Another Hard Knock for Rep James Knox

Representative James Knox used his website (it has since been removed but check out this link about it) to degrade city firefighters.  Here is a screenshot of his Facebook account where he clumsily attempts to promote his “very cool website for Montana”.  He’s so sly! Knox, well known for his attention to grammar confuses us by using the word “sean”.  It doesn’t seem to be someone’s name, as it is not capitalized, so we can only assume that Knox made a spelling error.  I’m not especially nit picky about small details but if our legislators aren’t smart enough to even utilize spell check (especially when the one in question owns a computer business) I’m afraid there is something terribly wrong.  Anyway, I digress……

Knox promotes his website, citizen truth, to mock firefighters

According to a report released by the city of Billings yesterday, Knox’s ongoing and one-sided feud with the firefighters didn’t end with his cool new website.  It appears that he was not only commenting on the Billings Gazette online forums under various online identities, he also caused a serious altercation between the Fire Chief and several retired and active duty firefighters while they were eating at a local restaurant.  Here is the story:

Retired firefighters Don Regnier, Phil Phillippi and Ed Newlin and active firefighters Mike Martin and Ron Martin (no relation) were having their weekly breakfast on Dec. 7 at the Alpine Casino on 16th Street West.  A firefighter made a reference to a comment left online in discussion (shown below) of a Billings Gazette article about the firefighters by “taxed2crabbiness” who they suspected was actually Rep. James Knox who was seated at the next table- also eating I presume.

Grammatical errors, Knox? Really?

Never one to shy away from the limelight, Knox was certain to not only send the Billings Fire Chief Dextras a text message, but to also call him immediately thereafter to tattle to inform him that his firefighters were conspiring to sabotage the brakes on Quick Response Units as well as planning to put additives in the water.  He told Chief  Dextras “You better get over here“.  Within minutes, Dextras arrived in uniform.  He approached the table of firefighters, red-faced and fuming angry, according to the firefighters.  Oddly, however; Knox claims the chief was very calm.  From the Billings Gazette:

“He was angry as hell. He was very angry,” Regnier said.

“The man had fire in his eyes. Three-quarters of the way through it he still called me a liar.”

Mike Martin, one of the active firefighters and a union leader, said the incident was very tense. He said the firefighters would never do anything to damage city equipment or put the public in danger.

“It was so confrontational that I didn’t know if I was going to have to jump up and fight or what,” Martin said.

An investigator was called in from Helena by the city of Billings.  He found that Dextras inappropriately disrupted a meeting of private citizens after assuming wrongly that the firefighters were already guilty based solely on Knox’s phone call. He found no evidence that the firefighters were actually planning to sabotage the trucks.  The city redacted Knox’s name from the investigation documents although Knox gave permission to use his name.  That doesn’t surprise me a bit for some reason.  Knox says, “it was pretty evident what they were saying.” Apparently only to Knox.

This is yet another chapter in the continuing drama surrounding Knox.  Rep. James Knox was fortunate enough to ride the tea party wave into office last November, but constant mistakes, malicious attacks, and refusal to acknowledge the needs of his constituents will no doubt combine to ensure he is a ONE-TERM legislator.  It is unfortunate for Knox who suffered a heart attack shortly after the 2011 legislative session began and likely needs his $733/mo health insurance compliments of we the people, but fortunate for Montana.

See below for some highlights of Knox’s first and last legislative session.

9 thoughts on “Another Hard Knock for Rep James Knox

  1. I don’t know how this guy can even hold his head high as a legislator. He is an instigator – and a freakin SOCIOPATH!

    sociopath [( soh -see-uh-path, soh -shee-uh-path)]
    Someone whose social behavior is extremely abnormal. Sociopaths are interested only in their personal needs and desires, without concern for the effects of their behavior on others. ( Compare psychopath.)

    If the label fits……may it so be deemed. I say it FITS

    • The label fits him perfectly. This is a guy who has consistently cheated customers, employees, and business associates with no conscience whatsoever. How KBS computers has managed to survive as a business is truly incredible to me.

    • Here was his post today on

      jknox65 said on: April 13, 2011, 10:29 am
      Last comment. I have not lied, period! I reported what I and the others at my table heard. Believe me I wish I did not. I felt and would do so again a moral duty to inform the Fire chief. If I had Tina’s number I would have called her. Maybe next time, I pray there is not one, I should just record it on my droid phone and just record the incident.

      All of you want to throw stones, but look at the public record. Many of you are caregivers, or firemen who chose to not put your name to your claims. MAN UP you chickens.
      Like me or not I do put my name to my posts. I do vote clearly conservative, smaller government, lower taxes and support your personal freedoms.

      James Knox.

      How dare he call the men who run into a burning house a CHICKEN?
      Some one should look at how many comments he posted on Gazette discussions. Supporting personal freedoms , my ass.
      This was another jewel from Knox.

      jknox65 said on: April 13, 2011, 10:57 am
      Laura, you are an angel to our great state and I thank the Lord each day for you and those who are standing up for the social values we hold dear. I ran clearly stating I will vote and do what I can to see this repeal through. I and many other legislators have held true to these words. It was not an easy stand but in my heart, the right stand. It is easy to say this really does not matter, let those who want to get stoned do so. It would be easy to say let’s tax it and become partners as we reduce our debt on the stoners backs. It would be easy to say my choice not to smoke pot is mine and your choice is just that yours. The votes I and many others have made are not easy even though we believe in it wholeheartedly.

      Drugs will never go away, but to embrace them as a solution to reducing debt, freeing resources in law enforcement and create jobs is literally ‘dancing with the devil’ in my book. I know my beliefs and Laura’s are not shared by all, but I thank the lord by enough that care to speak up and take a stand.

      James Knox

      Okay so now I am sure you will again attack me for speaking up.

      So I have to wonder. When changing from trying to profit from the industry to support for full repeal did he have a divine revelation? Was this divine revelation the cause of memory loss in regard to ever selling marijuana?
      I have to wonder how many posts he had on 3 different discussions, while he was working for Montana today.

      • That is where Knox and I differ. My principles are static, his are dynamic. Whether Knox’s morality is trendy, a means to a political end (I see a far sooner END to his political career however) or whether he’s being paid off by big Tobacco or big pharma, I don’t know; but it is obvious that his ethics are rather flaky. Maybe he’s having an affair with one of the SCSK ladies, he sure talks to Laura sweetly. I dined with his family at Thanksgiving and within two months, he sent my personal info to countless anti-cannabis activists and essentially told them to harass me. Friendship means nothing to Knox. Hopefully he sees very soon that he actually has no friends.

  2. Isn’t there a law about making false accusations against someone in a public service capacity (in fact, I know there is)? Knox is a pox (no rhyme intented) that should be removed the body politic at the first available oppurtunity. He is being primaried (I hope), right?

  3. I’m asking everyone to follow up with Knox’s behavior in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It appears, he is right back to his old tricks

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