Houston, You Have our Problem

Rep Knox is now living in Texas. Their loss, our gain.

Montana’s favorite state representative James Knox now resides in West Houston although he is quick to remind his loyal Facebook friends again and again that the position is a temporary one. While he collects his healthy $733/month health benefits, compliments of Montana’s taxpayers, he is actually contributing to the Texas economy as opposed to the one in the state he was elected.  Claiming Montana Job Service was only able to offer him work as an independent Avon representative, he was forced to look for work out of state and thankfully was able to obtain a position with Peak Energy Systems on a “Dell/Exxon project”. After only two days on the job, he “was asked to take on more” and after only three days of training is already a “team lead” (sic).

He has settled in nicely to life in the Gulf, frequently enjoying his “favorite sticks” – “great Alex (sic) Bradley Black Market 6×60” or a “JDR (sic)Titan Madiro” on his patio. For those of you who aren’t brothers of the leaf or true aficionados; “sticks” are cigars, one of Knox’s many legal, health-conscious and high-class habits. Cigar smoking, according the American Medical Association, contributes to myriad health problems including several forms of cancer and…. uh oh, heart disease. The risk of heart disease is 27% higher in cigar smokers than non-smokers and those smokers who also enjoy the occasional alcoholic beverage (Knox has been known to imbibe frequently and was often spotted wearing soiled wife-beater style tank tops at various Billings liquor stores while campaigning in 2010) are more than 8 times more likely than non-smokers to acquire mouth and throat cancers.  Hmm. Sounds like he might end up being very expensive.

Although Knox admittedly and proudly has several serious vices of his own, he is quick to criticize state-licensed medical marijuana patients and cannot remember if he has sold drugs in the past.  His wife once commented that she was actually excited that proposed legislation would take medical marijuana away from patients. One would think that a frugal TEA person type conservative like Mr. Knox would be doing everything in his power to avoid wasting our tax dollars, but from Knox’s photo, he and his wife both appear to be at high risk of extremely expensive health problems.  Thankfully, as long as he is a Montana State Representative, our tax dollars will provide the health insurance that will not only pay for his next heart attack, but also spread the liability across the group, effectively raising rates for everyone.

According to his Facebook posts, James Knox is well on the path to success. I suppose success means very different things to different people though, as James recently lost his business, KBS Computer Solutions, see reviews here. Maybe he feels he is so accomplished because he pulled off the ultimate caper, effectively fooling the voters of Montana House District 47 into electing him.  Barely able to form an intelligible sentence, he saddled the tea party wave to a 2010 victory.  He proudly served his 90 days in the legislature (minus the ones he spent in the hospital after suffering a major heart attack only days into the legislative session) making quite a name for himself, with testimony like this.

Knox also told a few of the biggest lies of the session, which was quite a feat considering the talent displayed by his competition.James Knox is also a big hypocrite, claiming he “practices what he preaches” while he essentially steals from his employees by neglecting to pay them.  When his four figure radio advertising bill was past due, the radio station attempted to negotiate the total with Knox, offering to write off 50% of the total. When Knox learned he wouldn’t be able to advertise with the station until the remaining bill was paid, he threw a glass of orange juice on the young female salesperson.  Knox was investigated for inappropriate conduct with the female pages during the legislative session. Mr Knox, I have heard that everything is bigger in Texas, now I know that is true.  We would like to wish Rep Knox the best of luck in his Texas endeavors.  If collecting health insurance compliments of Montana taxpayers while he abuses his body in Texas is the only additional price we pay due to this unfortunate choice by the uninformed electorate, we will consider ourselves truly blessed.  Perhaps now that Ron Paul isn’t running for reelection, Knox sees an opportunity in the Lone Star State.  He’s all yours.

The Knox family has been unsuccessful in locating a Christ-filled church in Houston. Perhaps Christ is afraid to be associated with someone so self-righteous.

Should Knox’s new position indeed be temporary and he runs for reelection, he will be happy to know that he is going to have some more moderate and reasonable competition in the Republican primary,  Stay tuned.

11 thoughts on “Houston, You Have our Problem

  1. Great photo of that Jack-ass. His crocodile tears for HB 161 were priceless. I was nearly in tears from laughing while watching him in Helena on that.

    I hope to work with a moderate Republican for his seat. I know of one who’d be great.

  2. Great post! I’m glad that someone continues to shine the light on this bloated slug.

    A couple of surprises in here for me: I was not aware of the juice-throwing incident or of the inappropriate conduct with the pages, though neither really shocks me considering Knox’s complete lack of moral character. What does disturb me is that neither of these incidents made into the paper. This is a public official acting like a complete jackass; stories like this should be making editors salivate.

  3. Hey guys – not to hijack the post, but you are under attack again – the ATF sent out a letter to gun dealers outlining that MM users are prohibited from owning, possessing, or using firearms, and they specifically say that State laws don’t matter.

    I’ve got a *pdf if you want to see it – ecoobs@aol.com

  4. I’ve seen it, Eric. what do you think of that? you think its ok because it doesn’t affect you? or do you worry about the feds eventually encroaching on your rights as well? I’ve said this again and again, but I’m not a marijuana user so this doesn’t affect me personally. am I any less outraged though? nope. it ia despicable. I may be a one issue voter but it isn’t cannabis. it is liberty.

  5. As I replied when I read this on Facebook, I doubt seriously that this will stand up to a court challenge (and there is likely to be one the minute someone with any brains is denied their constitutional right to own a firearm). The person sueing wouldn’t even have to pay for the suit… there are far too many organizations slobbering to fight any kind of gun ownership restrictions.

    The basic facts of the situation would be against this being effectively enforced, not the least of which is that the Supreme Court has already ruled that gun ownership is an individual right protected by the Constitution of the US. The Director of the BATF cannot overrule the Supreme Court without case precidence. In my opinion, this is just a gesture, designed to intimidate those that would apply for a medical marijuana card.

  6. The little-known secret, but one this former Knox neighbor down the street would like to share… After the big tornado in Billings, the one that ripped the Metra apart… Guess who hired an out of state contractor to do his roof? Mr. Knox. It was so sad.

  7. I was amused to see our favorite congressman on the front page of the Billings Gazette yesterday. I seems he drew some attention when he posted on his Facebook page that every morning he looked for ammunition to fight socialism with. What an idiot.

    • I didn’t find that newsworthy though. I screenshotted those posts, but I didn’t do anything with them because the two people involved, Jennifer Olsen and Knox are both narcissists who believe that any publicity is good publicity. Although I totally disagree with that statement, constant exposure desensitizes us to the point we end up ignoring them somewhat because you think there is no way the person commit more egregious acts than the previous. Let me tell you, I hate writing about Knox. I have to sort through the disgusting pics of he and his wife and revisit all of his gaffes. The crazy thing is that I’ve written about him SO much that I have forgotten many them and I have to read old posts to remember why I hate him. Although I heard from a good source, also a politician; that Knox is going to run for reelection, I would be surprised. The primary will be challenged however; one of our friends is soon filing for the seat.

      • Yea, he loaded up and took a shot at his own foot for the primary if he tries to run again.
        His Alma mater the University of Phoenix isn’t exactly known for it’s Political Science department. Kinda shows by his spelling.
        I’ll be helping on the primary campaign.

        • Yes, I knew that you’d be helping. That is fabulous. Although beating Knox should be a cakewalk, it will be a race that gets a lot of attention, in Knox’s language that attention is known as “narcissistic supply”.

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