God Squad LIARS Can’t Handle the Truth

Prohibitionist religious zealots can't handle the truth

Once again, it appears the lying ladies (offense intended, James Knox) of Safe Community, Safe Kids have failed to accept or even acknowledge invitations for a public debate on their favorite only issue, medical cannabis.  Kelly McCarthy, founder of Politics in the Pub has invited the group to attend an event scheduled for March 15th in Billings.  Thus far, they have not responded to the invitation to join Senior High School’s police officer, Irven Rosenfeld (federal cannabis patient and author), one or more  physicians, numerous members of the industry, patients, and most importantly VOTERS to discuss the various options for medical cannabis in Montana.

Cowardly founders of Safe Community Safe Kids refuse to face the truth

For a group so passionate about saving their children’s futures, one would expect they would jump at an opportunity to publicly (safely) discuss this issue with the “cartel”, but perhaps the temple has a showing of Reefer Madness scheduled.

Maybe they are afraid little Cash Hyde will also be attending.  That would certainly make sense as I’m pretty sure his parents wouldn’t take kindly to being called cartel members for keeping their precious son alive after a malignant brain tumor threatened to cut short his 2 year life.  

Perhaps they are afraid of Irvin Rosenfeld.  He suffers from Multiple Congenital Cartilaginous Exostoses and has received rolled cannabis cigarettes directly from our federal government for decades to treat pain associated from his illness.  I wonder if he’d appreciate hearing that cannabis has no medical benefits.  

Maybe the leaders of Safe Community Safe Kids are simply afraid of the Senior High police officer.  After all, slander and libel are crimes.  Or could it be that the numerous tall tales they have told about how cannabis has infiltrated our schools to the point that boys and girls are spreading their legs for whoever will give them a puff or two actually aren’t true.

Most likely the SC,SK crowd isn’t interested in hearing the truth about anything as it is far too inconvenient for their agenda.  Shame on you ladies (James Knox included), your thousands of grandkids deserve better than a granny who lies.  Here’s an idea for you, instead of filming your little minions screaming “ARE YOU GOING TO STAND UP FOR ME?”, teach them to stand up for themselves.  Next time one of their buddies passes a bong around, tell them to just say no thanks.  Problem solved.  And if they fail to follow your advice, maybe it is because they don’t take you seriously…. after all, you have a long history of lying and unfortunately for you, the proof is all over your website and in your crazed videos.  Your kids and grandkids may be sheltered and naive, but they are still probably too smart to believe your dramatic and unsubstantiated rhetoric.  I’d be ashamed if my grandmothers were so ignorant and cowardly.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011 at 5:30pm
Bone’s Brewing, Billings, MT
Be there!