Ken Miller Campaign Above the Law

In a blunder only a true idiot could make, the Ken Miller campaign robo-called the Montana Commissioner of Political Practices office yesterday.  Automated, or “robo” calls are illegal under Montana law.  When confronted about the calls, Miller said he thought that former Attorney General Mike McGrath had declared the law “unenforceable”. Hmm.  I suppose I would consider Montana’s law prohibiting homosexuality unenforceable considering it has been held unconstitutional, but I’m pretty sure when your campaign is stupid enough to call the COPP, which is already investigating a complaint alleging rampant campaign finance fraud in the Miller campaign, that you deserve to be prosecuted.  In reality, McGrath did not declare the law unenforceable anyway, in 2004, he issued a press release reminding campaigns that such activity was illegal.  Commissioner Murry has referred the case to the Lewis & Clark County Attorney Leo Gallagher.  Although robo call cases have not be prosecuted in the past, Gallagher did not rule out the possibility.  Most likely, the Miller campaign will be sent a letter warning that such campaign activity is illegal.

Earlier this week,  Ken Miller asked that the campaign finance fraud complaint alleged by a former campaign employee be dismissed because he believed the uncertainty could cloud early voting.  The political practices office declined to dismiss the complaint and says the investigation will continue.

Call Ken Miller’s cell phone number (406) 670-8318 and ask him why he believes he is above the law.  Then ask yourself if someone this dull is suited to serve as Governor of our great state.

4 thoughts on “Ken Miller Campaign Above the Law

  1. My experience is that he is very mean. My first meeting was to try and shake his hand and make nice after he wrote a horrible letter to the editor about me, and he told me to “take a hike” in a venomous tone. I don’t think anyone has ever told me to “take a hike” before. Most people think he is a “God fearing pious gentleman” but that is only to people he think he needs….not to people he thinks are losers….like he actually told me I was…he told me I was “loser” on our very first meeting…but when he decide to run for governor he has been nothing but nice to me, especially since my op eds began being accepted in the Billings Gazette.

    • I think you missed the real word in that comment…….”God fearing pious gentleman” PIOUS is not a good word…. not really…. you could compare it to the pharisees and Sadducee of the new testament. Actually I think its a term used mostly by those involved in Catholicism!

  2. Good one. God’s own dullard would INDEED make a poor guv! But I don’t remember anywhere in the Good Book it saying that blessed are the dullards, for they shall inherit the governor’s office!

  3. This is sad really…. but it shows that just because a person claims to be a Christian…. means absolutely nothing these days. I just heard his wife touting “vote for miller” on 93.3FM (christian station) which I listen to daily…. claiming he is a man of faith…….well all one has to do is a little google digging to read the not so niceties about him.
    Dear Mr. Miller…. sitting in a church doesn’t make you a real christian anymore than sitting in a garage makes you a car! Not everyone who says Lord Lord!!!

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