Not What Montanans Voted For

I’m reluctantly inclined to agree with Montana’s Republican legislators who voted to overturn a citizen’s initiative citing that it “wasn’t what Montanans voted for”.   While I don’t agree with overturning an initiative without another initiative, we are indeed experiencing something we did not vote for….. I’m looking squarely at Montana’s Republican legislators.

YOU, our elected officials, are NOT what Montanans voted for.  You campaigned on platforms of job-creation, economic stimulation, fiscal responsibility and personal liberties.  Unfortunately for Montana’s citizens, you are frauds- too lazy to reform Montana’s medical marijuana law, too arrogant to research any aspect of the issue that failed to fit into the utopian image of Montana life according to Joseph Smith…. or Brigham Young….. or the Rev. Harris Himes (who also believes gay people should be executed). Have you ever considered accepting your failures as parents? Our morals aren’t given to us by our government and anyone who is unable to impose morality on himself is likely to be unsuccessful in legislating it for others.  Perhaps your behavior nullifies your credibility? Set a good example instead of asking your GOVERNMENT to do your job.

For reasons unknown,  the Republicans in our legislature, armed with a radical marijuana agenda, aligned themselves early with Puritanical religious zealots and  prohibitionist organizations disguised as community interest groups.   Never reaching out to the patients who used cannabis to relieve symptoms of debilitating illness, nor consulting with cannabis growing facilities, the Republican wolves instead set goals for a full repeal of the law, reluctantly approving a back-up reform bill in the event that Governor Schweitzer will veto the full repeal of Montana’s medical cannabis law.

It is astounding that Montana has legislators eager to defend our “right” to drive while drunk but unwilling to allow us to self-medicate with a safe and effective treatment recommended by our physician.  It is disgusting that we have obese legislators boozing and eating themselves into oblivion while we pick up their health care tab.  Most disturbing is the hypocrisy of it all.

The legislators continue making their claim that I-148 isn’t what Montanans voted for, so we must repeal.  Considering the language of the initiative:

MONTANA MEDICAL MARIJUANA ACT: Medical use means the acquisition, possession, cultivation, manufacture, use, delivery, transfer, or transportation of marijuana or paraphernalia relating to the consumption of marijuana to alleviate the symptoms or effects of a qualifying patient’s debilitating medical condition.

It does seem rather strange that the GOP legislators would continue in this direction…. 62% of Montanans voted to approve the use of cannabis.  Allowing Montana voters a chance at repealing or changing it seems reasonable.  I’m not a cannabis user but I must admit hearing arrogant Republicans speak on behalf of all Montanans as well as making numerous unqualified judgments on medical concerns is infuriating. There are no arguments for prohibition that make any sense at all, but the GOP, who should be fighting for our individual freedoms has instead sold their souls to puritanical hypocrites- as a result, we have a government punishing people for attempts to fight pain and incarcerating people for harmless pleasure.

A puritan is a person who pours righteous indignation into the wrong things.

The puritan through life’s sweet garden goes to pluck the thorn and cast away the rose.

25 thoughts on “Not What Montanans Voted For

    • I’ve had to hammer on the Rs so much this session that I suspect they think I’ve gone off the to the left. I must admit, I am excited for the session to be over so we can pick up the pieces until next time. I will be a far better voter in 2012. I will not support one local R incumbent. There are very few in the state that I approve of these days….. thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  1. Thank you for publishing this GLARING HYPOCRISY on the part of the R’s who were elected last session. NOT A SINGLE ONE of them ran on the platform of repealing medical marijuana, yet that seems to be their singular focus. I guess it’s too confusing and time consuming to actually research the issue. I guess, any of the THOUSANDS of emails from MT cannabis patients are too BORING and TIME CONSUMING to read and understand. And the ones who complain that they’ve already spent too much time on this issue. I agree, and it was obviously time spent poorly. Get these bozos out of office, out of our bedrooms, out of our grow rooms.

  2. The Republicans also did one other thing in their fight. They outright LIED. They stood at their preacher’s podiums and claimed that marijuana KILLED people. They didn’t stop to think that any people dying over marijuan were those involved in cartels that were traficking it, and that their prohibition/repeal would reinforce this practice. They blatantly LIED about that fact that marijuana DOES have medicinal value. That fact alone exempts it from the Schedule 1 Controlled Substance Act. Then, they LIED and said that they knew what we had voted for. Great post. I couldn’t agree more.

  3. Funny – I posted this on my status on Facebook before I came here:

    Thought for the day “With the real group of winners we have up there at the Capitol we should get em all in a group – throw ol Charlie Sheen in front of them and snap a pic. Put the title “Winning!” on it – and pretend we’re CBS. You’re ALL fired!!!!” Ain’t I a stinker??? FIRE EM ALL!

    Common theme.

    GREAT post – fully agree – and I am picking up pieces and loading my YouTube gun. Gonna hunt me some politicians – and fire their asses out of office with their OWN words and actions! They GAVE it to us -and after they take away my job – I’ll have all the time in the world to tear their asses up. We all will……

    Being lied about is one HELL of a motivator I guess……

  4. You know, I’ve talked a lot about this issue with my family. I was raised in a conservative Republican family. Although other members of my family do not use cannabis, they all agree that we have the choice to do so. I think we are the real conservatives. So, either the Republican party has changed so much that we don’t fit in, or the Republicans in our legislature are not real Republicans. All I know is that the man I will support for president if we are lucky enough to have him run, is Ron Paul. He’s like me. He says end the 4 wars: Iraq, Afganistan, Libya, and the War on Drugs!!! Think what that would do to our deficit!

  5. PS Thanks for posting the wonderful God Squad picture again. I want to blow it up and print it and use it as a dart board.

  6. I don’t mean to say ‘I told you so’, because, not having commented here until very recently, I really didn’t tell you so.

    As a guy who has lived in Montana for 40 years, I’ve always been able to trust that Republicans and Democrats in the state may disagree, but our legislature has been pretty level headed regardless of who was in control. Even when Montana Power got sold down the river, the legislative effort being spearheaded by a Republican I grew up with, I still believed that Montana Dems and Reps could find common ground, and often cooler heads would prevail. But lately, there have been signs that this was coming to an abrupt halt. The rise of people like Scott Sales, John Sinrud, Roger Koopman, Kreyton Kerns, did not bode at all well for the path the Montana Republican party was taking. Let’s not forget that Montana has elected the only (Christian) Constitutional Party candidate to ever hold state office, Rick Jore.

    This year it was evident that the crop was particularly loathsome. I’m not writing that from a partisan standpoint. It has become pretty damned evident to everybody that these societal warlords have no respect for any Montanan that doesn’t share their view completely. Sadly, that’s the overwhelming majority of us that they show no honor towards. My liberal brethren are willing and eager to blame the Tea Party for this mess, but the Tea Party didn’t do this. There is as much in common between Skees, Hanson, Warburten, Knox, Hinckle and the Tea party as there is between myself and Zsa Zsa Gabor.

    I have pleaded many times for almost a decade for the Republicans to take back their party from the crazy. My brother, far more conservative than myself, has been making the same plea. That’s not a coincidence. These people are off the freaking rails and headed down the cliff. Don’t know about you folks, but I don’t really want to go there with them.

    • I agree, Rob. There are several THINKING republicans who i discuss this with frequently. I said if they put a repeal on Schweitzer’s desk, I’d have a front row seat at a slow motion 2012 trainwreck. The crazy just keeps coming! I can’t imagine what is going through their heads right now….

      • The B Bar S brand….that’s what.

        Signifying Bullshit

        They best brand themselves with THAT one! They are FULL of it…..

        Gonna go look for the Walker video….I think it was the “Dog going to the Vet” crap that really set folks off……

        • Yeah, I can’t remember exactly what he said, but I remember the contempt in his voice. I know he called us wolves. That’s why I’ve been wanting that clip for so long…. I feel like he is getting away with saying that.

        • I know it’s supposed to be funny but my husband and I own the B-S brand here in Montana which are the initials of his name and the brand has been in the family for generations. So…not funny. =(

  7. Um i live in Montana and i did vote for this and i believe the rest of the people did to or we wouldn’t of voted bozo.

    • Are you referring to voting for the medical marijuana initiative in 2004 or are you referring to voting for the puritanical religious zealots who are running our legislature this session?

  8. Tom Daubert was the one that started the “this isn’t what I had in mind” when I wrote the law. And legislators held on tight…of course it wasn’t…..mpp funded a legalization campain in 2004. Not medical.

  9. You know, speaking of what I voted for, I was looking at I148 yesterday, and it specifically states in there that the MMJ law was meant to cover people with CHRONIC as well as acute conditions. Chronic pain if the leading cause of work loss in the US. I’m not surprised at all that 26,000+ people have bad enough chronic pain to need medication.

    • Considering pain is the number one reason for visiting physicians, I’m quite certain that there are FAR more people in Montana who could benefit from the use of cannabis than who actually use it. Not even one of these legislators is an MD…. who are they to determine who qualifies?

  10. Not only are there far more people in pain who could benefit from using it, there are a BUNCH who use it who don’t have card. OK, so some people skirt around the rules and get a card for what some think isn’t a good enough reason. How dare them want to continue using a pleasurable, safe, non physcially addictive drug, AND BE LEGAL WHILE THEY ARE USING IT! Truly, criminals at heart, wouldn’t you say?

    • Yes, I agree. While the prohibition wing of the GOP claims that all cardholders were drug dealers prior to obtaining cards, I say “who cares??? They have chosen to be above board now!” Dangerous drug dealers wouldn’t typically desire the governmental exposure that comes with being a card holder. If more people used marijuana and fewer people used alcohol, life would be better.

  11. I’m so tired of hearing “this is not what the voters voted for.” This is what I voted for – and I certainly didn’t vote for discrimination of the various chronic pain sufferers. Chronic pain is chronic pain and if an individual has chosen to medicate with MM, and it works for them, then they should have it. Personally, my husband is a MM patient and him being a patient has helped my entire family. Patients on pain pills are no fun to be around – they’re often irritable and unable to function. Our extended family was of the belief that marijuana was like heroin – they didn’t vote for it in 2004. We were afraid to tell them when my husband acquired his patient card but they kept inquiring as to his positive turn-around in his pain management. We finally told them and they’re now supporters of the entire MM industry – they realize the positive impact to our state. This is just my family people – there are thousands of other patients with families who now know the truth and support MM use. Thanks to MM my husband is once again a happy, lovable, functioning, human being.

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