Saint Essmann: The Innocence of Malignant Narcissism

Thanks to Montana Cowgirl for picking up my slack…. Senator Jeff Essmann stammered while attempting to answer a question on Aaron Flint’s Voices of Montana this morning.  That question?  “Senator Essmann, have you ever smoked marijuana?” reminded me of the time Rep James Knox (RWNJ-Billings Heights) was asked if he’d ever sold drugs.   Unfortunately, I’m far too busy coordinating the eastern side of the state in the Patients for Reform, Not Repeal quest to actually fulfill voter intent by allowing the actual voters to decide whether Jeff Essmann’s baby, SB 423 is a hot mess or a brilliant piece of legislation.  Hypocrisy reigns in the prohibition crowd….

I don’t really care if Essmann has smoked marijuana nor did I really care if President Clinton was receiving extra-curricular blowjobs, but I don’t appreciate liars- especially those who feed at the public trough. On the other hand, maybe Essmann is just that much of a dork. He could in fact be the only adult human being I’ve ever met who hasn’t tried marijuana… but I doubt it.

7 thoughts on “Saint Essmann: The Innocence of Malignant Narcissism

  1. Hmmm. The topic today is the economy and what can be done about it…… Blah, blah blah. Well, Saint Essman, you could have helped Montana’s economy by facilitating the MMJ industry and taxing cannabis, thus helping the state of Montana’s revenue. Instead, you chose to stomp al over the rights of the people. Wow. You might even be more stupid than you look.

  2. Some of Senator Essman’s campaign contributors
    Yellowstone County Tavern Association, 5/11/10
    M.T.A. (Montana Tavern Association) Hospitality PAC, 3/12/10
    U.S. Marshall Rodney Ostermiller, Chief Deputy, reported 5/25/10
    U.S. Attorney Kurt Alme, reported 5/25/10
    NUMEROUS other attorneys, reported 5/25/10

    Is Mr. Essman really looking out for the young people of Montana (by putting them in jail for marijuana), or is he looking out for the Tavern Association, the U.S. Marshall’s office, the U.S. Attorney’s office, and the numerous other attorney’s who have funded his campaign? Do the taverns and attorneys lose money when people stop going to jail for marijuana? Does Mr. Essman’s plan really keep young people from getting marijuana, or does it just make sure that his campaign contributors keep making money?

    Found at , search for last name Essman, then the document at 5_27_10):

    • Right on Conservative Christian!!! This is SOOOO telling. Mr. Essman is bought and paid for, just as we suspected. This is such a perfect illustration of why MMJ needs to be legalized–the people against it have ulterior motives that end up putting money in their pockets. As if violating our freedom wasn’t enough! Thanks for the wonderful web link too.

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