Brian Schweitzer’s Pathological Projections

Whether invented to cover for revenue projection mistakes in his initial budget or due to delusions, Governor Brian Schweitzer has suddenly discovered an additional $120 million to add to his structurally unbalanced budget proposal.

Schweitzer blasted the Legislature and its fiscal staff for routinely under-estimating the revenue required to formulate the state’s budget yet in recent years, revenues were also considerably lower than the governor’s budget director’s projections.  The governor also made it clear that there will be no need to cut state programs (sigh) and implied that any future cuts in education could essentially be blamed on misguided priorities of Republicans in the legislature.

Schweitzer still plans to use one-time money to balance his budget as well as robbing surpluses in fiscally responsible school districts.

According to Montana Policy Institute’s recently released Pork Report, 10 out of the 25 highest paid state employees are psychiatrists.  Although that may seem excessive and wasteful, Schweitzer is a tough case.  We may need to hire a few more mental health professionals.

2 thoughts on “Brian Schweitzer’s Pathological Projections

  1. Hey, just cuz we aren’t commenting doesn’t mean we aren’t reading. Just hard to argue. Those wild, crazy, always wrong legislative fiscal analysts are gonna be taught a lesson by the Governor. It’s his number one priority. That, and being darn sure we all know that the only reason to locate a business in Montana is because Brian is the Governor, the darn tooting-ist, colorful aphorism spoutingist, most responsible Governor that ever bragged about fixing an election.

  2. Our government and/or governor has a spending problem. Instead of making necessary cuts in programs, reducing government or whatever it takes they blame the other party. The governor is promoting utility companies and/or corporations to invest billions and billions on industrial wind farms that will blight the land and sky’s of Montana. This will cause land values to plummet across the state. The costs of the wind farms, substations and transmission lines will be paid by consumers through higher rates and taxes. This type of deprecation has a negative effect on the surrounding areas and communities. Land depreciation, higher utility rates and taxes kill jobs and the economy. I believe this “open for business slogan” on the backs of private property owners will cause people to move out of State rather than move to the state. Destroying real estate values destroys peoples livelihoods.

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