Knox and Edmunds for PSC?

MONTaliban member Rep. James Knox, Rep. Champ Edmunds, and an unidentified third person were recently seen at a meeting with PSC Chair Bill Gallagher and PSC Vice Chair Brad Molnar.  At this meeting,  “I cannot recall selling marijuana” Knox and Edmunds were reportedly asked to run for Public Service Commission in 2012.  * interesting note, newly elected Republican PSC member Travis Kavulla was apparently not present.

This presents some perplexing questions… 1.  Are they crazy? 2. Are they simply trying to get them out of the legislature?  3. Are they crazy?

It isn’t known for certain if they do indeed plan to run, although a Republican legislative staffer was reportedly asked by Knox if she’d run his PSC campaign.  Word on the street is that she politely declined.

Maybe Molnar and Gallagher had not yet seen thisthis, this, this, this, this, or this.  And those are only the links I could recall off-hand.

From Intelligent Discontent:

I suspect there are certain things no one forgets, among them:

  • the nervous feeling on your first date.
  • graduating from high school.
  • your marriage and birth of your children.
  • whether or not you’ve ever been a drug dealer.

Haha! I love it.  Poor James Knox.


6 thoughts on “Knox and Edmunds for PSC?

  1. That made me puke a little…..

    What in the HELL is Montana coming to?!?!?!

    Knox and Molnar have one thing in common – they both like to post on discussions NOT in their favor – and make fools of themselves.

    Is that a good example of Public Service?

    Is ANYTHING Knox has done a good example of public service?

  2. My guess here is that the current PSC head is not Republican enough and will not run things in a manner supportive of the Party or their backers. Thus they look for someone who fits into their Neocon ideals. If this move has been made I can promise you they have someone else lined up to run for the House seat he would leave vacant who is equaly as ignorant and bias as Knox is. Or Worse.

  3. My dinner did include my friend Champ and Bill, but there was no sign or invite to Brad. We talked much about the session. The other two people also friends of mine consisted of an attorneys from the area and a fellow outdoors man who is far too tall to be mistaken for Brad.
    Much of the discussion had to do with our past race successes.

    • Correction noted. I was told today that Brad didn’t attend because it would be too conspicuous. So, you have no intentions to run for PSC? Oh come on, Rep Knox! You may even get to regulate medical marijuana if Essmann’s bill is passed! That sounds right up your alley.

  4. The commemt of I cannot recall was not what was said. I recorded the interview and clearly said I did not discusss selling any thing with that person and I did not recall that or the other conversations that I was being asked about.

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