Real Montana Scourge: Medical Marijuana or ‘Moral’ Majority

You may recall from last month, Montana’s 2011 Legislature earned failing grades in a Billings Gazette poll in which Montana voters were asked to judge the performance of the legislative body, led by Montana Republicans. In fact, only 24% gave the legislature a positive rating.  Judging from recent events, I’m left to wonder if perhaps they are striving for a new low.

The Republicans, by ignoring constituents and engaging in the sort of behavior conservatives  typically would associate with Nancy Pelosi have alienated even the most loyal supporters this session.   Our legislature is truly out of hand, as evidenced by my frequent anti-hypocrisy posts.  There is something very wrong when I cannot find even one liberal who is more deserving of criticism than those in the leadership of my own party. The Republicans, with a few exceptions; are downright obsessed with meddling in the private affairs of Montanans. Don’t forget about the the national coverage our state has received for frivolous legislation and unbelievable comments made by our GOP legislators…. this situation is unreal.  I am personally embarrassed.

* Below is a clip of Representative Ellie Hill of Missoula boldly defending the medical cannabis industry and patients prior to Representative Dave Howard of Park City, with contempt in his voice, referring to marijuana as a poison and of course, a “scourge”.  Conveniently, Howard also manages to casually blame the Governor Brian Schweitzer for the legislature’s refusal inability to pass thoughtful legislation regulating the medical cannabis industry- because the governor hasn’t “told ANYBODY what he plans to do” with HB 161.

*Representative Ken Peterson of Billings publicly stated that although the Supreme Court of the United States as well as the Montana Supreme Court has ruled a Montana law criminalizing homosexuals to be unconstitutional, he believes there are at least two violations of the law he would consider enforceable. The first of those criminal acts is the “recruitment” of non-gays by gays. I never realized when hanging out with our homosexual friends we were in so much danger. Thanks for letting me know, Rep. Peterson! He also believes that the Supreme Court decisions apply only to homosexual acts behind closed doors, so any public display of homosexuality would be fair game for potential enforcement by the MONTaliban officers.  Read all about Rep. Peterson’s raging homophobia here.

Reverend Harris Himes has been making the rounds- from testifying on behalf of Montana Eagle Forum, his congregation (yes, he is a pastor) and God.  He lectured committee members about repealing the medical use of marijuana and in favor of discrimination of gays, at one point even declaring that homosexuals should be put to death.  Himes finally explains exactly WHY the use and cultivation of marijuana should be prohibited here.  His proximity to God lends credibility and relevance to the pastor’s testimony.

The bigoted legislators and self-righteous individuals mentioned above do not represent the Montana in which I have spent my entire life and if they are considered moral creatures, I’m content being lumped in with the “scourge”.

16 thoughts on “Real Montana Scourge: Medical Marijuana or ‘Moral’ Majority

  1. It’s so scary that these guys are in a position to control a large aspect of our lives. Ignorance, bigotry, and intolerance all wrapped up in one slimy package. Last election, I voted Libertarian whenever I could. Knowing now how the Democrats and Republicans have “represented” us at the 2011 MT Legislature, I would vote for the Democrats (for the first time in my life) in a heartbeat if I had it to do over. These clowns aren’t conservatives, they’re fascists.

    • While I lean libertarian on most issues, I don’t think the libertarian party is a viable option right now. There are some conservatives who actually aren’t fascists, but we need to find weed out the bad ones in primary elections- once primaries are over, it is too late. Before anyone gets my vote in the future, they will have difficult questions to answer- nobody will ever get my vote simply because they have an R behind their name. I will know far more about the character of the candidates before I will sign on to help with campaigns. I have guilt for helping these jerks get elected.

    • I’ve found some democrats I’d vote for right now- even though I disagree with them ideologically for the most part. Those on the left have been far more receptive to thoughtful discussion in creating good legislation- the Rs are only interested in themselves and that is obvious. They are embarrassing for our state, our party, our nation. Slimy is right.

  2. Cannapropaganda, you are so right about Libertarians not quite being viable yet. Ironic, isn’t it, that Ron Paul, one of my favorites politicians who stands up for the people constantly, is a republican. I agree with you about conservatives not being all bad. These guys aren’t conservatives, they’re zealots. And extremists are always illogical and dangerous.

    • I’m a fan of Ron Paul as well. He’s far more libertarian than he is Republican but utilizing the Republican party is the right choice currently. We need more infiltrators. 🙂

  3. Montanafesto, you have to get the God Squad picture with the halos out again and add a few more Republicans. I loved that piece. So cool.

    • I never dreamed there would be so many republicans on the God Squad. I knew many of these people prior to the 2010 elections and they never struck me as such religious wackos, but next time I will certainly know better. If we allow Christian zealots to run our state, how can we prevent the same sort of behavior by Muslims or other religions we may not approve of or understand? We have religious freedom, certainly; but the self-righteous are blurring the line between church and state. The GOD Squad pieces were a lot of fun, but I did feel a bit like I was poking fun at God, which wasn’t my intention. At this point, the Republicans probably consider their placement in the group flattering.

  4. Just because they claim Christianity means nothing. Jesus spoke of the pharisees and Sadducee as “white washed tombs”. We need to realize these (GOP) people claiming God are nothing more than lost apostates. Remember, not everyone who says Lord, Lord. Woa unto them for their secret, hidden agendas. I could say each one of them needs to examine his/her own heart but I doubt it will do any of them any good. Thieves and liars that’s really what they are.

    • These “Christians” are bragging that they cannot wait to take away medicine from those who need it. They are obviously heartless. Will be looking for horns and a tail in the future.

  5. Religion does not belong in Politics – period. It doesn’t matter what religion you are talking about. Legislation should be based on law, logic and the interests of those being governed. It is sad to see the Republican party taken over by religious fanatics, moral lepers and racists/homophobes. Get the government out of our bedrooms, out of our pocketbooks and back to doing what they were set up to do – govern.

  6. Moorcat, you are so right. It is sad. And it’s so ironic. The Republican party I grew up with was in favor of liberty and freedom–what you did in your own house was your own business. Our constitution is founded on the separation of church and state because our forefathers knew that religious zealots would always be around and be willing to take others’ freedom in the name of whichever “god” they represented. It seems so simple–the less things, including drugs, business, free speech, trade, etc–are regulated, the more free the people are.

  7. This brings back a memory of one of my all time favorite bumper stickers. Some readers may be old enough to remember it.

    The Moral Majority is Neither

    Kind of summed it up in very few words. Too bad the religious right caucus in the legislature doesn’t understand that.

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