Friendship with the Scourge of Montana

Thank you Representative Howard for requesting my Facebook friendship.  I am curious why you would seek a connection to something you consider a “scourge” and a “cartel”, however; and would appreciate an explanation.  I am an active local Republican who happens to be extremely disappointed in those I helped elect to represent us in Montana’s 62nd legislature.

Are you seeking an avenue to offer an apology, not only to me; but to the thousands of hard-working Montana taxpayers you insulted by calling derogatory names or did you simply make a mistake in requesting my friendship? Considering the number of letters I wrote begging each of you to consider science instead of the tired, fear-based rhetoric you continued to utilize, I find it hard to believe that you aren’t aware of my stance on the issue- unless, of course; you didn’t read any of my letters.  You also must have missed my letter to the editor printed in the Billings Gazette and Missoulian…. don’t worry though, Representative, I didn’t miss yours.

Perhaps you are reaching out to explain why you eliminated jobs for thousands of Montanans.  Perhaps you’ve realized the error of your ways and would like forgiveness.  Most likely, however; you noticed that we have scores of mutual conservative friends, live in the same area, and are Christian Republicans.  It certainly couldn’t be that we both hold dear the conservative principles of adherence to the constitution, liberty and limited governmental interference in individual lives, could it?

I apologize if I seem a bit snarky, Representative Howard, but sudden, forced unemployment will do that to a girl.  You see, while you were busy dreaming up Valium and Arsenic analogies and recalling stories from nearly half a century ago, I was comforting patients and business owners who were anxious that this “jobs” session, was anything but.  And what could I say?  The writing was on the wall.

I’ve lived in Montana my entire life, Mr. Howard.  Republican or Democrat, we are all Montanans and most of us aren’t appreciative of federal intervention on any level.  I’d be hesitant to entirely discount the previously expendable voting bloc of cannabis patients, users, and business owners.  You see, in 2004; many of them didn’t vote to allow medical use of cannabis. Why?  Because they didn’t vote at all.  In 2012, however; we may have a very different situation.  Across the state, those people are registering to vote in droves.   As a Republican, I cannot understand why our party would desire to mobilize the liberal voter in that way, especially when we otherwise had a great opportunity to capture the governor’s seat.  But what do I know?

I know that the war on drugs funds illegal terrorism.  I know that nobody has ever died from overdosing on cannabis- EVER.  I know our party is failing to attract my generation of voters.  I know that regardless of religious rhetoric, gay people are not going away and allowing their sexuality to remain a felony is bigoted, hateful, and a dreadfully wasted opportunity for Republicans to appear compassionate and cerebral.

Ben Franklin once said that anyone who trades liberty for security deserves neither.  What a shame it is that we’ve gutted the US Constitution in terms of civil liberties, privacy, and property rights as well as allowed bureaucrats to dictate health policy that should remain between a physician and patient… all in favor of a myth.

That said, let me know if you are still interested in my friendship. Should you reconsider, I’m understanding of your reluctance to associate with someone in the “wrong crowd” and will harbor no ill will.  I also pray, Mr. Howard; for your sake, that never are you faced with a debilitating condition unresponsive to traditional pharmaceutical treatments.

Nicole French


17 thoughts on “Friendship with the Scourge of Montana

  1. That was a wonderful response. I would be curious as to what Mr. Howard has to say, if anything. My money is on the fact that he will completely ignore the entire situation as though it never happened.

  2. Excellent letter. I am pretty sure I watched him basically lie on camera. If that was a committee meeting, are statements like that under oath? Probably not, but someone should be allowed to walk up and write” I Know Absolutely Nothing About Science” on his forehead. That way when ever he speaks on camera, the viewers will know what he is about.

  3. Stunningly polite, you must of really had to hold back.
    Perhaps he is back at home meeting with his ACTUAL consitituents, who are wondering WTF he did this session. And who ARE those voters who “didn’t know” what they were voting for. I would guess that hometown isn’t quite as comfortable as it was before this abominable legislative session. His sickening patronizing attitude during those hearings was despicable.

  4. A_Chemist, you are so right. I had never hear of Rep. Howard until I saw him on the evening news. He was standing at his pulpit on the House floor, hatred in his eyes as he LIED and said that marijuana KILLS!!! He made an impassioned speech about how he knew people who would do heroin and coke before they would try that evil marijuana. What an idiot! So, I know now that he is a preacher, and he claims to be a pastor too. Since when did pastors LIE and talk so much hate? This man is dangerous in my eyes. He’s ignorant, a liar, hateful, and quite stupid, it appears.

  5. oops, I meant he claimed to be a former FBI agent too. So, there’s absolutely no excuse for him being so ignorant, and I stand by my assessment of him being stupid.

  6. You have made my day. I was referred to your blog by a friend because I am a conservative cannabis advocate. I sure don’t have your way with words and am so grateful that you are willing to speak up. I have been an active Tea Party member and I am horrified that I spent so much energy getting these yahoos into office. Like you, I thought they would support jobs and smaller government! Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Marie! So glad you found montanafesto! There are more conservative cannabis advocates than the Republican party is willing to admit. I hope that we are able to show them a clear defeat in the primaries. The tea party has disappointed me to no end with their selective defense of the constitution. Its ok for wolves, Obamacare implementation, firearms, etc, but when it comes to cannabis, they are praising federal intervention. It sickens me. I feel serious guilt about my role in helping these jerks get elected and you know things are crazy when the only ones in Helena who made sense were democrats.


  8. Oh how I wish we actually had a Conservative Party. The Republican Party and the various Tea Parties have all become a bunch of Radicals trying to do truly Radical things to our Government and our Republic. I heard Rand Paul say today he would be happy when Government was nothing more than the Congress and the Defense Department. Thomas Jefferson and his buddies who wanted an Amendment prohibiting Standing Armies must be spinning in their graves. I too want smaller Government but making Defense a sacred cow just ain’t gonna work!

  9. Robert, I too think that is a bit radical. But, I have to say, I sure would like to see the US out of Iraq, Afganistan and Libya. Then, if we ended the War on Drugs, imagine how much money we would save. I must say, though, I think that it is absolutely imperative to have a strong military. I just don’t think we need to police the world. We can’t afford it.

    • You sound like a non interventionist (I am one, for the most part). Anti libertarians call it isolationism. The war on drugs has been a tremendous failure and waste of resources, but think of all of the prisons that would be out of business. I think it would be fabulous. Milburn likes to use Sweden as an example for drug policy but he forgets that for every 100,000 people, almost 800 are in prison in the US compared to 68 in Sweden. Hard to compare those stats.

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