The Perils of Authoring Letters to the Editor

The following letter to the editor, written by Audrey Walleser Lindgren  appeared in the Laurel Outlook on August 3, 2011.

Walker hits nail on the head

Dear Editor:

State Senator Ed Walker hit the nail on the head with his analysis of Gov. Schweitzer’s argumentative and combative response to the Yellowstone River oil spill.

Since the beginning, the Governor has viewed this spill not as much as an environmental accident in need of a cooperative and unified response, as he has a political opportunity to take to the airwaves and win a national following as a tough-talking populist demagogue. EPA, Exxon and county officials are all working together to clean up the oil, but what exactly is the governor’s administration doing to help?

It would be good if the Governor could roll up his sleeves and get to work on the cleanup, but if he can’t do that, he should at least stop talking.

Audrey Walleser Lindgren

I believe Audrey’s assessment was spot on, but more interesting was a response she received in the mail today, most likely from a liberal.  The following letter was sent to Audrey, at her home, by someone identifying himself as K. Smith, Wanda Lane in Billings (Kevin Smith lives at 210 Wanda Lane in Billings).  I did call the Kevin and Cynthia Smith residence (210 Wanda Lane, Billings, MT  59102) in case the letter wasn’t actually sent by him, but nobody answered the call.  Considering the author seems to have very passionate views, I do find it odd that I was unable to locate any political contributions from him.  Whoever the author is, he or she has done a find job of drawing negative attention to their cause.  The vast contrast in the quality of grammar and content of the letters alone does nothing for the author’s cause- especially after addressing Audrey as “dum (sic) ass”.


One thought on “The Perils of Authoring Letters to the Editor

  1. When my son returned from a tour in Afgahnistan, I wrote a letter to the editor about his discouragement over the “anti-war” rallys. He felt that the people he laid his life on the line for, hated him. I got a dozen hate mail letters in response- none of which had a return address, just anonymous letters spewing the kind of irrational, vile, disjointed personal attack nonsense that Ms Lingren got a sample of. Hang in there, Ms Lingren, for every hate letter there are dozens of rational thinkers saying “Yes!”

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