Aptitude, Attitude and Altitude: 2012

To accommodate our growing needs montanafesto has moved!  We are now located at our own domain, montanafesto.org. Please reset your bookmarks to the new site. In the upcoming days, our Twitter and Facebook accounts will also be redirected to the new site, so please “like” our page, friend us on Facebook (Commissar Montanafesto) and follow us on Twitter.    Although old posts will remain at this address, no new posts will be will appear here.  Our archive of previous posts will also be available at our new home.

In the last year, we have evolved from complete obscurity to a site that consistently receives hundreds to thousands of hits each day. 2012 will be an extremely important year politically and moving to our own domain allows us to integrate more precise site analytics.  Watch for site changes in the upcoming month.

The staff at montanafesto wishes you a Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays and hopes for a year of common sense reform in our state and our nation.  Thank you to all who continue to read our posts and especially everyone  most who are playing an activism role.  We have many important petitions circulating prior to the November 2012 elections, there is much work to do but the rewards will justify our toils.  We will be a force to be reckoned with at the polls, IF we are able to effectively mobilize our army. Please reward Montana’s prohibitionists with votes for their opponents in upcoming elections. Encourage the destructive members of our community to keep their eyes on the final goal and to let others take the reigns.

In this season of giving, we encourage everyone to support the MTCIA as we fight for liberty and truth in cannabis reform.  Without the MTCIA, the de facto repeal launched by Montana’s prohibitionists would have eliminated reliable and safe access to nearly all Montanans.

Here’s to the bright future of the upcoming year!

–Tana, Nic, and the montanafesto bloggers.


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