Milburn struggles to keep his prohibitionist dream alive

Reefer Madness in Montana

HB 161, Speaker Milburn’s baby, is in poor health.  With a terminal case of arrogance, the medical cannabis repeal bill will likely spend its last days surrounded by the Speaker’s ignorant minions who will passionately attempt to prop it up with prayers and lie-ridden sponge baths.

March 11, 2011, the Senate Judiciary committee will be hearing testimony on the bill and buses from all over the state will be delivering patients to the hearing.  Here is a link to find information about buses in your area. UPDATE:  Here is another.  It is important that you attend if at all possible. Thus far, we have no buses scheduled for Billings, so if anyone knows of any Billings transportation to the hearing, please let me know and I will publicize the info.  If you cannot attend the hearing, please contact the Senate members anyway, you can do so easily using this link.

These lazy politicians need to learn who is boss.  They work for US after all, not the other way around and  2012 elections are the perfect time to inform them that they are FIRED.  Speaker Milburn is at the top of my list.

7 thoughts on “Milburn struggles to keep his prohibitionist dream alive

  1. Shoulda had a big ol CRACK in that bowl – for the lies to leak out of….as they are.

    It is funny to me – these folks will stand in front of our politicians and lie – and promote lies – but call them in for a public debate with anybody – and they run for the hills.

    WHY is that?

    In THIS information age – facts are at our fingertips – and Milburn and his cronies lies are easily exposed. I would say if NONE of these folks will publicly debate anybody – it’s because all they have is lies – and no facts to back up their statements.

    Have we seen fact ONE from these folks? Or – simply out-dated numbers and non-factual data – aka Reefer Madness.

    Actually – I think a lot of what they complain about happens in their own back yard – and they are exposing their own problems for the world to see. Wanting politicians to legislate THEIR parenting.

    I have state champion kids – no help needed here thanks.

  2. The bigger issue here is how this snake (MIlburn) is going about it. If he’s unhappy with his feelings, let him put it BACK on the ballot for an update of how the voters feel now. To assume he knows what we “envisioned”, well he crossed the line. If we really want to show who is boss and retake control, how about starting a petition to oust those who are behind Milburn and his tactics? With 30,000 plus patients and the providers, it would be easy to implement. We are already connected. Wouldn’t it make sense to show those who go against the voters to be shown they can be removed from their position of imagined power? Wouldn’t it show we are sick and tired of being told “they” know what’s best for us to relieve pain when the alternative ( prescription drug painkillers) is damaging every cell in the body and has the potential to kill and make disabled? Now is the time. This is our 15 minutes of fame. The country is watching what is happening here and we have the stage to be the difference in making these draconian drug laws extinct.
    Who can say they’re happy with the economy? This industry is keeping me from being homeless. It can be regulated and controlled to make it safe with inspections and audits.
    All my clients parents are over 70 years old. I don’t provide to anyone too young to be a Grandparent. This way, I don’t offend the parents who can’t control their own offspring.
    I had each of my clients write a letter to be given to the legislators. I hope you do the same.
    See you in Helena on the 11th. The entire country will be watching. Good day.

  3. The current state of Medical Marijuana (MJ) Law is not the intent of the law. It is beyond the intent for those it was to serve. There are no controls federally/state to keep within the intended usage and is doing more harm than good. It is a growing market and holistically irresponsible for our communities. The Pandora box is open. The only way to get the intent of the law back is to repeal it. “Side rails” will not work. Those we trust for safety, health/welfare, business owners and parents; independently you see the abuses of the intent of the current law, BE courageous and be the voice for our communities/children and Montana. You are the difference. We are the voice. Or maybe…. let’s play Russian roulette and see where it takes us; we can deal with the wounds later.

    • Marymellon, I assume you are a judge? How on earth do you know what the intent of the law was/is? How do you know siderails won’t work? I agree with you though- “be courageous and be the voice for our communities and children”. I will do just that. I’m fairly sure you don’t want to hear my voice however.

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