No Civility in this Disobedience

It doesn’t get much better than this…. although the entire video is umm, interesting; skip to the 21:00 mark to watch activists from Earth First! and Rising Tide North America’s display of disrespect. They literally DANCED on the governor’s reception room table.  Protesters also chanted slogans and scaled flagpoles as they made it clear they take their Big Oil hatred very seriously.

The civil disobedience team was called to defuse the situation.  Though the team, which includes a dozen Lewis and Clark County sheriffs deputies and Helena police has existed since 2007, their services were never utilized prior to this event.  Five arrests occurred after a group chain locked themselves together outside the governor’s office.

This juvenile display seemed far more media and attention-driven than rooted in a sincere desire to evoke change. The protesters wasted an opportunity with their desired audience, Montana’s media and Governor Schweitzer; to present their message effectively and no doubt lost any credibility they may have previously had.

I apologize for the lazy post, this spectacle deserves more commentary, but I’m stretched rather thin this week, so it will have to suffice.

8 thoughts on “No Civility in this Disobedience

  1. I would have to agree. The inmature manner in which this was carried out totally discredits these groups. When they can cause one like me who is supportive of civil disobediance (of a peaceful manner) these groups have issues to contend with. Mainly in growing up. To be so disrespectful deserves nothing more than non-respect directed back at them. I also support and promote good environmental policies and hate a raping of our planet. But things have to be done in a sensible manner. There is no way to swing to either extreme as groups like this would like to see. Consider this, not only did we have a large number of disrespectful babies involved here, but how did they get to Helena in the first place? Walk? I think not. They depended on combustion engine vehicles. Need I say any more? How did they organize? Most likely by phone or internet. Phones and computers are made of plastic.Where does plastic come from? Oil products. The circuit boards have gold, silver, and copper in them. Where does this come from? I thing you all can see my point. They used things created from the very thing they claim to hate. And then acted like a bunch of babies to do protest.

    • Hey, I’M a radical environmentalist! These infants are not. They are just retarded. I just gotta wonder how many of these idiots are on the corporate payroll. We don’t DO this in Montana. I suggest that now that they’ve had their fun, they all go back where they CAME from.

    • While I agree with you in essence, your argument against the protesters based on the technology they use is a little over the top. The fact is, they were protesting a specific issue (The tar sands pipeline) and the way it has been handled by both the Governor’s office and the Legislature. While I am somewhat sympathetic to their cause given the news today that the Canadian Company Tonbridge has issued condemnation papers on 33 Montana landowners with the power the legislature and the governors office gave them.

      It is the protest itself that I have real issues with. It violates even the most basic common sense.

      Let me give you an example of my point. A couple of decades ago, I was in a position to testify before the Oregon Legislature about an issue involving alternative lifestyles. During the course of the testimony (both the invited parties and the experts) there was a loud, obnoxious group in attendance trying to sway the committee to action. As you can imagine, the loudly dressed, obnoxious group in attendance did NOTHING to sway the stuffed suits of the committee. In fact, their very presence detracted from the well documented and logical evidence that was being presented by the people invited to testify. Needless to say, the bill under discussion never made it out of that committee. Four year later, a similar bill did and it should be noted that the loudly dressed, yelling and obnoxious crowd was NOT in attendance the second time.

      These people seem clueless of how their actions detract from the very cause they are advocating. They scream repression, misunderstanding and entitlement when critizised, and they refuse to listen to anyone offering them an alternative to their counterproductive behavior.

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  3. I agree. These are all very young people, they don’t appear to have jobs, and they all appear to be upper middle class enough to have I-pads to play with when the protest became boring. This is a joke.

  4. That was a pitiful display of a meeting. The Gov. actually met with them, but never patients about SB 423? He is a coward.
    I think that set their agenda back. Sure was disgusting to me.

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