Pardon me, media…. your bias is showing

Thomas Jefferson once said,

“The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing, but newspapers.”

Jefferson’s assessment certainly rings true in Montana, especially when regarding the growing controversy of Montana’s medical marijuana industry and the 62nd legislature’s de facto repeal of a citizen’s initiative legalizing medical use of cannabis.  Irresponsible and disrespectful newspaper headlines continue to read “Medical pot industry group asks judge to halt law“, “Arguments to conclude in medical pot hearing“, We didn’t elect GOP to ax medical pot“, you get the hint.   Is it so difficult to call it “cannabis”? I can’t recall seeing headlines in the same publications crying “Mr. Smith arrested for slinging oxy/dillies/percs/80s/beans/ludes” or “Dr. Doe raided after shooting smack in surgery”.  Regardless of how the media FEELS about cannabis, their job is to report the news, not exhibit incredible bias.

The media also continues to mislead readers with posts like the following, which was taken from KULR8’s Twitter account.





State Senator Jeff Essmann, known for passing the biggest tax increases in Montana history; continues to assert that his legislation removed the profit from the industry, effectively portraying the medical cannabis industry as profit mongering.  Suggesting that the new law makes cannabis providers non-profit entities is a blatant misrepresentation.  The new law essentially eliminates all providers by economically crippling them.  Providers are unable to accept any sort of renumeration for their service.  This means that providers are forced to give away their product, wisdom, time, etc.  Growers cannot be reimbursed for costs incurred with growing (electricity, security, etc), supplies, or equipment. This isn’t a non-profit marijuana law, this is  compulsory NO PAY, medical cannabis donation legislation.This isn’t an attempt to remove the profit, it is a bid to entirely eliminate medical use of cannabis in the state.

From failure to report the actual amount of money seized in federal raids of cannabis providers (in one case, the total was $600 compared to the $1.2 million listed on the warrant) to using slang terms and outright lying to Montanans, our lawmakers and media are complicit and should be held accountable. Do your own research, always question and never blindly accept the media’s version of truth.

9 thoughts on “Pardon me, media…. your bias is showing

  1. This very subject has distressed me to no end lately regarding the national media’s treatment of Ron Paul. They all have their opinion of who won the debates (and it’s not Ron Paul), but if you look at the tapes of the debates, he is the clear winner with the audience. He recieves twice the applause as the other debaters. The media commentators all have Mitt out in front, yet Dr. Paul wins the straw polls. The Republican party ostrasizes him and promotes instead the same old broken image. Their store bought pundits on TV reinforce their choices. When will they realize that we’re tired of the same old shit just packaged in a different bag? When will they step away from the Religious Right and represent the rest of us who, if we are Christians, leave our religion in church and out of our politics? I want a candidate who cares about my freedom and I don’t see that happening.

    • I agree Ron Paul is the only Republican with any sense. The media is doing him wrong as usual. I just watched a ton of his interviews on YouTube. I love that guy.

      • Huntsman is looking interesting.. though he doesn’t stand an icesicle’s chance in Hell of winning. My only complaint is that he totally supports the dismantling of Medicare/Medicaid. He is an old school conservative, unlike the Tea Party Darlings that the media is focusing on.

  2. I rant time & time again on the discussion board for the Gazette about using pot. Seems cannabis is too hard to spell.
    The TV news pissed me off on Essmann lying at the church a few weeks ago. They show his bumbling drawl of a speech, then a caregiver about to lose his whole business and life saving getting pissed and storming out. They didn’t show my 4 ?’s or a dozen other questions which were very valid and left un-answered. They are so biased. There was a mother who could have been interviewed concerned for her daughters health.
    Instead we get snide remarks and poor journalism.

  3. It is more than media bias. The media created the controversy that lead to the legislature’s obsession with medical cannabis. There is a difference between reporting the facts in a slanted or distorted way, and making things up from whole cloth.

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