The Racist Screenshot in Full

In response to continued allegations that montanafesto photoshopped the screenshot of Jennifer Olsen’s racist post, I felt the need to provide the entire screenshot for public perusal.  It is my position that the racist post was Jennifer Olsen’s and that the person who provided it to me as well as the names and photos of his/her friends are irrelevant to the story.  The names and personal details have thus been blacklined to protect the innocent.  I am not an image expert but its legitimacy was never in question for me or I wouldn’t have posted the image.

I am utterly disappointed that Olsen has continued to lie about her actions. To those who have suggested that I created an impostor profile of her to discredit her- after a burst of laughter- I say the words “Don’t flatter yourself.”.  I am very busy, as evidenced by the lack of blog posts the last year.  I would never do such a thing even if I had the time.  Anyway, take a look.  And then, PLEASE, stop defending her.  Stop embarrassing the Republican Party, we have a big election to win next year.

J Olsen

21 thoughts on “The Racist Screenshot in Full

  1. Is 10:54 am on 2-15 when it was from?
    If so it was posted 2 minutes earlier.
    If so, FB could provide what IP address it came from.

    If they really care to find out, that’s a way.

    • Well sure it would have made a difference. Attacking a political opponent for being greedy is common.

      Attacking a political opponent by using well known racist imagery and stereotyping is another think altogether.

      This was blatant obnoxious racism.
      Yeah, that’s different Eric.

      Or are you completely insensitive to that?

      I’m guessing most Republicans must be so racist, they see it as normal.

      I don’t see it as normal. I see it as unacceptable. But that must be because I’m not a Republican. I voted Green last year. (For Jill Stein)

  2. Yes, Erik,it would have made a difference. It would have been funny with cash under the box. Defending this photo only aligns you with ignorance, hate and sterotypes. She should be ashamed of herself. Do the right thing, and step down, Ms. Olsen.

  3. Have you thought that whoever did this in the first place, back in 2008, could have been making fun of the would-be kidnappers ? Of course not – since the new Dem playbook is that anybody who dislikes, or disagrees with the policies of The Great Leader, is ignorant, and racist, right ?

    I was at a Tea Part Rally back in 2009 and somebody told me my sign was racist – the sign said “TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY” –

    This is little different.

    • Um, no you weren’t, Oilscum. You’re lying. No one told you that your sign was racist, and why should they? And what’s worse, you KNOW you’re lying! And that’s real sad. You’re a liar, dude. Pure and simple. And it shows.

      • She continues to lie and digs her grave a little deeper with each breath. Her father is now threatening me with the pursuit of “legal processes”. He calls me a “self made conservative hater” and that “liberals just do not like successful conservative women. It is sad and historic. The hate should end but it is being perpetuated by President Obama every day. Sad sad times for America”. This dude is absolutely delusional. He also said “My daughter does not know the relationship of watermelon with any culture let alone black”. (all punctuation errors and omissions are his). So we see where she learned this. Why the hell are they calling me a liberal? They are well aware that I am not. The truth is so inconvenient for them.

        • LUV IT! Great job, Nicole! When a moron threatens to use the “legal process”, you just KNOW that you done whizzed in his Wheaties REEL good! I’m terribly sorry if I’m enjoying this too much, but I can’t help it. For you see, nearly HALF of my friends are ex-Republicans who can’t stand the fact the morons like eric oilscum have co-opted the Republican brand.

          I’m not sure that you were expecting to go national with your writing, but now you have, and I have complete confidence that your up for it. You have now become THE rational voice in Montana for what’s left of the Republican Party in our state, and I think that that is a very good thing. You deserve it.

          Keep the hits coming!

          p.s. Don’t worry, Nicole, we lefties have got your back. We’re there when you need us. For you see, the bottom line is to make Montana a better place to live. And we’re all into that exCEPT for the inbred, oilscum crowd! As Schweitzer said, a good idea is a good idea whether it comes from a dem, pub, or whomever!

          • p.s. And on a personal note to Mr. Eric Oilscum, SUE ME TOO! Please, I beg you to! PurSUE them legal remedies! I need it! You see, just drop me the most damaging thing you want me to say about you and I’ll DO it! For I really, really, REALLY want to be sued too!


            Geez. Teatards. Whachagonna DO with’em??

  4. So which is it, Eric? She was hacked, there was an impostor profile created to discredit her, or she posted the watermelon photo to mock the would-be kidnappers? Why are you bringing up the “new Dem playbook”? Is Jennifer a Democrat? I’m certainly not. Your Taxed Enough Already sign is clearly not racist (unless you aren’t telling the entire story about the sign). A watermelon trap designed to ensnare President Obama…. well, that is another story. Shame on you for defending this.

    In addition, she must have realized eventually that it was indeed racist because she removed it and posted a warning to her friends that there was an impostor Jennifer Olsen profile posting on her behalf. No idea how the fake Jennifer Olsen became friends with the real Jennifer Olsen in order to post it on her page, but I’m sure she has an answer to that.

    Funny you mention disagreeing with policies. Obviously this is the case because Jennifer used a watermelon in her trap. Not a tax increase bill or an entitlement. Because watermelon bait condemns his policies. You are pathetic, Eric! Pathetic!

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    • That’s true. That has actually happened to me before, so I can definitely empathize. In this case, however, that did not happen. I risked my personal, professional, and political reputation to expose this blatantly racist post. I would not be willing to do that if the veracity of the screenshot was in question. If she was indeed hacked, one would think that the police or FBI would be involved. There is no indication that is the case. As a blog, we have a reputation as honest, even when that honesty is inconvenient and uncomfortable. This is one of those cases. This should have never become such a big story. Olsen should have apologized and it would have blown over by now. Only a selfish and truly narcissistic person would take her party down with her.

        • No problem. I can understand that without proof, it is difficult to accept that this indeed happened and until Olsen provides Facebook IP address logs that verify the story that she was “hacked”, it remains alleged. I can assure you, however; it happened. Posting falsehoods is a crime and I’m not fond of jail nor of fines. I don’t profit in any way from blogging, I don’t even allow ads on my site. I posted this purely because it was the right thing to do. I’m a Republican- although more libertarian-leaning than Olsen- and I don’t appreciate her allowing this story to damage the party in this way. Her dishonesty inspired a statement by the Vice Chair of the Yellowstone County Republican Central Committee that largely defends her as well as ensures reader know she is the victim of death threats. I could forgive the post. We all make mistakes. I’ve posted links before that I removed shortly after thinking through the implications. It happens. But to lie and place blame on innocent people, that is unforgettable. Whether she’s forgiven, that’s up to the YCRCC.

  6. Is there honestly doubt that this isn’t racist? A much better argument would be that this is was just done in poor taste, a kind of joke-gone-wrong, but saying that it isn’t racist at all completely takes everything away from the argument. Would these people be ok with President Obama posting a picture of white people dancing poorly while eating a mayonnaise sandwich? I bet they’d be crying foul that Obama is a racist. We happen to live in a state with a very small minority of blacks, and sites like these are one of the few that will stand up for them, or injustices of any sort. This is a public official that represents you and your county, and you’re ok with this?

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