Brother Zabawa’s Karmic Relief


Zabawa is no fan of cannabis, but he sure likes to hire alcoholics


Uh oh! Rimrock Auto Group is in some more trouble. According to the Yellowstone County Detention Facility’s website, one of of their managers is currently an occupant.  Oddly enough, he was NOT arrested for using medical marijuana, he was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.  This isn’t his first offense, nor his second, or even his third.  Maurice Gunn was arrested yesterday at a Billings  McDonald’s while napping in a Cadillac Escalade featuring a dealer’s demo license plate, one can only assume who owned the vehicle.  Considering Maurice has already been convicted of DUI three times prior, it is questionable whether he even owned a valid driver’s license.

You may recall reading Gunn’s name in the newspaper in 2009,  when he was sentenced to two years of probation and ordered to pay $1,352 restitution for lying to FEMA about being a Katrina victim to get aid. Although Rimrock Auto Group did have a dealership destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Gunn was not among the employees sent to New Orleans and never traveled there.  He wasn’t the only employee of Zabawa’s who lied to FEMA to receive aid that he didn’t deserve either…. In case you are interested in helping a man out, Maurice Gunn’s current bond is apparently 25 grand.


Steve Zabawa should spend more time interviewing and doing background checks on  his potential employees than testifying against suffering patients who seek relief from medical cannabis.  Keep in mind many of his employees call the Alpha House (a halfway house for felons) home.   Brother Zabawa, obedient Mormon,  has had quite a track record hiring alcoholics.  Perhaps that is where he should focus his passion.


Looks like Mr Gunn works for Brother Zabawa.....



4 thoughts on “Brother Zabawa’s Karmic Relief

  1. Mr. Zabawa and his son Zac are fans of cannabis, or at least used to be fans. He stopped by my very office asking my partner and I to employ Zac. Stating that Zac absolutely loved “pot”.
    Also offered a proposal of 10% of net profits to lease his Monad property. We were absolutely shocked to find Mr. Zabawa’s agenda changed???????????

    • Wow! I have heard that story before but I never heard which caregiver he’d approached. Interesting that his new “mission” is to save us from the evils of medical cannabis. I wonder if Zac was forced to enter Rimrock Foundation with his marijuana addiction…. I do hear that marijuana addiction is really the only reason that place exists. So few prescription drug addicts, just a bunch of potheads. Sure. Zac has crashed quite a few of Rimrock’s cars…. maybe he has an opiate or alcohol problem that Brother Zabawa wants to blame on something else. It does seem handy that a bunch of parents with wild children now find it easier to blame our industry instead of their parenting failures.

  2. Advanced Caregivers, Please tell me this is true and that you would testify to what Steve and Zac did. This is the very thing that could bring this SOB down.

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