Montaliban Members Rep. James Knox and Steve Zabawa Exposed as Hypocritical Idiots

Montanafesto made the Billings Gazette today for our expose’ on medical cannabis opponents Rep James Knox and Brother Steve Zabawa, owner of Rimrock Auto Group and Mercedes Benz in Billings.

Memorable quote from James Knox, when asked if he’d ever sold marijuana:  “No, not that I can recall.”  That is code for “yes, but until you dig up someone I sold to, I won’t be admitting that!”

Steve Zabawa told Ed Kemmick of the Gazette that he favored repeal of Montana’s medical marijuana law but would like to see small amounts decriminalized for those who truly need it, like terminal cancer patients.  He was sure to mention that it would still be illegal to cultivate cannabis and was asked how those truly deserving patients would obtain the product.  To which he said, ““I would bet there would be some good people out there willing to meet their needs.”  Nothing like sending seriously ill individuals on a quest through dark alleys in search of “good people willing to meet their needs” at the risk of imprisonment.  Odd Zabawa feels anyone needs it considering he likes to mention that it has no medical value.

After we exposed Knox and Zabawa last week, Knox found it necessary to send a message to the entire legislature claiming that the blog was filled with “slanderous lies”.  Thanks to a legislator who forwarded a copy to one of our bloggers.  Here’s a screenshot.

Really? Slanderous lies, huh? Not nervous at all, Knox!

The blog received a couple of messages from him as well.

Knox claims that marijuana ruined the life of his brother.  Would James Knox’s brother please come forward?  There are almost a million Montanans who would love to speak with him, if he actually exists.  Apparently Knox likes his alcohol, he couldn’t wait to sit in his chair to sip some whiskey last weekend.

Fun weekend plans! Sipping whiskey in a chair with your children. That is love!?

Zabawa implies that his brother’s death from lung cancer was due to smoking marijuana for 35 years….. oddly enough, there has never been a proven link between lung cancer and smoking marijuana.  Marijuana contains antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer agents, there are some studies that show it actually slows the growth of lung cancer.  No word on if Zabawa’s brother smoked cigarettes, but my guess is that he did.

Perhaps it is time for the Montaliban to give up on its efforts to control the lives of Montana’s citizens.  If you want cannabis repeal, put it on the ballot.  In the meantime, stop exploiting your family members as well as your faux tears to convey emotional connections to this issue.

9 thoughts on “Montaliban Members Rep. James Knox and Steve Zabawa Exposed as Hypocritical Idiots

  1. I would argue this:

    If in fact Knox’s “brother” did in fact die of lung cancer – it would not have been due to cannabis use.

    In fact – if it was from cigarette smoking – Tashkins study actually reveals that if Knox’s “brother” had been smoking cannabis – it more than likely would have PREVENTED lung cancer.

    It’s so crazy to me. We give these folks all the same knowledge and FACT – then they completely disregard it – and go and make idiotic statements like Knox in his testimony!

    ANYBODY educated in Cannabis Medicine knows what he says is false.

    Another “Spell it out for me” moment……

    When I talk to these folks on the hill, they say things like “We must repeal it and re-write it”


    Why even waste time and energy repealing – to re-write??

    Can somebody PLEASE explain THAT “logic” to me? I just don’t get it……

  2. Is Knox at the “Sip and Dip” with Rick Hill? Drinking it up with the floozies until their wives come in begging them to come home and be a dad and husband?

  3. Whoa! Isn’t that the Steve Zabawa I went to prom with in ’75? Yes, I remember his red hair and his Datsun car. I also remember he smoked pot. Yes, a Catholic boy who went to the best all boys high school in Omaha, Nebraska smoked pot. Intersting.. how you can try to hide but there is always someone out ther who won’t let you forget what you truelly are.

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