Shrugging off the Tea Party Takeover of Montana’s Republican Party

Apparently the  tea people takeover of the Yellowstone Central Committee wasn’t quite enough for the Queen of the Tea People, Jennifer Olsen, the Ken Miller for Governor Campaign Facebook Administrator and founder of Montana Shrugged, Tea Party Patriots.  Check out a recent post from Ms. Olsen:

VOTE for me! for vice-chair of the state republican central committee in June!
So…..I have decided to run for vice-chair of the state republican central committee. I have a lot of ideas that can help unify conservative voters across the state of Montana and I would appreciate your vote at the convention in Butte in June…
So…..I have decided to run for vice-chair of the state republican central committee. I have a lot of ideas that can help unify conservative voters across the state of Montana and I would appreciate your vote at the convention in Butte in June. As one told me, the job is what you make of it, and I’d like to see the Republican party of Montana do BIG things. Including of course, winning every seat up in 2012. Who’s with me?Working on my slogan…..but it’ll be good!  
No matter what my slogan…..I want to win in 2012!  Not just for me but for the future of our state…..and our country.  
You can count on me to be a ‘doer’.  I would appreciate your vote in June!


Remember this though?  Eric Olsen, In February of this year, co-founder of Montana Shrugged and Jennifer’s father; said “We are equal opportunity haters.  We don’t like Republicans, we don’t like Democrats.  We are Americans working on American issues.” It does certainly seem odd that nearly every core member of Montana Shrugged is now an officer in the Yellowstone County Republican Central Committee, but perhaps it is only a coincidence. Always controversial, the group seems thrives on publicity, whether positive or not.
Although Ms Olsen sends out mass emails from Montana Shrugged, she also claims that her personal opinions aren’t necessarily those of Montana Shrugged’s. Considering she is a co-founder of the organization, one may assume she aligns herself with the same values, and after all, she was using the organization’s email address, not her personal one.   A complaint filed against the group for their partisan campaign and election activities was dismissed late last year due primarily to media exceptions in Montana law.  The Office of Political Practices is keeping a close eye on the group, according to sources.
Many of Montana’s most recent session’s freshman lawmakers are sympathetic to the tea people’s cause and although they consider this year’s session to be a resounding success, some of their own party disagree.
“You are scaring the you-know-what out of them with this kind of talk,” veteran Republican lawmaker Walt McNutt said. “This needs to stop and stop now. Stop scaring our constituents and stop letting us look like a bunch of buffoons.”
It is also worth noting that approval ratings of the 2011 legislative session hovered below the 15% mark, so legislators who consider it a success were apparently using completely different criteria than mainstream Montana.   Perhaps accomplishing thoughtful draconian marijuana reform repeal contributed to the legislature’s confidence in themselves. After all, there was Senate Majority Leader Jeff Essmann’s strange speech at Yellowstone County’s Lincoln Reagan dinner….  after an extensive introduction befitting of a king, the arrogant and aloof Essmann read a letter from a medical marijuana patient who essentially told Essmann that the senator had failed Montanans and succeeded only in destroying an industry.  Essmann’s response, naturally; was “Mission Accomplished”.  Evidently, job killing is now a tea people-approved activity.
Good luck to Jennifer Olsen in her quest to take over the Montana GOP. Perhaps readers would like to suggest some pithy campaign slogans for Ms. Olsen.  Should you require some inspiration, I’ve included a few screenshots from her freedom-loving Facebook account.
Should the screenshots not provide quite enough material to choose from, an automated slogan generator is located here.

4 thoughts on “Shrugging off the Tea Party Takeover of Montana’s Republican Party

  1. This piece is just one illustration of the sorry state of the Republican party right now. This distresses me immensely, because the GOP candidate in 2012 is probably our only hope of replacing that two faced snake who is in the White House now.

    My personal feeling about the detoriation of the GOP is that it is due to evangelicals running the party. In 2008, white evangelicals made of 44% of the voters in GOP primaries. This is why we had the mess we had in MT this year. Very few GOP members or people who would vote for Republicans that I know agreed with what the GOP did in MT this year. The reason we had the representation we did was because the evangelicals are well organized and active on the political scene at the primary level. The only way we can stop this is to register NOW as Republicans, and get out and vote in the primaries. It’s time for the freedom loving, constitution supporting members of society to get out in the primaries and VOTE for the likes or Ron Paul. He took MT in 2008, let’s do it again on a national level!

    I haven’t been a registered Republican for years, but I’m doing it this year. I’ve always voted for the individual and not the party, but I’ve seen that we are missing out on getting candidates elected by not choosing in the primaries, which you can only do if you’re registered with the party. It’s time for people who want freedom and who want religion kept separate from lawmaking to control this party. It doesn’t hurt that there are 2 libertarians running for president on the Republican ticket–Ron Paul and Gary Johnston. Repeat their names, get the word out. Name recognition is everything. It’s time for us to elect candidates from the Republican party who stand for less governemnt, jobs, personal liberty and freedom. It’s our own fault that we have let the Religious Right commandeer our party, and it’s time to take it back. Let’s show Mr. Obama’s party what REAL Republicans stand for, and get rid of those RINOs that go against all we believe in. Make it your personal vendetta to find 5 people who are not registered to vote, and get them to register and vote for freedom and liberty.

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  3. In case youre wondering whos standing on the cornerof 24th King every Wednesdayat lunchtime its the Montana Shrugged group and theirsupporters – In case you dont know whatthey mean by Tea Party they are a conservative group who believethat we are Taxed Enough Already. I was out there along with Eric Olsen and his group another conservative candidate Jerry Prouse and a crowd of other vocal conservatives including my City Councilman for this ward Rich McFadden. I was real original – my sign simply said TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY – I like campaigning because it generally restores my faith in people. Today was no different.

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