Howls From a Far-Left Vitriolic Hate-Filled Wolf in Conservative Clothing

The recent comment from “Ayn Rand” listed below inspired some  self-reflection and analysis over the weekend.

I have been unable to find one instance where you defended ANY republican and/or conservative. You are a vitriolic, hate filled individual. I can only hope you are comfortable in your wolf’s clothing for you are as far left as any blogger I have read..

With the assistance of liquor, I arrived at few conclusions about my current political ideology- whether or not those conclusions can be labeled right or the left, I’m not certain.  It has been an eye-opening legislative session for me….   I’ve been criticized as a one-issue voter, a traitor to my party, a far-left liberal activist, and a even a pot-zombie (I’m not a cannabis user). I’ve made enemies within the Republican party- one legislator has even threatened legal action and is now broadcasting lies about me via social media outlets.  Shedding light on inconsistency and dishonesty within  local tea party leadership cost me a couple of close friends.  The list goes on and on.  Exposing hypocrisy is a rather thankless and lonely job.

Far left, huh?

My core beliefs are as follows:

  • I believe in limited government, individual freedom and personal responsibility.  I don’t need a nanny.
  • I believe that government has no money nor power not derived from the consent of the people.  Ignoring the vast majority of constituents to pass unpopular legislation does not qualify as consent.
  • I believe individuals should be free to pursue their own lives as long as they respect the rights of others.  If legislators have the right to eat, drink and smoke themselves to death while we pay their health premiums, we certainly should have the right to self-medicate with whatever we please.
  • I support maximum liberty in both fiscal and social matters.
  • It isn’t the government’s job to legislate the moral values or religious beliefs of others. From this day forward, the more prominently a candidate’s religious affiliation is presented, the less likely I will support the candidate.
  • If alcohol prohibition required a constitutional amendment, so should drug prohibition.  The federal government has overstepped its bounds.
  • Laws enacted via ballot initiatives should require the same to be overturned,  to ensure that the will of voters remains intact.

According to the Nolan Chart, I am a libertarian.  I disagree with a few of the libertarian party’s principles but I doubt many of us qualify as cookie cutter party members.  If indeed I am a one-issue voter, that one issue is liberty. I’m a registered Republican who will likely be disgruntled with the left and the right and who can blame me?  Am I a far-left vitriolic hate-filled wolf in conservative clothing? I guess I will allow the reader to make that determination.

“Ayn Rand”, I must ask why you continue to read my posts and comment on them.  Whether you agree with me or not, I am honest and fair.  I post EVERY comment- even the ones written by vitriolic hate-filled individuals. Perhaps instead of labeling me, next time you will instead engage me in a reasonable discussion of the ISSUES and FACTS at hand.  If I bite, I promise to only nibble.

9 thoughts on “Howls From a Far-Left Vitriolic Hate-Filled Wolf in Conservative Clothing

  1. You are not alone in this. Over the last few years I have had to seriously reconsider my appelation of “Republican.” I do not like what that name has come to mean: religious zealotry, blatant social engineering, hypocrisy, cynical manuevering for selfish gain, faux-patriotism.

    I’m most disgusted by the “advocacy” against medical marijuana by the distinguished gentleman from the Heights, Mr. James Knox. I have a friend who has cancer whose quality of life has improved dramatically thanks to cannabis. I have difficulty controlling my temper when I hear of Knox’s oh-so-pious crusade to rid us of the scourge of reefer madness, especially when I know a little about his sordid past.

  2. Speaking as a 26 year conservative – I am behind you 150%.

    I feel as if my 26 years of voting and party affiliation have been wasted this year – as most all party values have been rather effectively STOMPED on in many arenas.

    Rather embarrassing to claim any affiliation these days. I feel I am a person without a party anymore – the GOP rug has been JERKED out from under my feet.

    I’m pickin myself up and dustin myself off. I have lived in this state longer than a lot of these imported fools – and I am NOT going away. They done pissed off the wrong person……and “crowd”.

    There WILL be changes in office – Guaranteed.

  3. I am *SO* changing my avatar from the snarling wolf to the snapping wolf you post here!

    Being more than familiar with Ayn Rand’s modus, I find it LOL funny that a) it would refer to you as ‘vitriolic’ and b) the worst insult that could leveled is that you’re “far left”. The current far left would just call you a good Democrat, with a sneer and a spit. So maybe that is the worst insult imaginable …

    • I did think of you when I saw that wolf! Right now, I think the worst insult imaginable may even be that I’m far right- over there in TEA party land with people like James Knox. I found it somewhat entertaining though, as did my Facebook friends who had not, in the years I’ve been on Facebook, ever considered me to be even slightly left of center.

  4. Sadly, I would have to agree with you. The Republican party has been taken over by the worst sort of Religious Fanatics, Bigots, Racists, and Nanny state advocates. They spend as freely as they say the Democrats do without a concern on how they are going to pay for their agenda. They continue to pass laws to limit how I live, what I do in my own bedroom and even what I can say. At 50 years of age, I don’t need my government to pay “mommy” or “preist”. I am pretty good at figuring out those things all on my own. Today’s Republicans have completely abandoned what I was taught made a Republican.

    If that makes me a Liberal in today’s world, I guess that is what I am.

    • Last week my dad said “Today, I’m no longer a Republican.” Today he said “I’m no longer proud to be a Montanan.” That is actually pretty sad. Maybe I was really just kidding myself all of these years….

  5. I know your dad – and that makes me very sad.

    I empathize with him though…….it’s a sad state we’ve been put in.

    Hope to right my flag one day – but as long as we are in distress – so it shall fly!

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