Truth is Treason in the Empire of Lies UPDATED with VIDEO

I am well aware that no politician is likely to ever please me on every issue at every opportunity, but I take no pleasure in this post.  I never dreamed that Senator Chas Vincent, R- Libby, would deviate from intentions expressed in public statements, he simply doesn’t strike me as the type.  Maybe i simply set the bar too high after hearing he leans libertarian, expecting someone with the integrity and consistency of Dr Ron Paul, which isn’t quite fair.  To put it bluntly, I’m very disappointed, not only in Senator Vincent, but in most of our legislature and especially the Republican Party.  In a few short months, we’ve abandoned all campaign promises of smaller government and more freedom in exchange for an agenda of power and control.

Since the session began, I’ve watched the GOP work hard so gay people are considered just a little less than human by utilizing hateful bigoted people who under the God- umbrella can get away with statements about putting them to death simply to ensure we can still retain the unconstitutional laws declaring their behavior felonious.  Instead of working with patients, growers and  physicians, the GOP went in their own direction, choosing arbitrary numbers as limits, regulating not only all access, but also supply and demand of a medicine in our new marijuana socialism game.  Instead of fixing a law to benefit patients and business, we wasted time on ridiculous legislation to force the US to leave the United Nations and to return to the gold standard, but now it is clear that the GOP is entirely heartless.  Drunk on our own power, seeking more control and regulation, we are a party I don’t even recognize.  I commend Sen Murphy for his courageous stand in opposition to the Republicans in the legislature and I must admit I was impressed by the testimony of Sen. Wanzenried and Sen Gillan, who of course are democrats.

Don’t get me started on dishonesty.  Montana’s legislators are well aware that hearings are live streamed and later available in the archives- so one would think they’d pay greater detail to honesty while testifying in legislative hearings. They know very well that someone could easily use their words against them.  According to the Billings Gazette:

Sen. Chas Vincent, R-Libby, who previously opposed the repeal bill and helped write the repeal-and-overhaul bill, said he felt compelled to vote for the repeal after what happened Wednesday.

He talked about drug abuse in schools and contended that organized crime is involved in medical marijuana here.

“I have no choice,” he said. “I did all that I could. I’d encourage everyone in my caucus and the few of you that are not satisfied with the status quo to give (HB161) the green light.”

Poor Senator Vincent appeared somewhat reluctant,  frustrated and at times almost desperate as he lamented the wasted time spent on Essmann’s reform legislation as well as the Senate game-playing.  He also said:

“Talk about political suicide, for crying out loud,” he said. “My county didn’t even vote for medical marijuana. It went down in my county. I’m in the minority in my caucus, and I’m going against my base for what I believe to be a principled decision.” VIDEO here

When  he informed us that his district, SD1 had rejected I-148 – voting against it in 2004,  I sincerely sympathized with his position in the lonely minority and almost felt guilty about it.  His vote did disappoint me but I found it difficult to remain angry at him because this was, after all; his job, doing the best by his constituents, who apparently weren’t supportive of our cause.  I couldn’t expect much more from him.

My brain doesn’t take many breaks.  I truly wasn’t aware of SD1’s opposition of  Initiative 148 until Vincent’s testimony, so I decided to determine just how many others I wasn’t aware of.  The following is a screenshot from 2004’s elections with final tallies on I-148 for Vincent’s district, Lincoln County.

Clearly, Lincoln County did NOT reject I-148. 61% approved the measure.

This sounds like a completely different Senator Vincent than the one portrayed here, in an article titled “Republican State Senator Stands Out in the Pack, Opposes Repeal of Medical Marijuana“.  Also in the article:

“I am not going to support the repeal,” said Republican Sen. Chas Vincent, a 33-year-old former logger who holds a key vote in the judiciary committee. “I believe that cannabis has real, beneficial impacts to those who need to use it for medicine.”

I’m going to give Vincent the benefit of the doubt about his knowledge of his senate district’s position of  I- 148 in 2004, but just this once.  Perhaps he was nervous or is clueless about his district.  Surely the guilt involved with abandoning principles to appease party leadership making the best decision for his constituents wouldn’t inspire lies  in effort to convince us of his sincerity, right?  Because Vincent’s most compelling argument for me was the one that we now know isn’t true, I am no longer willing to forgive his vote.   I have a  difficult time believing that any member of this particular session’s leadership is capable of convincing a principled senator that the courageous vote is the one with the rest of the party.  Where is that libertarian streak we keep hearing about?  I know that Ron Paul without a doubt wouldn’t have voted to repeal Montana’s medical marijuana law.


7 thoughts on “Truth is Treason in the Empire of Lies UPDATED with VIDEO

  1. Here is where you and I differ…. I assume a politician is lying until I can prove otherwise. It is easy to fact check online, now and since our media has stopped doing that (and investigative reporting died with the corporate takeover of the media), it behooves us all to fact check the soundbytes given by our politicians. It is sad that we have to do this, but until the media (and the voters) start holding our elected officials to some standard of truth, we are all we have.

    If this guy was a true “libertarian” leaning conservative, he should have been looking a ways to turn a profit for the state on the Medical Marijuana bill. Instead, he caved to what he saw was the “writing on the wall” and made it a self fulfilling prophecy. I have no sympathy for guys like this and I certainly won’t be voting for them next year. Even if I don’t always agree with the Democrat mentality, they have shown a hell of a lot more maturity and restraint in this last session than the Repubs.

    • So what you are saying is that you are far less naive than I? Haha. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt but not necessarily politicians. Because Chas was solidly opposed to repeal, I wasn’t worried. I know he has political aspirations beyond the senate, but I lost a ton of respect for him yesterday. I thought he was one of the only good ones. I have Republican friends working in the legislature and they have told me they are afraid because the liberals are making far more sense than any of the guys on our side. I am in regular contact with my senator- who I campaigned against in 2012- and I’ve been so thankful for his help that I told him I would even vote for him. To hell with the parties, I want REAL PEOPLE. Not the ones who will require the support of the party for their future political aspirations either- honest legislators who make their own decisions.

      I have had some fun exposing hypocrisy this session, you never know what you will find that people have said publicly. Unfortunately, our own people have lied so many times that we don’t have time to fact check liberals, we are too busy catching the lying legislators from the right. Yesterday, I witnessed some wonderful testimony from democrats- a year ago, I’d have never dreamed I’d have any conversations with liberals let alone be complimenting their testimony in Helena. I do believe it is move in the right direction though. 😛

      • Not more niave, just more trusting. I started my blog 5 years ago because of the lies and, shall we say, less than up front dealings of my local government. In the course of doing my investigations and posting the results, I was threatened multiple times, I had my ISP contacted and they dropped my blog (I was able to get another ISP in about two weeks but I lost a lot of what was on my original blog), and I was actually arrested and jailed at the behest of the local mayor. When my wife ran for local office (City Councilwoman) the spin machine came out in force. Rumors were spread around and it was during her campaign that the mayor had me arrested. She won her race and was pushed out before she completed two years of office because she wouldn’t tow the mayor’s line.

        I have no love of elected officials for good reason. My distaste for the vast majority of them is based in their demonstrated ability – time and time again – to lie, harass, mis represent, and outright hurt those that elected them. When I find a decent elected individual, I tend to be somewhat loyal but not many have gotten to that place in the last 10 years.

        • I don’t blame you for feeling that way. I don’t trust many of them either but in the future, I will be holding them accountable for their actions and will likely trust far fewer.

  2. I sent a rather scathing e-mail – and included my blog:
    Well folks – we have hit a new low haven’t we?

    Thanks for making thousands of ill Montanans pawns in your little bargaining game.

    I’m not going to threaten your offices – I will just do it. Each and every one of you who vote to hurt your fellow Montanans – I will work diligently to REMOVE you from your offices – and keep you from EVER getting into another one.

    You have been presented with FACTS – all of you – multiple times. You CHOOSE to run with LIES and promote them.

    I simply cannot abd WILL NOT support that in political office.

    You folks are DESTROYING people – and using us as pawns.

    Shame on each and every one of you. If this is the “wrong crowd” to run with – what the HELL is yours? No group I ever care to associate with – EVER.

    Liars….liars and thieves. Lewis – Vincent – I am ESPECIALLY disappointed with you. LAME ASS excuses for repeal. Oh – and thanks for asking for input Vincent. I expect you’ll slam your door in my face EVERY time now? Anybody slam doors on the anti-drug folks? I bet not……

    And for what it’s worth – remember Jennifer? The seizure patient from Bozeman? The stress of all of this has set off her seizures……she looks like HELL. The patients I have seen over the past 3 days are physically ILL over this. The calls I get…..unbelievable.

    You folks are hurting SO MANY simply by your actions abd voices on the floor…….freaking them out and stressing them beyond their limits.

    Do YOU care???

    Oh….wait….we’re just a bunch of “potheads” – I forgot. I was blinded by science.

    Essman – I am sure you are enjoying peoples pain and suffering.

    I will remember EACH and EVERY one who made these folks out here suffer like this,,,,,,Each and EVERY one. We have video from session to back it all up too. Load videos in my smartphone and hit the campaign trail.

    Promote the helpers – STOMP the hurters. I have a magazine to do it with too…..and I WILL. Next issue I start. You cannot take away my Freedom of Speech…….

    I bet this session would try though… already have.

    Hiedi Handford

    Montana Connect Magazine
    P.O. Box 432
    Lincoln, MT 59639
    ~ We Bring Integrity & Credibility to the Medical Cannabis Industry~

  3. This is on the assumption that voting boxes aren’t flawed and have the potential to be rigged. I would like to suggest to you the book “Black Box Voting.”

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