Montana Raided Again by Obama’s Anti-Cannabis Thugs, Schweitzer and Bullock Silent

The federal government once again has invaded our state to enforce the  unconstitutional Controlled Substances Act, perpetrating a raid on Sleeping Giant Caregivers in Helena today.  Notably but not surprisingly, Governor Schweitzer and Attorney General (Gubernatorial hopeful) Steve Bullock have again remained silent, caring more about saving their political future than defending Montana’s ill.  Federal intervention is apparently acceptable to them, as long as it only hurts one of their  non-crucial voting blocs.

A search and seizure warrant signed Thursday by U.S. Magistrate Judge Jeremiah Lynch of Missoula authorized federal agents to seize items that are “evidence of the commission of drug trafficking offenses,” including marijuana and hashish, weapons, transaction records and other documents and paraphernalia as well as up to 1.2 million dollars in the business’s account at Mountain West Bank.  Naturally, the case has been sealed, no other details are known.  Let me guess, the government will destroy the plants, keep the money and continue on to the next assault on America’s freedoms.

View News 5’s exclusive video here.

Watch the following clip, anyone recall Obama’s stance pre-election?  How do all of you pro-cannabis democrats like your “badass” President now? He’s on track thus far to FAR surpass the number of Bush administration raids which numbered just over 200 in 8 years.  The Obama administration has raided well over 100 facilities already with almost almost 2 years left in his first term. So much for those campaign promises. So much for that Ogden memo.

Across the nation, the federal government continues its attempts to intimidate elected officials in hopes of influencing state policy.  I wonder why it even tries considering laws made by states obviously matter very little to this gangster government.  Remember the last series of raids in Montana?  They occurred shortly before a hearing on HB 161 on March 14.  According to the public record (although it wasn’t correct), a hearing was scheduled for 1:30pm in Lewis & Clark County regarding MTCIA’s injunction against SB 423.  Today’s raid occurred just prior to 1:30pm.  I’m sure these are just coincidences though.

Regardless of your stance on medical marijuana, this concerns all Montanans and all Americans as all of our rights are at risk. Call Governor Brian Schweitzer at 406.444.3111 and Attorney General Steve Bullock at 444.2026 today to ask them to condemn the federal intervention and assault on freedom.   Governor Schweitzer has no problem standing up to the federal government when wolves are concerned, ask him why he’s been completely silent about protecting Montana’s ill.  Steve Bullock wants to be your next governor, I suggest you focus your attention on him.  Montana needs a governor who isn’t afraid to do the right thing.  If Bullock ignores the Montanans who are unable to help themselves now, how will he treat them AFTER he has their vote?

This guy wants to govern Montana. He won't defend ill Montanans who use medical cannabis, what makes you think he will defend you?

If you care about your rights and are able to attend,  I will see you tomorrow night in Billings- not at the Yellowstone County Republican Lincoln Reagan dinner, but at a fundraising and networking event held by the MTCIA.  Event details can be found here.

11 thoughts on “Montana Raided Again by Obama’s Anti-Cannabis Thugs, Schweitzer and Bullock Silent

  1. If Gov. Schweitzer did care, he could join with the governor from WA and 12 other govs who are petitioning the feds to have cannabis rescheduled. It seems that very few legislators in this state are interested in taking a stance on the issue. I hope it comes back and bites them in the ass.

  2. I’ll see you at the event tomorrow night. I hope Senator Wanzenried shows up.
    Just another example of federal government abuse today. I bet it was from the stuff they seized in March to continue this assault on our freedoms. I think all this is, would be hired thugs by heroin dealers. The corporate Oxycotin dealers have sold less smack so they hire some thugs who get to take any cash.

    • And from what I’ve heard from friends in Humboldt, these raids happen occasionally. They destroy the plants, seize the cash and typically don’t charge anyone with anything. The feds simply loot them. Our government is composed of terrorists, it is disturbing.

      I really hope I can make it to the event tomorrow- I will be there if 212 is still open. Today when I returned from Billings, there was water coming across the highway. Creeks are roaring and a lot of people are unable to get to their homes, it is a serious mess. I hope it stops raining, but the forecast looks rather bad. I have to attend an meet and greet for an anti-cannabis Gubernatorial candidate prior to the MTCIA event though, jealous?

  3. Anyone interested in a Governor who WILL STAND UP TO THE FEDS, I can use all the support and help I can get. Montanas ill, elderly and unemployed cannot be the whipping boy for some politicians self greed. After serving as Montanas Governor I may remain in politics as a local activist and thats it. I have no desire to serve on the national level. My home is Montana and that is where I will stay.

  4. I think Dave is My choice for Governor, he has been right on this and a bunch of other issues since he got there. I will be running against Max in the 2014 Primary because I am tired of cowardly sold-out politicians. They all make the same mistake Paul Ryan made today when asked why he keeps pushing such an unpopular idea as cutting Medicare. He said ” well, we are elected to lead, not to do what is popular.” See, he mistakes being elected as a representative for being elected God. We elect Representatives, Senators and the President. He is the only “leader” and that is strictly titular, we have no Royalty in America. Democrats and Republican Party members might elect “leaders” but we, the Citizens do not. We elect them to make laws on our behalf, laws that are popular with us. When you start doing what YOU want to do and not what the VOTER wants you to do we will replace you. It is high time (no pun intended) Politicians are reminded of that.

  5. We ALL have to stand up to corrupt politicians AND cops. The lowlife scum cops cannot call this crap their jobs. That’s not an acceptable excuse at all!!! The cops who persecute people for ANYTHING related to Cannabis REALLY deserve to be smacked around A LOT!!!

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