Hurt so Good: Representative and Mrs. Knox, Sanctioning your Suffering

Celebrating Montanans in pain, a Knox family tradition

Representative James Knox and his lovely wife Alicia are pretty excited at the prospect of agony for 30,000 Montana citizens suffering from debilitating diseases.  Rep Knox posted the following on his Facebook recently.

Montana makes history as the first legislative body to repeal the use of marijuana!!!! It requires the Governor not to Veto it but historical still!! Montana, many of us have worked long and hard for this moment. The people have spoken through their support and signatures on the repeal petition, the legislators supported the people. Governor…Please follow through and let the peoples will pass. April 1 at 2:56pm

Knox’s wife, Alicia Ridge Knox seems very excited her husband has assisted in the GOP’s mission to legislate Montana’s morality at the expense of those who will suffer needlessly as a result of his legislation.  Knox’s above plea to Governor Schweitzer drew plenty of comments from his Facebook friends (and enemies), his wife’s benevolent comment appears last in the thread, posted below.

It is one thing to celebrate a bill's success, but this is sick.










Apparently Knox’s wife stands by her man, supporting her corpulent hubby’s diabolical endeavors, she also inadvertently destroys a couple of the GOP’s arguments in favor of repeal.  First of all, she admitted it is medicine.  Second, she agreed that people need it.  Third, and by far most horrifying  is the realization she just may have hinted at her sexual proclivities.  Alicia Ridge Knox (be sure to add her as a friend) is one who obtains pleasure and sexual gratification from inflicting pain, suffering and humiliation upon others?  Perhaps next session we should propose legislation ensuring those acts, along with the Republican’s most reviled Montana citizens (you know, those terrifying gays with an agenda)  are felonious crimes.

*It should be noted that the couple professes to be Christian. One can only assume that they are proud members of the church of Reverend Harris Himes, who thinks that gay people should be put to death…. among countless other hateful beliefs.

5 thoughts on “Hurt so Good: Representative and Mrs. Knox, Sanctioning your Suffering

  1. You know what? This does not surprise me in the slightest.

    A man like Knox would HAVE to find a woman of the same ilk to not only cohabitate with him but (uuuggghhh) proliferate with him.

    Pillowtalk has officially hit Facebook……


    Enjoying the pain and suffering of others……un FREAKIN believable!

    Hey – hit my YouTube channel – I’m crankin out the videos from the hearings. ALL of their lies will be revealed……

    Enjoy! GOP is CTD and they’re gonna ALL be recalled – or replaced……

    So embarrassing……so much for personal freedoms, liberties, and rights.

    Damned RINOS

    • I was watching the clips as you were cranking them out, Hiedi. Thanks for doing that, that work will be absolutely priceless in the months to come. Can you seriously believe that Alicia would say such a thing? It isn’t that she feels that way, that doesn’t surprise me, but that she’d write something like that on her politician husband’s FB wall? The idiocy of the act is mind blowing.

      • Your attempt to deny Montanan’s medicine is just wrong! You think because you say you are a “christian”, that people should listen to you . Because you say you are a “christian”, you should be able to throw your weight around and no one will try to stop you. Wrong… wrong… wrong!!!!
        When someone professes their “christianity”, we just as well drop our pants and bend over because they are going to try to screw us, one way or another. A true “Christian”, doesn’t have to shout it, they show you by their actions. The actions of the legislature speak volumes. They are out to strip away our rights as Montana citizens to vote and actually have it count. Shame on them!!! Their petition… a joke. Their good intentions… a joke. Come on people, separation of church and state. Our founding fathers had it right.

        • Hi Nikki! Why is it that we all see this so clearly? I now have people accusing me of being a liberal because I find it reprehensible to overturn the will of voters. The GOP is unwilling to consider that perhaps there are more republicans out there who are disgusted by their obsession with social legislation than just me. Shame on them, indeed.

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