5 thoughts on “Getting to know Rep James Knox…. in his own words

  1. Thank you for continuing to expose the truth about Knox and others from SC,SK. Love the Facebook posts! Can’t believe a government official would post on a public site and not even proof read for spelling errors if nothing else.

  2. i agree this guy should NOT be running anything but maybe a short marathon (hey, we could all lose a few pounds right?), but attacking him on stupid spelling errors? I agree it’s funny to see, but we all do that, especially when using mobile devices. I was hoping to read something a little more “informative” than that he sucks at spelling on Facebook, has a daughter who just got a new computer, and posted a link to a website that doesn’t exist.

  3. Sorry, this post wasn’t very informative, but if you scroll down, there are MANY that are. Most of the clips in this slideshow are inside jokes- for one, his daughter received a computer right after he received his legislative allowance to buy a new computer at taxpayer expense. Most of the errors weren’t simple spelling errors, they indicated a clear lack of understanding of basic English.

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  5. I was going to send you a screen capture of his email sending out a constituents personal information. I saw that when it occurred. All of the persons friends were flabbergasted. Truth is, he committed a crime when he did that and opened himself up to a lawsuit. Glad someone else sent that to you.

    I find it hilarious that he wishes to sue his friend for publishing the email. Yet has that self-righteous double standard when it comes to his own actions. So…. is he a narcissist or a sociopath?

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