Pastimes of the Virtuous


Righteous David Howard, whose is apparently a minister of the Lord, enjoys very interesting videos in his spare time.

Screenshots like this don’t require further commentary.  Thankfully Rep. David Howard, of Montana’s GOP God Squad infamy, has a contested primary June 5.  Republicans may want to check out his conservative competition- Kathy Harman and Dale Milligan.  Democrat Jim Dickey will face the winner of the primary in November to battle for HD 60.

Other than that, I’m pretty speechless.


8 thoughts on “Pastimes of the Virtuous

    • It wasn’t. Although both of the others are conservative politicians, neither are men of the cloth like howard. People can watch all of the donkey porn they would like but when they present themselves as ever so righteous, they get called on it. The other two don’t disgust me nearly as much as Howard although one isn’t too far behind.

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  2. I LOL’d so hard when I read this…. woot!… what a riot! 😀 😀 😀

    I swear… the biggest loudmouths, when it comes to moral superiority, generally have the biggest skeletons.

  3. TJ here we come! I seen this donkey show ’bout forty-two years ago drunk as a skunk when me and some Army buddies ended up in Tijuana! But hell, I was ONLY eighteen at the time! You see, MOST normal dudes outgrow the donkey show at some point in their lives. I know I did. But these holy roller weirdos seem to be making UP for a non-existent childhood! And that’s real sad.

  4. I bet this clown has donkeys of his own. Perhaps the ASPCA should check out his ranch to be sure that no donkeys are being abused!

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