Fails of the Week: Insults Directed at Right Actually Offend Left

The Fail of the Week award is shared by two Montana bloggers this week.


Deplorable posts by two Montana bloggers share the dishonor of fail of the week.


Montana Cowgirl wins the Fail of the Week prize again for her post comparing the masculinity of long-married with children Senator Roy Brown with that of Kendall Van Dyk, the Montana house representative who has never been seen in the company of any female not related to him.  Cowgirl found it “faggy” that Roy Brown wore argyle as carried his laptop in a bag while working while Kendall Van Dyk apparently only wears camouflage or hip-waders and carries very manly weapons.  Even Cowgirl’s fans found her post to be petty and insulting to the gay community.

This is so petty, immature, and stupid… I hope you pack tissues on election day cowgirl! You might want the big box.


You’re missing the point. It isn’t about making fun of a candidate that happens to be a Republican, or payback for what happened to Nancy Keenan, or giving them a taste of their own medicine… this is gay baiting. This is making fun of gays for political points. This is crapping on a huge segment of Democratic base. Bigger picture, folks!

After the many pixels spent talking about feminist views and not judging people by their appearence/gender on this blog, I was wondering when someone was going to speak up. Does it make one a “Man” to go out and shoot furry things (even if you use a bow)? Does it make one not a man if you carry a laptop case over your shoulder? I guess I just don’t get it. There is no question that I am a man but I haven’t hunted in over two decades. I can put 24 arrows in a 3″ circle at 40 yards with a 60 lb horsebow but am I not a man if I don’t do that to an elk? You are guilty of what you have accused your opponents of doing. That is disgusting and somewhat disappointing.

Cowgirl then resorted to adding the following comment which displays her complete lack of integrity as it is simply a LIE.

Roy is a wealthy out-of-state oil executive, who who spends his time in the legislature trying to help out of state oil companies get tax breaks, even when they are making more money than any industry in the history of mankind. And he tries to syphon hunting license money to cover for the resulting deficit, even when those funds are supposed to go toward protecting hunting land. Has nothing to do with sexuality, sorry to say.

My personal favorite comment, however was this one found in her subsequent post addressing the fury caused by the initial photo comparison of Kendall and Roy.

Montana Left

The irony to all of this stuff is that Kendall seems more likely to be involved in a “bromance” than Roy. I can’t see Roy in a bromance.

The obvious conclusion from this post is that Montana Cowgirl isn’t quite comfortable with her sexuality.  Her “anonymity” prevents me from further expounding, but eventually it will be evident to all what I’m talking about.

I must admit it was enjoyable for me to witness the backlash against Cowgirl this week as well as that of our other Fail of the Week winner, Matt Singer from Left in the West for his post condemning Aaron Flint  (Northern Broadcasting Voices of MontanaThe Flint Report) for his original post here.  Singer criticized Flint for his apparent failure to denounce the Poplar principal who gave a pep talk to failing students after a school assembly.   Left in the West fans weren’t sold on Singer’s assessment of the situation in Poplar and many called him out on the real story, which was a small Montana middle school (approximately 140 students) had 5 suicides last year in addition to another 20 attempts.  The principal being criticized for her pep talk is a FIRST-year principal.  Perhaps she figured whatever tactics in use last year weren’t working and she tried something different.  The comments on both Flint and Singer’s posts largely supported Flint who also weighed in with thoughtful commentary and a few pointed youtube clips from the movie “Lean on Me”.   Some of the interesting comments on both posts:

Tuesday, October 12, 2010 5:29 PM

You get an F for thoughtfulness. I imagine you didn’t go to a Poplar middle school, where five kids committed suicide last year and twenty attempted it, so your comment is irrelevant and reckless.

Shaming kids who already suffer in a cycle of poverty and desperation? God you’re a bonehead.

Huh? (0.00 / 0)
I  SERIOUSLY doubt that we can actually know what happened from a Fibune article.  Might I remind you that this woman has dedicated a mere FIFTEEN YEARS of her life to educating these kids.  I’ll withold judgement until and at such a time as real malfeasance can be proven.  Until then, I’m just not buying it.  Flint could very well be right.  A scandal, no matter whether it’s real  or not, is enlarged simply for its entertainment value in the outback of Montana.  Hey, a good scandal plays well out there.  But again, I doubt the “facts” of the Fibune.  It was a poorly written piece of sh*t article to begin with that seemed to actually start the scandal rolling.  Now, I’m not saying that I couldn’t be wrong, but using the Fibune article as the sole reference point, I doubt that I am. 

The real story, Larry (0.00 / 0)
isn’t the principal’s tactics — I agree, there’s a lot of “he said, she said” being bandied about in the Trib piece.The real story is that five KIDS have committed suicide and twenty have attempted suicide WITHIN THE LAST YEAR.  In a town of less than 1000.This is the real travesty. Although if there is some truth to the principal’s actions, it seems to be a pretty poor way to motivate kids. 


Given that these parts of the GFT story weren’t highlighted in the original post(0.00 / 0)



Black told the Associated Press on Monday that she only segregated the students at the end of the assembly so she could give them a private pep talk on how to improve their grades, and that she did not announce why she was calling them down to the floor.“I didn’t say that these kids have Fs. I did not say that I was ashamed of them or anything like that,” Black told the Associated Press. “What I was thinking was high expectations. I really feel that these kids can all do well, that they can improve. And that’s what I talked to them about.”

This year, the school has focused on improving parent involvement, including home visits, open houses and grandparents’ day at the school, Black said.

School officials also have increased monitoring for bullying, and positive results have already been seen with attendance up and discipline referrals down, she told the AP.



…I have to agree with Larry and Aaron Flint. Like everyone else, I certainly don’t know all the facts about the allegations surrounding the school assembly, what was said or how it was done. On the face of it, if Principal Black’s account is correct, a principal giving a group of kids a private peep-talk about getting their grades up certainly does not a public-shaming make.


It was nice to see a few dedicated liberals willing to call out their own on bigotry and pettiness.  Kudos to them!

25 Middle School Suicide Attempts in Poplar, MT Last Year

Perhaps Poplar parents should look in the mirror when looking for someone to blame

UPDATE:  Mother files lawsuit against school, state after son’s suicide.


Recently, the first- year principal of Poplar Middle School asked that a group of students remain behind after an assembly.  Because each of those students was receiving failing grades in at least one subject, the principal used a pep talk of sorts in an attempt to motivate them to work harder.

Many parents of failing students were offended that their children were singled out and various complaints ensued claiming that their children had been unnecessarily shamed. The principal apologized to each of the students and  last night several parents met behind closed doors to complain to the school board.  Asking for the principal’s termination or involuntary cultural training, parents appeared to be seeking someone to blame.

Poplar Montana is a small community located in Northeastern Montana. Its widespread poverty, alcoholism, violent crime, and unemployment provide a sharp contrast to the peaceful friendly image common in Montana’s small towns.  Bars grace the windows of area businesses, drunks stumble across the street in broad daylight, and it is common for family members to stab each other. Police corruption in Poplar is legendary.  Is it any real surprise that children aren’t happy growing up in Poplar?

Last year, 5 Poplar Middle School students committed suicide.  There were 20 other attempts as well.  Out of the total number of middle school students (140), 25 attempted suicide and 5 were successful.  That is a staggering number that for the most part has evaded media attention.   The Poplar Middle School suicides are far more disturbing than a principal’s unpopular new tactics.  Obviously something ISN’T working in the Poplar school system, perhaps parents should be looking in the mirror when they want someone to blame.

Unreported Death at Missoula Sheriff’s Department? Was victim a casualty of corruption?

According to sources, on September 9, 2010 at approximately 6:00 pm, an inmate at the Missoula County Detention Center was found barely alive after hanging himself.  The victim was transported to a Missoula hospital in critical condition and was placed on life support.  On September 11, 2o10 life support was removed and the inmate passed away. Soon after his demise, a caller asked the department whether or not a suicide had occurred-  a firm denial was issued.   Shortly thereafter, the sheriff  gathered his officers for a briefing.  He emphasized that the death was a private, internal matter. According to our sources, the sheriff scheduled an inquest to convene after the November general elections. While there is perhaps a reasonable explanation for such a delay,  one would think that preserving the integrity of the crime scene and evidence would take precedence over most other conflicts.  Perhaps something more sinister occurred?   If this story is indeed true, numerous questions come to mind.

  • Was the death a suicide? After all, the sheriff’s department did deny a suicide had occurred- perhaps it was actually a homicide.
  • Where is the victim’s body?  Was it handled in a dignified manner? Has he received a proper burial?  Is a family missing their relative?
  • Why has this incident not been reported by law enforcement or press?
  • Is it typical procedure to wait two months for an inquest?
  • Is there anyone currently employed within the Missoula Sheriff’s Department who stands to benefit from this suspicious delay?

Montana law requires that a civilian coroner conduct an inquest whenever a person dies in the custody of law enforcement; is killed by a peace officer; or dies in a prison, jail or other correctional facility.  Because the sheriff Mike McMeekin is also the coroner, is the delay due to waiting for a coroner who isn’t also in law enforcement? Technically, the victim reportedly died at the hospital so perhaps the law isn’t applicable in this particular case.

Candidates for the Missoula County Sheriff’s election include Democrat Brad Giffin, Republican Nick Lisi and Independent Carl Ibsen.  Both Giffin and Ibsen are currently employed by the Missoula County Sheriff’s Department and  all three candidates have had decades of experience.  If  embattled Sheriff McMeekin isn’t willing to address these rumors, perhaps the  two officers who running for his position will provide the missing information. If that doesn’t occur, Missoula County voters may have a far simpler choice in November.