James Knox Not Running for Re-Election, Blames Others

Merry Christmas to Montana’s HD 47.  Hopefully in 2012, you will elect someone less embarrassing to our state.  James Knox has decided that living in Houston isn’t conducive to legislating in Montana.  It isn’t his fault though… don’t blame his lies, bizarre and dramatic stories (remember the marijuana addict brother), or non-denials (he can’t recall whether he’s ever been a drug dealer).  It is because he cannot find a job and he lost his home.  So many forces seemed to push him away……  I readily admit that I was one of those forces.   Montana, you are welcome.


18 thoughts on “James Knox Not Running for Re-Election, Blames Others

    • We are doing everything we can. I worked with this asshole and let me just say I’m not impressed. Total moron. What were you thinking Montana? How did he get voted into office?????

    • Oh, no. No no no. Do not send him back here. Or–if you must–send him way down south, say, to some LA-area armpit. Burbank.

  1. You have to remember, that the alternative to electing my friend James Knox was the avowed Obama supporter Pam Ellis. As it turns out, Knox’s position on marijuana wasn’t all that important, was it? As it turned out, the long arm of the Obama regime, in the person of Eric Holder and his agents decided the issue for us. Don’t overlook all the good legislation that came out of the legislature, and how bad it could have been had enough Pam Ellis’s been elected.

  2. Knox leaving his post is good for Montana, but bad for bat crap crazy.

    Pam would have done a great job. Only an idiot would think that Knox was the lesser of 2 evils. P.S. Eric, no good legislation came out of the last tea bag controlled session. All we really got was a good look at stupid.

  3. Eric-Thanks for coming forward with such an absolutely ridiculous conclusion. You can blame Obama and Holder all you want, but here in Montana, the blame falls first on the runaway legislature that James-the fat one-Knox was a part of. Did you miss the ‘crocodile tears’ episode, where he lied about his brother? How about when he lied to the Billings City Council? While I agree, the feds made things difficult for some caregivers, our local legislature made it absolutely impossible for medical cannabis users to have safe, reliable access to medication. I personally asked Pam Ellis about medical cannabis. She was a supporter. She also supported our school system, and is a valuable asset on the local school board.

    As a parting shot, please enlighten me as to what ‘good’ came out of this legislature? I can’t think of a single thing, aside from the fact that the teaparty was exposed as a fraud. I know I’m sure glad you yourself couldn’t manage to get elected due to partisanship and lack of knowledge. At least the clerk and recorder’s office is safe for now . . .

  4. ~follow up~

    (1) I obviously have a whole lot more knowledge than you do Infamous J – or I could just as easy call you “Anonymous Lib #51” since you have to hide behind a made up name.

    (2) The last legislature passed a lot of good legislation, here’s the link, you can look up the good they did on taxes, regulations, workmans comp, etc.

    (If it’s too hard for you I can help you with it.)

    (3) You are obviously using this pseudo-conservative, single-issue blog to attack conservatives. The issues are clear.

    (4) As far as MM goes, I was one of the ones who voted for it, having visions of people with chronic glaucoma, or real illnesses getting some relief. I didn’t intend for every wannabe stoner to claim they have chronic pain so they can go around fried all day. I was at a track meet a couple of years ago, and there were chronic pain victims sitting in vehicles sharing medicine, passing around a joint, parked near Skyview, and I’m willing to bet that one or all of them were ‘patients’ of some unscrupulous caregiver.

    As it turned out, the legislature, in their wisdom worked to stop the runaway industry.

    But let’s pretend, for the sake of argument, that the legislature and Gov BS had done nothing. It would not have mattered, because the Obama regime reneged on his words, and his Justice Dept swooped in and raided MM caregivers, and ruined their lives, and promised more to come. So it doesn’t matter if we vote on the issue on every ballot, because we are trumped by the Supremecy clause.

    As far as the topic of this post goes, James Knox, I hope things work out for him.

  5. Why blame other people because one can no longer run for elections? Whatever the purpose and decisions he may have, he should not take other people at stake of his actions. Furthermore, whatever controversial issues he’s going through now, it’ll leave a lot of citizens a big question mark.

  6. Eric, did you bother to go check to see if it was even a joint? Did you ask to see their ‘green’ cards? Or are you just spouting more nonsense to back up your obvious desire to keep access to medical cannabis as difficult as possible. Odds are, they were just typical teenagers, and were partaking in activities that many high schoolers do. Let me guess, you probably saw some young high school gals prostituting up there at that track meet, trying to secure their next cannabis fix, right?

    Eric, I don’t have a desire to attack conservatives. I don’t agree with some of the regulatory framework businesses face (some of it is quite necessary though), and I don’t like my tax dollars being spent frivolously or without a proper vote (like the new park tax district in Billings). However, when anybody attacks my right to privacy, or thinks the government knows best when it comes to personal choices (like you and your cohort Knox seem to think and do), then I have a bone to pick.

    I stand by my earlier post, the 2011 legislature was an abismal failure. I asked you to provide examples of their success, not some open link to the Montana bill search engine. Nice try though. And as for posting anonymously, if you are such a computer whiz (maybe you can have Knox help you out), then you’d be able to find me out rather easily.

  7. I think I speak on behalf of all Texans when I say that you can have him back Montana! We don’t want this arrogant jackass anymore than you do!

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