. I’m sure you don’t like hearing that, and probably it’s not true – but it’s the way several of the “moderate” legislators are seeing it – and they’re the ones you need to convince.

            You can call me all the names you want – just like you’re going after the legislators who oppose MM. It won’t change my position on the issue and it won’t change theirs. I’ve been around the legislature for a long time and one thing I can absolutely assure you – when you are involved in a highly controversial issue, the side that screams the loudest and attacks the legislators who oppose them, loses the PR battle for the long haul. As I said previously, the repeal bill probably will not pass the Senate Judiciary committee. But, if I were you, I’d be pretty subdued in my celebration – you will have won a battle, not the war. Legislators are human beings and they tend to get angry when people go after them – which means that they do sometimes “get even”. Your side is making more enemies than friends, and posts like this are noted by those you attack.

            One of the important lessons I’ve learned over the years about the legislative process is that issues are not decided in the hearings – those are for show and rarely – if ever – change the outcome. You need to count your votes one by one out in the halls not in the hearing room. Having a huge number of witnesses at a hearing gets you in the news, but doesn’t usually make any difference in the outcome in committee.

            Just so you know – I personally oppose repealing the initiative and I have let my rep and senator know that – but I haven’t been in either hearing. My husband has MS and may someday need the pain relief (although so far he refuses to get a card because he would lose his pilot’s license if the FAA ever found out he had one).

            • as a lifetime user of patchouli I am sure I’m one of the “Filthy Smelling” hippies you are complaining about. Well, I’ll tell you what, the stench of cheap perfume, hair spray, underarm chemical warfare agents and obnoxious after shave was second only to the legislation itself in creating a pervasive foul air all session long. Most of the product of these legislators produced smells like something I’d scrape off my shoe!

  3. Last time I checked, this is MEDICAL cannabis…. not some sort of means to pass out recreational cannabis to everyone under the guise of a faux medical treatment.

    I love how the proponents of repeal will cite stories like some girl prostituting herself to other school kids for medical cannabis. And yet not bring any proof that this actually happened. Nor tell anyone who the person(s) are who are involved in such a crime. As the MC caretakers are as interested in prosecuting such criminals as the proponents of repeal.

    And even if this were true, which I have deep suspicions that it is a urban myth, they completely ignore the fact that prescription medications are abused in similar manner all of the time. Go read up on how many teens are selling off ADHD meds to friends at school. Or how common it is for a pharmacy to be robbed for oxycontin.

    This argument for repeal is ridiculous unless the proponents can provide real, legal proof that the MC providers, as a whole, are selling cannabis for recreational use.

    If the abuse is happening, prosecute the offenders. We prosecute doctors and pharmacists who breach their responsibilities and abuse narcotics. Yet we don’t shut down their entire professsion over it.

    I’m LDS and have never used illicit drugs in my life. And have no interest in doing so. I also worked the medical field for several years and have a bit of perspective. Clearly if these providers are handing out MC for recreational purposes they should be prosecuted. And if it’s some sort of provable sham…. then prove it. And then improve the regulations and prosecution aspects of the laws governing MC. Medical prescription laws and regulations change all of the time to adapt to contemporary issues. Why shouldn’t MC laws do the same?

  4. I can’t believe this has turned into such a huge issue in Montana.

    I got this video from my niece – I thought I would share it in case you have not seen yet. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Qhe5EJxJVY

    I’m not nessarily for or against it at this point. I’ve heard good arguments from both sides. But I do know we need a new governor.
    I will be at politics in the pub tuesday, so I will see many of you there.

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