2012 Montana Cannabis Voters Guide

The 2012 Montana Cannabis Voters Guide is out and we are asking readers, including candidates, for input.  Due to the high number of filings this year as well as space limitations, we didn’t list every contributing factor in our decision whether we rated the candidate as mixed record/unclear, friendly or unfriendly to our cause.  We took into consideration established voting records (especially votes in favor of HB-161, the repeal bill), legislative hearing testimony, public statements, and conversations with constituents and activists.  We also ensured that any statements candidates made about the issue were consistent with their votes.  In most cases, this was not the case.

Several candidates and activists have emailed us with additional information about themselves, their opponents, or others running for office in Montana and we have updated the guide to reflect the new information.Thank you to all who have contributed, we encourage you to continue contacting candidates. This issue is contentious and assessing the information has been rather difficult.  Many legislators who supported regulating medical marijuana in Montana actually voted to repeal its use entirely and the legislative hearings were rife with miscalculations, exaggerations, and blatant lies.  Sorting through all of this was quite a feat.

Among the helpful sources (in addition to Montana news media and political blogs) we used in making our determinations were the following:

Montana LAWS website      Project Vote Smart       Montana Drug Policy             MTConnect’s YouTube channel

Interestingly enough, yesterday montanafesto had the highest daily number of hits ever, which is quite an accomplishment considering the number of hits during the last legislative session- and nearly all of the hits were on the cannabis voting guide.  This is very encouraging to us as it suggests that our community is engaged and interested.  Please help prove, by voting in upcoming elections, that we are a powerful voting bloc.  We do not profess to be the definitive authority on the cannabis stance of candidates so please use this guide in addition to your own research. Continue checking this guide as we are adding new information everyday.

Attn candidates and readers:  Please comment on this post or email us at montanafesto@live.com (to maintain anonymity)  if you would like to add information about a candidate.  Thanks!



11 thoughts on “2012 Montana Cannabis Voters Guide

  1. Just saw this today and thought of you:

    To All:
    Many of you have received your absentee ballots today, and asking that you please consider voting for me, David Howard for District 60. I also ask that you do me a favor, If you have a Facebook page please post something like the following:

    “I received my absentee ballot today, and wanted to let you know that I will be voting for David Howard, House District 60.”

    Finally, I ask that you send an e-mail message to five or six of your friends and family members who will be voting in this election, and ask them to vote for me. As you know, word of mouth and personal endorsements are important in every election.

    Thank you for your consideration and your support.

  2. This is awesome guys…. thank you and so glad you posted it. Helps to know who NOT to vote for when it comes to MMJ 🙂

  3. Montanafesto,
    Will you be posting any stories about the MMJ panels taking place after the Code of the West screenings? Looking over the panelists I think Helena and Billings look like the best ones to attend.

    • We hope to do so. We are also hopeful to have video of the Billings panel. Personally, I won’t be able to attend the screenings unfortunately so I am dependent on accounts from others.

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