The Racist Screenshot in Full

In response to continued allegations that montanafesto photoshopped the screenshot of Jennifer Olsen’s racist post, I felt the need to provide the entire screenshot for public perusal.  It is my position that the racist post was Jennifer Olsen’s and that the person who provided it to me as well as the names and photos of his/her friends are irrelevant to the story.  The names and personal details have thus been blacklined to protect the innocent.  I am not an image expert but its legitimacy was never in question for me or I wouldn’t have posted the image.

I am utterly disappointed that Olsen has continued to lie about her actions. To those who have suggested that I created an impostor profile of her to discredit her- after a burst of laughter- I say the words “Don’t flatter yourself.”.  I am very busy, as evidenced by the lack of blog posts the last year.  I would never do such a thing even if I had the time.  Anyway, take a look.  And then, PLEASE, stop defending her.  Stop embarrassing the Republican Party, we have a big election to win next year.

J Olsen