Immediately After Reelection, Governor Schweitzer Broke Land Access Pledge

“As the governor, I’m not going to allow out-of-state interests to buy up lands and restrict access to public lands and streams.”- Brian Schweitzer, Governor of Montana

Another Broken Campaign Promise, Schweitzer Will Say Anything to Get Elected

What Governor Schweitzer forgot to mention was that he personally planned to buy up lands and restrict access to lands and streams as opposed to allowing out of state interests to do so.  Schweitzer owns 670 acres of land up Mullan Pass- land that in the past was available for hunting and fishing.  Shortly after being reelected in 2008, Schweitzer, citing vandalism,  placed chains, locks and signs prohibiting access to the land.  At least 4 signs grace the property- each reads “No trespassing. Jim Brenden no longer owns this ranch. Please respect my privacy. No hunting, fishing, snowmobiling or 4 wheeling. Do not enter.” Schweitzer said that if asked permission, he will most likely allow hunting, hiking, and snowmobiling although he fails to post a phone number or to otherwise direct parties who are interested in obtaining permission.

The federal stimulus provided $330,000 to upgrade the US Forest Service road providing access to the land. Schweitzer isn’t pleased that the road was improved- he preferred the remote nature of his property. It is good news for those angry with the governor’s signs, gates, and fences, however.  Hoodlums wishing to retaliate can more easily poach his elk and throw their litter onto his land-  of course neither behavior is advised.  My suggestion is to call the Capitol to ask Schweitzer himself.

Want to hunt, snowmobile or picnic? Give ole Bri a call…
Governor Brian D. Schweitzer
Office of the Governor
Montana State Capitol Bldg.
P.O. Box 200801
Helena MT 59620-0801
(406) 444-3111, FAX (406) 444-5529

Perhaps if he doesn’t answer, you could contact his pal Montana Representative Kendall Van Dyk, Montana’s own environmental super hero who single-handedly clarified stream access laws across Montana.


Governor Schweitzer’s Paid Personal Cheerleader Under Fire for Offending the Gay Community

Poor Montana Cowgirl has made enough liberals upset that her blog was featured on a Billings Gazette headline this morning.  I find it odd that it was never a story until it bothered other liberals.  Cowgirl’s entire blog is devoted to lying about and mocking conservatives.

The rude anonymous blogger has apparently posted information using the state Capitol computer system according to the Gazette story.  Considering her love of all things Schweitzer and to a lesser extent Bullock, I’m pretty sure there is a scandal lurking within this story.  How much is our state paying Montana Cowgirl to be the governor’s personal cheerleader?  It makes sense to vote against corruption…. I suggest that Cowgirl’s sleazy tactics be rewarded with votes for the opponents of her pet candidates.

Check out the story on the Flint Report.

Governor Schweitzer Blows a Gasket


Governor Schweitzer is accustomed to getting his way.


When Governor Brian Schweitzer realized he wasn’t going to get his way, he had a hard time controlling his anger. Check out the video on The Flint Report. Governor Brian Schweitzer is suing the Montana Legislature over House Bill 676 because he believes it covers more than one subject and therefore violates the Montana constitution.  The legislators disagree.

Schweitzer has the nerve to criticize them for hiring additional legal staff for the lawsuit while failing to admit they wouldn’t need any lawyers for this issue had the governor not sued the legislature in the first place.  Governor Schweitzer needs to stop wasting Montana taxpayer money.

The Tiniest Progressive in Montana

I’d like to take a moment to discuss Montana State University’s newest president, Ms Waded Cruzado.  But first, let me preface this by adding that I am deeply concerned about the Progressive movement in this state and the direction in which we are headed.  It is a plague of California proportions.

I’ve been hardpressed to put a finger on just who this little woman is and why MSU’s decision to hire her over the other finalist for the job, Steven Leath, who comes from an ag-school background and seemed to be a wonderful fit for MSU, bothers me as it does.  Let’s see: In 2005, Dr. Cruzado provided leadership to establish the J. Paul Taylor Symposium of Social Justice at NMSU.  Social justice huh?  Of course, Waded is a minority.  Apparently, in this country, if you are a minority you are automatically entitled to be angry.  I’ve met Ms Cruzado.  She is a tiny woman, just over 5 feet tall.  I did not find her to be angry.  In fact, she is quite a likable woman.  I did, however, find her to feel entitled.

Let’s examine this entitlement mentality which some members of the minority class seem to have.

MSU (you, the taxpayers) are paying Ms Cruzado $280,000 annually.  That makes her the highest paid government employee in the state. That’s $75,000 more than her predecessor, Geoffrey Gamble, a white man.  Mr. Gamble was quite a popular figure at MSU, and he was known for his penchant for giving.  Mr. Gamble never once while at MSU kept his raise in pay.  Instead, he gave it back to the university.  In fact, upon retiring, he and his wife announced that they would be leaving the university their entire estate upon their deaths.

Let’s contrast this for a moment with Ms Cruzado first year at MSU.

I’ll quote my wonderful MSU source here, who asks not to be named.  “Cruzado has demanded more of the university than anyone can possibly imagine.”

According to my source, progressives do truly believe in the power of personal sacrifice.  That is, unless it is themselves who are being asked to make such a sacrifice.  In reality, all that sacrifice would be best dished out by the conservatives of this country, who have long lived selfish, meaningless lives which have trampled on the rights of others who perhaps do not have as much.

“Maintenance personnel at MSU have been asked to work round the clock to welcome Ms Cruzado.”  The presidential residence, just outside of campus, a posh three bedroom spread in a very comfortable neighborhood of south Bozeman, was just fine for the Gambles.  Apparently, however, Ms Cruzado’s tastes were too rich for the hovel.  “MSU has already spent in excess of $200,000 in materials and labor making her digs more modern and comfortable, all at Cruzado’s request.”

She actually asked for “more modern”?  Yep.

But that’s not all.  MSU has also spent more than $100,000 updating her office space–making it…more modern.

So, let’s recap.  We are now paying almost $300K for the president of a small university–a minority progressive–another $300,000 for her new digs, and oh yeah, another $50k annually for a new retirement package to help keep her here.

While all of this is scandalous in itself, let’s add to the equation by stating that the rest of the university’s employees are experiencing a wage and hiring freeze, ongoing now for almost two years, with no end in sight.  Add to that the increase in their insurance premiums, which yes, are paid for by the State, however non-single employees have found that their out-of-pocket expenses have increased in one year’s time to almost $100/dependent.  The cost of living has increased.  The cost of gasoline has increased.  And effective next year every state employee with a healthcare plan will be taxed by Obama at it’s face value.  For most employees that equates to about $9000 in taxable income.

But thank God we have the assets to modernize the university president’s life.  How could we possibly expect her to perform her duties with cheesy brass colored doorknobs and sink faucets, ivory colored appliances and tacky lampshades?

Cruzado is currently asking the State to “temporarily” foot the bill for new stadium seats, to the tune of $8-$10 million.  She’s referring to the plan as “responsible”, since some of the funds will come from private sources and the rest will be “borrowed” from the State and repaid with football ticket revenue.

Perhaps the employees at MSU are wondering where is the logic in constructing a larger football arena with nonexistent funds when they are being asked to sacrifice for the good of the community?

Social justice huh?