Just applyin’ your own CODE, pardner

Not so sure the Republican Cowboys want this code after all, pardner.

Jim Peterson, yes, the President of Montana’s 2011 Senate has proposed SB 216… to adopt the cowboy code of ethics as Montana’s code.  Just what does this mean for us?  Well….. not really anything.  Governor Schweitzer has already threatened it with a veto as Montanans really don’t require the legislature’s assistance to enact a code to live by.  Let’s just pretend this does indeed become the “law” of the land though…. we better investigate.

What is the Cowboy Code of Ethics?  According to James P. Owen, author of   Cowboy Code of Ethics, the code of the west was unwritten, but every cowboy knew what it was.  He broke the code into ten principles.  My commentary is in red.

1   Live each day with courage.

Recent examples of courageous behavior in the 2011 legislative session include the six Republicans who broke with the prohibitionist party and voted against Speaker Milburn’s bill to repeal medical marijuana.

2   Take pride in your work

I’ve seen lots of pride in this session but not much work.  Let me rephrase that, not much work at fulfilling campaign promises to create jobs.

3   Always finish what you start

This one is definitely debatable this session.  I’m not sure I want them to finish anything they started.

4   Do what has to be done

Key word here is “HAS”.HAS to be done.  In my opinion, that would include balancing the budget and  finding some way to stimulate the economy.  HAS refers to an immediate NEED.  Do we NEED a frivolous bill to symbolically request that Congress leave the UN?  Do we NEED the Code of the West?  Do we NEED to require couples seeking a divorce 10 hours of costly marriage counseling?  Do we NEED a Montana militia?

5   Be tough, but fair

Fairness generally means conformity of standards….. eeeeek!   Equality.   I’m not even going to get into the repercussions of this becoming our big tough state code.  A recent example (although not even close to where this will eventually be headed) is the committee hearing on Milburn’s medical cannabis repeal bill.  While all 28 repeal proponents were able to tell their sob stories about how marijuana has ruined their tiny little lives, most of the 86 opponents were only allowed to state their names, how to spell them, and their position on the bill… which should have been obvious considering they were considered the OPPOSITION.

6   When you make a promise, keep it.

Damn it! We are going to have to keep going back to those campaign promises, aren’t we?  I guess Montana’s new Cowboy Code isn’t so bad after all.  We can just say, ooops, you broke the code, why on earth are you running for reelection?

7   Ride for the brand.

I think we all can agree we need to define the brand we are a ridin fer.  Is that thar brand the party or the mighty state of Montucky?

8   Talk less and say more.

I’d imagine this is the rule they wish I would have adhered to most often this session.  Voters will say a lot with a stroke of a pen in 2012.  Not a word needs to be uttered.

9   Remember that some things aren’t for sale.

That’s right.  Some things aren’t for sale.  Our souls, for one.  You save yours, I will save mine.

10   Know where to draw the line.

Give up now.  Ask yourself, does this bill create any jobs?  Does this bill in any way, shape or form repair our economy?  Does this bill fix any IMMEDIATE need?  Does this bill fulfill campaign promises to my constituents?

And that concludes my rant.

10 thoughts on “Just applyin’ your own CODE, pardner

  1. I agree – and I will state this. THIS session has rocked THIS life-long GOP woman a kilter. After the lies I have witnessed in our own statehouse – and the moral persecution placed upon Medical Cannabis patients behind the scenes, I will really be re-evaluating my party affiliation this spring.

    I am personally DISGUSTED that they think they need to legislate a code they are SUPPOSED to be so proudly practicing. Ah! That’s it! It isn’t legislated yet – so they don’t have to abide…..

    All I know is – the Lib party looks better every day – and I am hearing a lot of the same rumblings from my peers.

    Anybody want to make any wagers the Libertarians take some seats over the next 2 years?

  2. I think it is time to start some recall petitions on these cowboy republicans. I think we can make a case for breach of oath of office. Why wait 2 years to clean house? Montana allows for recall of all elected officials.

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  4. Your thinking there is absolutely right on. The voters of the state will not forget this mess next election. We elected Republicans thinking they would be pro small business and limited, fiscally efficient representatives. Instead we got a bunch of tea party silliness, with bills that are either wasteful nonsense or intrusive into oour lives. People live in Montana for the personal freedom, not because they want ‘big brother’ running their lives. We are into the last week of the legislature and they still don’t have a decent plan for education- but they have how many bills to overturn voter mandates?
    The sooner this legislature ends, the better becuase the mess they created will negatively impact Montana for tears to come. One good thing to come out of this mess- I’m voting Democratic next go around. I don’t want to take the risk of these arrogant fools getting back in power again.

    • While I cannot agree that voting Democrat is the way to go- in some cases, I’m sure it is, however- I will admit that this legislative session has taught me many lessons. The first of which is the importance of primary elections. Before anyone receives my vote, I will vet candidates thoroughly and their stances on issues important to me will be ON RECORD. I’m voting for the person, not the party. A party initial behind someone’s name gives me absolutely zero confidence in them.

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