Did Montana’s GOP Legislators Get the Message? Maybe, Maybe Not

Is Montana's 2011 Legislature Being Led by RINOs?

“This election sent a clear message. America looked socialism in the eye and they said we’re scared.” Mike Milburn, Montana House Speaker.

Indeed.  Why then are Montana Republican legislators being discouraged from associating with  bills seeking to repeal national healthcare reform mandates? Rumors are circulating that Senate President Jim Peterson (R-Buffalo) and Majority Leader Jeff Essman (R-Billings) have asked legislators sponsoring bills calling for  the repeal of Obamacare not to proceed after a legislative analyst suggested the Senate should not be focusing on such legislation this session.

Is it up to legislative analysts to direct our future?  If Attorney General Steve Bullock continues refusal to join other states filing suit against the mandates,  it will have to be addressed legislatively.  Many states are pursuing repeals of the unpopular law which was recently ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge.  About the decision, Montana’s lone representative Denny Rehberg had this to say.

“After months of rate increases and service reductions, Montanans continue to wait for true health care reform that lowers costs and increases access.  The sooner that Obamacare is wiped off the books, the sooner we can get to work finding real solutions that benefit Montanans instead of the powerful interests in Washington, D.C.  Most of the folks I’ve heard from will be happy with the decision in Virginia, and are only upset that an independent-minded state like Montana has sat quietly on the sidelines while other states take the fight to the overzealous federal government.  It’s past time for Montana to get in this game.”

We elected conservatives to REPEAL Obamacare, to STOP the growth of the government’s size and scope, to CREATE jobs and STIMULATE the economy.

We did NOT elect republicans to take the pragmatic approach.  We did NOT elect republicans to negotiate deals with radical environmentalists and other liberals in effort to gain leadership positions.  We did NOT elect Republicans to work with Schweitzer.  When our elected officials appease progressives, Marxist ideals increase exponentially.  We cannot abandon constitutional principles under any circumstances.

Moderation is dangerous in today’s world.  The leftists aren’t moderates- they are socialists.  Negotiating with them is a recipe for death of our republic.   Montanans elected conservatives in November to rail against Marxist ideals, not to dilute our principles.  Many GOP legislators were elected not because they were Republicans but because they were not progressives. Montanans aren’t concerned with social issues this time around, our future is hanging by a thread.  Our government has lost its way as legislators have compromised their values in favor of “bipartisan” efforts.

Advice to elected GOP officials:

  • Fiscal  concerns trump all religious agendas.  Accomplish what we elected you to do and you will earn political capital.  Don’t waste our future in mediation with thieves.  If your principles don’t cost you anything, they weren’t worth very much.
  • Stop preaching that we all need to remember why Republicans were elected unless your actions are consistent with your message.  That means you are a hypocrite for sponsoring bills to repeal medical marijuana when Montanans are concerned with fiscal issues.  If you want any credibility, you must counter that proposed loss of 5000 caregiver jobs with creation of at least that many positions.
  • Don’t act like Baucus and Tester.  Both US Senators ignored their constituents and made decisions that will affect Montana forever.  In the process, they made passionate enemies on both sides of the aisle.  Progressives say they didn’t do enough while we say they overstepped the Constitution to advance an unwelcome agenda.
  • Remember that you were elected not to rule, but to serve.
  • Integrity requires courage.  You took an oath.  It does mean something.  Worry more about being respected than about being popular.

The 2011 Legislative Session will reveal if we wasted time helping liberals get elected as Republicans.  Hopefully instead, our efforts will be rewarded with consistent conservative votes and a structurally balanced budget.  Hopefully the rumors are unfounded but regardless, don’t hesitate to call/write/email your legislators.  Tell them you expect Montana to repeal/nullify/opt out of Obamacare.

3 thoughts on “Did Montana’s GOP Legislators Get the Message? Maybe, Maybe Not

  1. Sure got your answer didn’t you? Oh well, maybe after the privatization craze is finally exposed for the push toward Fascism that it is we will finally elect some true progressives in 2012. Thank Gawd for idiots like Scott Walker and Rick Snyder and their over-reaching buddies the Koch Kartel. If we could get true patriots of every stripe to gang up on the Military Industrial Complex, The Prison Industrial Complex and the National Chamber of Commerce we could have prosperity in America once again. As long as VooDoo Economics continues being the flavor of the day for BOTH political parties we are doomed. It isn’t Social Security and Medicare killing our debt right now, both are running a surplus and will for more than two decades. Jefferson did not get two Amendments in the Bill of Rights that we can see now were left out to all our debit: a ban on monopolies and a ban on a standing army. Without them we have little chance of avoiding the fate of all Empires who invade Afghanistan.

  2. progressive is another word for “socialist”. progressives generaly do not supoport ANYTHING TRADITIONAL! this is the bad side of certain fights for this legislation, or that legislation. i wont vote for a progressive, just on one issue. so i will continue to be along traditional lines..so to continue with the thinking if we hire more “progressives”, than we shall continue the countrys plung into oblivion…the progressive ideas are bankrupting us.

  3. Oh, it’s not the tax cuts for billionaires, not the exploding military industrial complex, covert and overt, not the exploding prison industrial complex, not wall street gamblers or Fed currency manipulations and giveaways; NO, it’s Planned Parenthood’s $75 birth control devices for the poor women, WIC’s $55 milk and cheese coupon for single mothers and their right-to-starve babies, it’s $50,000/year schoolteachers and firefighters and disabled getting $420 SIIS checks, SURE, that’s it, lousy teachers. and don’t forget them wetbacks! HEY! YOU! GET OFFA MY LAWN!! GOTTA GO!

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