An Alternate Path to Defeat: Democrat Files for Montana GOP Governor

The Montana GOP is going to need a bigger tent to fit all of the candidates seeking the Republican nomination for governor.  Yesterday, former state transportation director Jim Lynch announced his candidacy in the already very crowded field. Lynch, who lost a Senate race as a Democrat in 1994 and has been a member of Democrat Governor Brian Schweitzer‘s  cabinet since 2005 insists he is actually a Republican.  In today’s Billings Gazette, he says

 “I’m probably like most Montanans,” he said. “Most of my views are Republican. I’m a Republican. I’ve never voted for a Democrat for president in my life.”

Although he claims he is running to “pave the way for economic development”, it appears he simply needs a job after Governor Schweitzer asked him to resign under very questionable circumstances.  The governor claimed the DOT’s  hiring of Lynch’s daughter potentially violated nepotism laws but rumors have circulated for some time that Lynch was also under investigation for misappropriating hundreds of thousands of tax dollars to buy an airplane, violating Montana’s constitution.  Shortly before Lynch resigned, a district judge also ruled that the DOT had violated the Montana Environmental Protection Act in approval of the mega-loads plan with an insufficient environmental assessment. Considering the hiring of his daughter took place four years ago, it does appear there may be more to the story.

Sorry Lynch, I don’t think you are like “most Montanans”.  In fact, you may have even more baggage than Rick Hill. Ironically, Lynch was rumored earlier this year to be pondering a Democratic run at Governor, but apparently further fracturing the Republican Party was a preferable path to defeat. Fourteen have filed for candidacy thus far:


–State Sen. Jeff Essmann, Billings. Essmann crafted the unpopular SB 423, which essentially forces medical marijuana patients to seek black market medicine.

–Bob Fanning, Pray. Fanning is an anti-wolf activist.

–Ex-U.S. Rep. Rick Hill, Helena. Ahead in fundraising, behind in morals.

–Neil Livingstone, Helena. Livingstone’s campaign is essentially broke, but he has the means to buy himself name recognition.

–Jim Lynch, Kalispell.

–Ex-Sen. Ken Miller, Laurel.  Ken Miller was sent by God to run for Governor….. again.  His campaign is rather peculiar.

–County Commissioner Jim O’Hara, Fort Benton.

–Ex-Sen.Minority Leader Corey Stapleton, Billings.

–Drew Turiano, Helena, self-published sci-fi author

Democrats: Attorney General Steve Bullock, Helena, and State Sen. Larry Jent, Bozeman.

Independent: Robert Coate, Bozeman.

Libertarian: Ron Vandervender, Cascade.

No party disclosed yet: Ronald Lassle, Helena.

Is Lynch a Republican or a Democrat?  With his “grandiose sense of self-importance”, he perhaps suffers  from a cluster B personality disorder, like Narcissistic Personality Disorder or Anti-Social Personality Disorder. Many afflicted have a shifting morality, they are always ready to shift values when necessary.


5 thoughts on “An Alternate Path to Defeat: Democrat Files for Montana GOP Governor

  1. It’s so interesting to me that many of these Republican candidates, all of whom are church going men, have no problem breaking rules and lying to cover their asses. Just the kind of self righteous, moralizing, hypocrite we already have in office! The kind of person you are, i.e. how honest, consistent, respectful, dictates what kind of politician you’ll be. Let’s quit electing slimeballs!

  2. Be very careful what you wish for folks. Let’s take a moment to remember a former montana gov called Marc Rosco, he had a R next to his name and I remember him every month when I pay my large power bill. Power costs us twice what it did in montana as a direct result of this “conservative” having sold out our electric coops. He was on the payroll of a large energy company called enron within days of leaving office. Can anyone guess the name of NW energy’s Parent company? This is not meant to be a defense of the guys with a D next to their names, but merely to point out the fact that neither side truly serves we the people. I am certain that future political ambition was the deciding factor in our current govs decision to not veto 423, though he obviously knew that would have been the right thing to do. These scumbags will continue to prevail until we overcome our relatively minor differences and unite as the one people we are.

  3. How about the rest of the story montukey – Lest you forget, on May 25, 1999 on PSC docket D99.4.82, four Democrats;
    DAVE FISHER (Chairman)
    and one lone Republican GARY FELAND, approved deregulating energy in Montana.

    Since that time the Dems on the PSC have never saw a rate increase that they didn’t like.

    No wonder the above-mentioned Bob Rowe was rewarded by giving him the top job at PP&L a few years after he left the PSC – the same company he voted to benefit.

    The saying that ‘Paybacks a bitch’ doesn’t apply to that scenario, does it? Racicot had a hand in it, as well as a majority of the legislature – both parties, but the final say was with the Dems.

    • Well, as long as we’re being factual, the “majority of dems” did NOT approve it. A few did for sure. But a majority? Not hardly. And the PSC had nothing to do with it.

      • Wrong Pogue Mahone – comprehension isn’t your strong point, is it ?

        The PSC, and ONLY the PSC had the authority to deregulate energy in Montana.

        If the PSC hadn’t passed the above-mentioned docket, deregulation would not have happened.

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