Thwarting the Tyrannical Minority: IR-124

During Montana’s 2011 legislative session, 113 of our elected representatives, in direct contradiction of the expressed will of the people, imposed their self-righteous puritanical views on the rest of us by approving SB 423. The lawmakers, after refusing to draft thoughtful legislation,approved Sen Jeff Essmann’s 33 page medical marijuana repeal bill and proudly announced to the  276,042 Montana voters who approved the state’s original law (I-148) that they were fulfilling voter intent.  Voters, patients and growers, however; were not convinced and have launched an initiative referendum campaign to refer SB 423 to Montana voters for rejection or approval.  IR-124, depending on the number of signatures obtained; has the potential to suspend SB 423 until November of 2012.

GET INVOLVED! This is an opportunity to assert your rights as a Montana citizen.  Legislators need to be reminded that they work for us and that we the people decide their political futures.  Repealing a citizens initiative sets a dangerous precedent and regardless of how Montanans actually feel about medical marijuana, it is difficult to understand how ANY could argue against empowering voters by allowing them to choose.  If we had trusted the legislature to act on our wishes, we would have never had a medical marijuana program in Montana yet a resounding 62% voted to approve it.  Time will tell whether this was or wasn’t what Montanans voted for.

If you are interested in helping with the effort to place IR-124 on the ballot, we’d love to hear from you. Visit our website, Patients for Reform, Not Repeal.  Training is required prior to gathering signatures so contact a zone coordinator or trainer and we will reserve a spot for you in one of our training sessions.


SW Zone, Missoula/BRoot: Gabe McMurray at Sweetwater Caregivers at , phone number: 541-0420, Sweetwater also on Facebook

 NW Zone, Flathead area: James Blair, at​ , also on Facebook as Jimmy   NC Zone, Great Falls area: Jessica Johnson , 564-2667, and Grant Grenfell,

SE Zone, Billings area: Elizabeth Springman at 697-1810, and James 670-0143

SCentral, Livingston, Big Sky, or Bozeman: Monica Blanchard in Livingston at, 333-2622, or Charles Gaillard in Big Sky atjoinergroup@aol.com386-931-9334 ,and Dante Bonanin in Bozeman at

Central, Helena/Butte: Barb Trego at, 459-6247, and in Butte: Tawnya LaFond at 490-4273

Eastern Zone, Havre, Plentywood, Miles City, Glendive, Terry, Jordan, Circle, Glasgow, Wolf Point, Sidney, Broadus: Nicole French at 208-0204 and on Facebook.

Please consider making a financial contribution or give us a few hours of your time….the September 30 deadline for obtaining the necessary signatures is looming.

5 thoughts on “Thwarting the Tyrannical Minority: IR-124

  1. Although I voted for 1-148 in 2004, I will adamantly refuse to sign this petition. Why? Because many good and decent Montanans, myself included, were snookered last time around. We did NOT vote to provide medical marijuana to legions of chronic pain “sufferers” in their ’20s. We saw this as a gesture of hope to people who had chronic, potentially life-ending, diseases and who had exhausted traditional medical remedies. When your group acknowledges the intent of the 2004 majority, maybe then we’ll have a discussion leading to a win-win remedy for all.

    • snookered? Into WHAT? Voting to legalize something that should NEVER had been illegal anyway? What IS Potential life ending disease? Are you ignorant of the spectrum of medical conditions that marijuana helps alleviate? And what, exactly, is “traditional medicine”? The pharmaceuticals (and BOOZE) that KILL THOUSANDS, while pot kills NO ONE??? Hellooooooo???? How about this. Keep STAY OUT of MY medical business! I don’t want MORE GUMMENT in my life! Or self righteous snoots like YOU to vote whether I can use a NATURAL HERB for MY condition.

  2. I can only acknowledge my own intent in 2004, I cannot speak for others and I would hope they couldn’t speak for me. My intent was exactly what yours was in 2004. Because I haven’t attended medical school, I leave it to the trained physicians to decide whether someone has chronic pain or not. Pain is highly subjective and I’d hate to judge the pain of another. I think we all should mind our own business as long as our rights aren’t being infringed upon.

  3. I trust your intent and thought process, but, unfortunately, not others. I see expanded MM legality as a stalking horse for legalization of marijuana. And I’m certainly not a believer in the “War on Drugs.” Think we lost. But, let’s have an honest discussion. Also, it really, truly disturbs me to know that a fair percentage of my high school freshman’s sons are walking the halls in various stages of drug-induced zombyizm (marijuana or otherwise). There are slackers and stoners galore from what he says. Fortunately, he makes good choices and doesn’t keep their company. But when he becomes a hard-working, income-earning member of the economy, I’d hate to think of him being burdened to take care of the takers of society. I don’t know the answer, yet at least, but Katie bars the door on MM is not the answer to our society’s drug problems (of all sorts, including booze and prescription drugs).

  4. No, I’m not stoned. Typo on my part. Should say, “Also, it really, truly disturbs me to know that a fair percentage of my high school freshman son’s *peers” are walking the halls ….”

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