Psssst…. MT Legislature. Wyoming Has Some Great Ideas

Wyoming legislators are proposing legislation to rail against socialism and encroaching big government.

A handful of legislators are proposing an end to teacher’s tenure.  Ending tenure would ease the process of removing ineffective teachers- great teachers should have nothing to worry about.  What other occupations provide a virtual promise that regardless of your performance, you will still keep your job? I guarantee Montanans would feel far more comfortable voting in favor of increases to education funding if teachers de-unionized and ended tenure.

Legislators from each house are also introducing health care reform bills- one proposal makes it a crime to enforce federal health care statutes in Wyoming while another proposes a constitutional amendment to protect Wyoming citizens from federal healthcare reform mandates.

Why do we care what Wyoming is proposing?  Wyoming ranks #1 in business-friendly taxation   as well as #1 in terms of economic vitality.   Wyoming has an unemployment rate of only 3.3% and a personal tax average at only 4 % . Montana isn’t known for its business-friendly atmosphere and has some of the highest property taxes in the nation although you’d never know that listening to Governor Schweitzer who claims to have single-handedly turned Montana into a bastion of prosperity.

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