Ken Miller’s Tea Stain

In case anyone was wondering whether naive GOP Gubernatorial hopeful Ken Miller was an independent thinker or just an extension of the tea people, we’ve recently seen confirmation that Jennifer Olsen, of Montana Shrugged infamy is the administrator of the Ken Miller for Governor Facebook page.  In case some weren’t aware that Miller had given her the keys to his campaign page, she put all questions to rest in several Facebook comments:

In a race already so crowded, one has to question the thought process behind the near-perennial candidate’s move, especially considering the local tea peoples’ propensity for  hypocrisy– and now THIS.

After the most recent-and so successful (where’s that sarcasm font?)- legislative session, led by the Tea people-backed Republicans, Gubernatorial candidates best be putting some distance between themselves and the tea people.  After all, the legislature was only able to muster a 14% approval rating.  From the looks of comments on the latest Gazette piece on the Tea people’s quest to attract city council candidates, tea people disapproval appears to be at an all-time high as well.

For those of you unfamiliar with Ken Miller’s Gubernatorial campaign, one of his biggest fans has created a series of videos.  Here’s a taste.

5 thoughts on “Ken Miller’s Tea Stain

  1. Wow, looks like the employees of this past leg. session are going to try to stick around and do the same propaganda against voter’s rights & rewards.
    Let the HONEST registered voters to decide….

  2. Just a thought. I can do what ever I like to do. I have the right to do that.

    It’s NOT the tea party that created the page. You are probably smart enough to figure that out, but I suppose needed a good blogging idea…..

    • And actions have consequences. 🙂 I don’t recall the author accusing any tea people of creating the page. Yes, thank you; I am smart enough to figure that out. By the way, Jennifer. This post really wasn’t about you, but feel free to assert your rights here anytime.

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