A Greed Lecture from a Politician/Attorney….. and one from ME.

In today’s Billings Gazette, Senator Jeff Essmann, sponsor of SB 423 “The Black Market Bill” said:

“Montana voters should be concerned about any group that is selling a schedule-one controlled substance that can raise $50,000 in less than a week,” he said, referring to federal law. “I don’t believe Montana voters wanted to have that kind of activity in the state of Montana.  It should be very obvious that this is no longer about the medicine or the therapy. This is about the money for these people.”

“This is about the money for these people”……. I love being lectured by a politician and attorney about greed.  He is concerned that the cannabis industry could raise $50,000 in less than a week.  What exactly would that entail, I wonder.

  • Each of Montana’s approximately 30,000 patients could donate $1.67
  • Each of Montana’s nearly 5000 caregivers could donate $10
  • Each of our GOP legislators could have done their job at the biennial legislative session and we wouldn’t need the services of attorney Jim Goetz.

I find it so interesting that Essmann mentions that marijuana is a controlled schedule I substance.  Considering he is a fan of ignoring the federal government on wolf protection and Obamacare implementation, one wonders why he is so concerned about the Controlled Substances Act. It is the responsibility and duty of the state Legislature and our governor to protect our state and its citizens from federal intrusion. If our elected officials refuse to defend our citizens from the unconstitutional overreach of the federal government, they need to be replaced.  Our most recent legislative session was led by a Republican/Tea people backed majority focused almost solely on invasive, oppressive bigger government and our populist Governor Schweitzer has expressed his intentions to “hold his nose” as he allows SB 423 to become law.  Oh my.

While I am offended at the implication by Essmann that we are greedy, I’m also reminded that there is no such thing as a free lunch. Most of those sending you emails, blogging, holding meetings and conference calls are NOT paid representatives of the industry.  They are donating their time to this cause and deserve our thanks. I am not comfortable asking anyone for money and I am well aware that most people in the industry are only one harvest away from bankruptcy. I also know very well the costs associated with this business, but unless we are prepared to make unemployment and insolvency part of our plans for the VERY near future, we owe it to everyone involved to put some money where our mouths are. Posting Facebook rants may be liberating, but it isn’t what we need to survive.

I’m begging not only patients, caregivers, and Montanans to donate to this cause, but AMERICANS.  There is far more at stake than simply the medical use of cannabis in our great state, our very liberty is under fire. While disguised as a reform/regulatory bill, anyone who has read SB 423 knows it intends to eliminate the use of medical cannabis in Montana which is in opposition to the will of Montana voters who approved I-148 by a landslide in 2004.

Please go to http://www.mtcia.org/ to assist in preserving Montana’s liberty.  Protect us from the tyrannical religious zealots we unfortunately elected to represent us.   Our goal is $50,000 by the end of today and we are currently short $15,000.  The amount is necessary to retain the legal services of attorney Jim Goetz. On behalf of caregivers and patients statewide, Goetz intends to employ legal actions initially delaying the new law’s implementation as well as  eventually striking down the law in its entirety.  He is the right attorney for this endeavor and we need your help.  Please donate whatever you can, whether it is a significant amount or a few dollars.  The entire nation is watching Montana right now, let’s show them our strength!

16 thoughts on “A Greed Lecture from a Politician/Attorney….. and one from ME.

  1. on 08-30-2008 I wrecked my motorbike with no helmet killing front left of brain. I was in coma 87 days. My right limbs have serious muscle control problems. I had a friend ask me to take canna-pills every day. I now take no muscle relaxers & my memories not only have returned but are staying. People that get strokes should be taking right away !

    • The neuro-protectant properties of cannabis are well-documented. It is unfortunate that so many ridiculous obstacles prevent widespread accepted use of cannabis. Ed, I’m glad you have benefited from it, I’m sorry the legislature wants to ensure you no longer have that option.

    • It makes sense why the US government has the patent on the Neuro-Protective properties of Cannabis.
      As a MS patient doing research in Cannabis I found a British group of scientists who did autopsies of MS patients. The 16 who had regularly used Cannabis as their medicine for over 20 years had noticeably smaller lesions on their brains.
      I’m glad you are doing better.

  2. Yes, Mr. Essman, you should be concerned about a group that can raise $50,000 in a week. But you’re wrong about it being all about money. You’ve been wrong about this the whole time. It’s about the value of each individual’s vote, freedom, liberty, personal responsibility, capitalism, jobs, free and unregulated markets…You know. All those things that real conservative Republicans (like Ron Paul and Gary Johnson) believe. You and the vast majority of the other Montana Republicans will be the demise of the Republican party because you go against the very doctrines espoused by the party.

  3. Montanafesto, I’m not a card holder or a caregiver. But I donated $100 because this is a fight about freedom! The subject is medical cannabis, but the issue is freedom.

      • I had $50 for them. Wish I had some patients who pay for their meds, but I only have 1. She gets her’s for free since she’s un-employed.
        This needs stopped. I won’t go through an anal probe investigation and surrender my 4th & 5th amendment rights under SB 423.

          • Josh, my husband is a caregiver and he had 3 patients last year. We, too, have made less money than expenses but were glad to be able to share with people who it helped. Sounds like you are the same. If SB423 goes into affect, we’d be illiegal to do what we did last year. I’m with you, too, Cannapropaganda. I won’t surrender my rights or put my property at risk for seizure or any other such nonsense. But I resent like hell having to even worry about it. And, it makes me sad that a lot of people who could be helped won’t be able to get what they need.

            • That’s not a conversation I’m looking forward to if this train-wreck is allowed July 1.
              I still have faith we will get the referendum in effect. I think the lies from these anti-cannabis leg. & ‘Brady Bunch’ will end up screwing them.

    • The Montana Tavern Association didn’t blink to write him checks.
      Heaven forbid someone used their cards for recreational use.

  4. How much time would it have taken the pharmicutical , lumber, or labor industries to raise money for an attorney if their constitutional rights were being strip?

    • As fast as the check could be written. But those groups already have lawyers on retainer. But the bribes are doled out well before their constitutional rights are touched.

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