Who is the real Hiedi Handford?

According to Mike Hyde, father of four-year-old Cash Hyde, who passed away last November, the Cash Hyde Foundation has been defrauded by a Hiedi Handford, aka Hiedi Fields, a cannabis activist currently on probation for convictions on numerous felony charges, including deceptive practices.  Handford is no longer a registered Montana medical marijuana patient as her probationer status precludes her from legally using marijuana. No word on whether she now uses marijuana illegally, but we have heard Handford now utilizes a “service dog” to relieve her crippling symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.  Earlier this evening, Mike Hyde posted the following status on his Facebook page.

mike hyde

Handford was long-ago ostracized by leading cannabis activists in Montana due to allegations of duplicitous behavior including sales of ad space in issues of her magazine, Montana Connect,  that were never published, the long-term and fraudulent use of another activist’s cell phone that she claimed was lost and a host of other allegations.

Although Handford’s maniacal social media rants attracted a fair number of devoted followers, posts on Handford’s wall tonight were overwhelmingly angry and disappointed, including “the cannabis community is waiting on an explanation”, “if what was posted about Cashy is true, you should be ashamed of yourself.” ,”You stole in the name of a dead child? How could you Hiedi? Cashy was all about love! How could he be otherwise? He was an angel before he ever made it here. Praying for you. You must need it!” Cashy Hyde captured the hearts of thousands as his valiant battles with cancer were public and his use of medical marijuana well-known.   The Hyde family has endured more in the last few years than many of us in a lifetime. My thoughts are with them as they sort out the details of these appalling allegations.

Hiedi Handford is the current mistress girlfriend of Irvin Rosenfeld, one of four remaining federal marijuana patients.  Requests for comments from Handford received no immediate response.

hiedi fields handford mug shot copy