Mike Milburn, Montana Masochist

Speaker Milburn’s anti-compassion presentation.  His words in black, mine in red.

Speaker Milburn wants you to suffer. It hurts so good!!

I was asked to do this quite awhile ago. Not proud enough to claim this as your own idea, huh? As we all know the medical marijuana initiative passed the voters by some sixty percent actually 62% Mike, you know that. Followed by several years of not much activity, then all of the sudden people understood that they could get away with abuse umm, actually, that isn’t what happened at all…and the flood gates opened. Calls came in from schools, the city, and the addiction center, what they told me was shocking and of course none of these calls came in prior to 2004 when Montana approved the medical use of cannabis, right?! I went to meetings and people which people, names please expressed that they understood what was happening to our society, to our kids and to our communities what exactly is “happening to our society, kids and communities”?

It’s no longer about the medical use of marijuana; it is now all about the marijuana itself and legalizing the drug, no, Mike…. it IS about medical use of the drug.  Last I checked, there were no plans to legalize the drug.

People any specific people? No room for hearsay in the legislative process…. come on, Mike… let’s be professionals here asked, can we repeal the whole initiative? Yes, it is possible, of course it is possible, any law is possible to change, you can eliminate it, change it, and we do it everyday umm, actually, we don’t do it quite that often, Mike.

I have been getting a lot of support, more everyday, especially from the schools and their concern about the deteriorating effects they are seeing upon kids using marijuana. Kids are showing up at school under the influence or just not showing up at all and I suppose this NEVER happened prior to legalizing the medical use?

So I proceeded in this direction, seeing that there was a huge upswing in the use of marijuana by teens in our schools attributable only to our medical cannabis laws I assume? and communities and medical marijuana card numbers were going up.

We can’t keep up with the data; it’s going up so fast umm, actually, new numbers are released every month…. do you need them more frequently than monthly? The huge upswing of medical marijuana is a problem.

It is no longer an issue of medical marijuana; it’s an issue of marijuana. Actually, Mike…. we are only talking about the medical use of marijuana.  We’ve already established that non-medical use of marijuana is illegal.

We’ve opened the floodgates.  It’s like Hurricane Katrina. Great analogy. We’re not talking about the dikes holding back the water anymore. We’re talking about, how do you rebuild the city? That is where we are at. Of course you are only SAYING that though, Mike.  You have no intentions of rebuilding the city, you are looking to condemn it entirely.

What I have found, and what I believe is the only way to handle this is to shut down the industry. And  you are an expert on this subject I assume? We have got to shut it down. The money that is being made in this industry, and the drugs that are being sold, it’s staggering. Drugs, Mike?  Or how about medicine?We have an industry that is out of control. So regulation is impossible?  Because the industry isn’t what you would like it to be, it should be eliminated?

The numbers, 28,000 cards we have issued in Montana, we don’t have that many hurt people around. You are, I assume; a physician?  Oh really?  You aren’t.  Hmmm. In Helena we have greenhouses full of marijuana plants, with 6 plants per person; we have a lot of hurt people. Again, you know how many “hurt people” are in the state? That’s as many people with marijuana  cards as the population we have in the city of Helena. Although we are talking about an entire state, a population of nearly a million people.

I have been asked hearsay again, Mike, why undo something that Montanans wanted. And we will continue to ask that question. Well this is not what they wanted. You can speak for ALL of us? I do not hear from anyone that was not already a marijuana user themselves, that they wanted this. Not one person, huh?  OK, Mike.  We believe you. The widespread abuses of marijuana go far beyond the intent of the voters who approved the initiative nearly seven years ago. And because our legislature is so damned lazy and arrogant, we are going to tell those voters they made a big mistake.This is not what is wanted by voters. Speak for yourself. I don’t hear from any person that this is what they voted for.  This is a lie.  You’ve heard from me…. you just won’t admit it apparently.  I noticed you haven’t ever responded to any of my messages.

We can’t fix it. Because our legislature is inept and has a religious agenda. We have got to shut it down. Because we are lazy. What are we doing to ourselves and our kids?  What are we doing?  Not “WE”, Mike… YOU.  What are YOU doing to ourselves and our kids?  You are perpetuating the most ridiculous stereotypes.  You embarrass us! We need some breathing room. And as a person who doesn’t suffer from a debilitating illness, it is so easy for you to make that claim.

Reference is made to a chart and to the blue line increases in the chart. This is in months, not years, this is scary! This is huge. We are now #2 in the nation in teen usage of marijuana, a year ago we were 10th. This is the high end of the average in the U.S. This is serious! Oddly enough, we were also number one prior to legalizing medical use of cannabis in our state.  We won’t mention that though…. we will just put it on a website without disclosing the fact that those numbers were from almost a decade ago.

We have changed our culture in Montana in just several months. Yes, Mike.  Thanks to you and your minions, we have changed our culture to one of fear.  Patients are afraid  that you will take away a substance that has saved their lives and allowed them to become productive citizens. We used to be the rough and tough cowboys, loggers, miners, ranchers, farmers, the hard workers, ones who were proud of their families and their communities. Now we are a state governed by tyrants. We are changing our identity in just a few months. And we blame YOU. That is what we are doing. Tyranny at its best.

The money being made is staggering! Yes, the industry has put people to work! That is more than you can say for yourself. Growers are hiring people, previously vacant warehouses are suddenly filled with paying tenants, gardening supply stores are cropping up and hardware stores are benefiting. Contractors are busy, electricians are busy. Pain is the main reason for obtaining a medical marijuana card. This is odd, why?  Lots of people have pain. What is the main reason for obtaining an oxycontin prescription? It is huge on the graph found in red. Usage among teenagers is so common they think it’s legal. Because they aren’t stupid.  They are more informed than YOU are. They are shocked to find out it is illegal. Because it is such a safe substance, they see alcohol’s effects every day and they wonder why something like cannabis is considered so evil. Enough people are getting cards that students are supplying to students. And why have we not arrested these people? This is a travesty. That’s where we are at on that.

Another embarrassing thing happened. North Dakota’s initiative failed close to 70%. The Director of Criminal Investigation used us as a bad example. Which may be why it failed.  North Dakotans believed your lies. Radio and TV ads said, “We don’t want to look like Montana!” “Do you want the mess Montana is in?” It failed because they used us as a bad example. That’s why it failed?  Not because cannabis has no legitimate medical use?  You don’t say.  Thanks for making our argument for us.

Let’s look at the validity in the use of marijuana as a medicine.  First of all the Department of Justice and Drug abuse administration stated, how our nation responds to drug abuse is one of the most important and dangerous issues facing American citizens, and especially for our youth today.  United States drug enforcement administration under the US Department of Justice takes a firm stand and I quote “smoked marijuana is not a medicine and it is not safe”. Who said anything about smoking it? Have you ever heard of a vaporizer?  Or how about edibles, tincture, or ointments?

Marijuana has been classified as a schedule 1 drug. Possession, distribution and manufacturing of it is illegal under federal law. Drugs have classification under accepted medicinal use and the potential for abuse and their psychological and physical effects on the body.  Cocaine is a schedule II drug.  Clearly because it is far safer and less prone to abuse than cannabis.  Methamphetamine is a schedule II drug- prescribed in pharmaceutical form it is known as Desoxyn- and is prescribed to children for control of ADHD.  Clearly, methamphetamine is far more safe than cannabis.  You do realize how ridiculous you sound, right?

Schedule 1 drugs are categorized as such because of high potential for abuse and a lack of any accepted medical use and an absence of any accepted safety for use in medically supervised treatment. Oddly enough, the MAYO clinic PROVIDES cannabis to patients and GASP!!! even allows them to smoke it.  Clearly an expert such as yourself knows more about the medical use of cannabis than anyone at that silly MAYO clinic. The DEA was challenged, the schedule 1 status so they could regulate and distribute it. The DEA Health and Human Services Department performed rigorous testing and found marijuana to be highly addictive with no medicinal value and refused to de list it. You may want to check the facts again here, Mike.  That isn’t quite the reason….The US Supreme Court upheld that ruling.

FDA – has not approved smoked marijuana for any condition or disease. Again, who said anything about smoking it? FDA noted that they currently have sound evidence that smoked marijuana is harmful. As opposed to opiates which are so safe. That no sound scientific studies support the use of marijuana for medical treatment in the U.S. You are joking, right?  I can name countless studies off the top of my head.  Of course, my truth is inconvenient for you. Marijuana does not meet any standards of modern medicine for quality and safety. Because it is just that safe. Marijuana does not fall under any doctor’s management protocol of dosages, risk and side effects or drug interactions, indications and contradictions. Because it is impossible to overdose on it.  The same cannot be said even for WATER. The same holds true for a pharmacist.

So you are going to hear from proponents today about glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, cancer and a number of diseases and conditions. God forbid you accept any testimony from actual patients who have a better quality of life because of this substance. But the following voices of the medical community do not accept smoked marijuana as a medicine.  I notice you mentioned “smoked” marijuana again.  Did we ever say anything about smoking it?

Following in:

DEA – Health and Human Services  You may want to check this link, Mike.  It appears this has more to do with money and Big Pharma than safety or efficacy.  Everyone wants a piece of the pie.

Sept. 6, 1988, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration’s Chief Administrative Law Judge, Francis L. Young said

“Marijuana, in its natural form, is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man,” he wrote. “By any measure of rational analysis marijuana can be safely used within a supervised routine of medical care. … The evidence in this record clearly shows that marijuana has been accepted as capable of relieving the distress of great numbers of very ill people, and doing so with safety under medical supervision. It would be unreasonable, arbitrary and capricious for DEA to continue to stand between those sufferers and the benefits of this substance in light of the evidence in this record.”

American Medical Association   Hmmm, actually, Mike…. check out this link.  The AMA in 2009 changed their 72 year long stance on marijuana.  They now claim it clearly has medical benefits.

American Cancer Society  The American Cancer Society has an issue with SMOKING marijuana.  No mention of other methods of ingestion…. again, we aren’t necessarily talking about smoking it.   The ACS members were among the first to recommend cannabis for regulation of pain, anorexia, and chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting.

American Academics of Pediatrics Clearly they haven’t met one of Montana’s youngest medical cannabis users… 2 year old Cash Hyde whose parents claim wouldn’t be with them today without medical cannabis.

American Glaucoma Society  Patients and physicians agree that marijuana is an effective treatment for relieving interocular pressure associated with glaucoma.

National Multiple Sclerosis Society  MANY MS patients and their physicians believe medical cannabis has benefits in the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis

Institute of Medicine British Association  Why we should care what any nanny-state entity believes is beyond me.

American Society of Addiction Medicine  This entity exists only because of “addictions”.  Why work themselves out of a job?

American Society of Addiction Medicine asserts that cannabis, cannabis-based products, and cannabis delivery devices should be subject to the same standards that are applicable to other prescription medications and medical devices and that these products should not be distributed or otherwise provided to patients unless and until such products or devices have received marketing approval from the Food and Drug Administration. ASAM rejects smoking as a means of drug delivery since it is not safe.  So, we can use a vaporizer.  It is settled.

All say if it is smoked it is harmful. All don’t accept marijuanaas a medicine.  No, all don’t accept SMOKED marijuana as a medicine.  Who said anything about smoking it?  And if patients choose to ingest their medicine by smoking it as opposed to some other delivery mode, they are endangering themselves.  Not our business.

Merinol in pill form is the only form that can be prescribed by a doctor.  Marinol is SYNTHETIC THC.  It is expensive, must be stored at specific temperatures, and is often thrown up before it ever has an opportunity to quell nausea associated with chemotherapy and disease.

At addiction centers nationally and locally there is more teen dependency than all other illicit drugs combined.  We aren’t talking about the nation here…. are you really going to claim that locally we have more kids in treatment for marijuana than we do for alcohol?

We talk about forming a model of marijuana to look like Europe. Umm, no we aren’t.  Who cares about nanny-state Europe.  Socialism has failed.  And who said Europe has liberal marijuana laws?  Don’t tell me you are referring to Sweden again…. We find Europe is rethinking its liberal marijuana laws and use. They report significant mental and physical consequences that lead to higher crime rate and social costs.  And they would know all about social costs considering they are all socialists.  Let’s look at one of your own quotes.

America looked socialism in the eye and said they were scared”.  Damn right we are scared Mike! One wouldn’t think you would use socialists as any sort of example.  Since when does America follow another nation’s lead?  We are the leaders of the free world…. nonsense like the propaganda you are producing makes a mockery of us.  Who the hell cares about our “rough and tough cowboy image”?  You guys want being gay to be a crime and your own judiciary chair (former) Sen. Shockley drinks while he drives.  Can you say hypocrisy??

Australia – will fight to turn around an 8 year soft drug approach and it has left lives ruined lives ruined by medical cannabis specifically?  If not, totally irrelevent.

Holland – same thing here, marijuana use is so dominate did you perhaps mean predominate  or dominant? Dominate is a verb.  Just sayin. that people don’t have space for other things in their lives, user’s crawl out of bed, smoke marijuana and don’t work, and then they don’t know what to do with their lives.  And this is because of medical use?  Please cite specific sources.

Switzerland – suffering again the same thing.  Actually, the Swiss have advocated complete decriminalization.  Although it didn’t pass parliament, they did ease marijuana laws in the past year.

California Chief of Police says that if you have drugs and money you are going to have crime. People think that by decriminalizing it that the Mexican and Asian gangs will go away. That’s not the world we live in. How do you know?  Have we ever tried it?  Clearly what we are doing is working so well.

Montana is known nationwide as a place to come for marijuana. I’m not criticizing the quality of Montana cannabis, but let’s be honest here.  Connoisseurs aren’t flocking to our state.  We are becoming known as a place where you CAN’T get marijuana because you sadistic bastards are on a power trip. It has created a multi-million dollar industry that’s largely unregulated and drawing criminals to the state.  Actually, criminals are LEAVING the state in droves because they can no longer make enough money selling marijuana.  Competition has improved quality and decreased prices.  They are headed east.  The ones who have stayed are now legally using cannabis and the ones illegally partaking are subject to criminal proceedings.  Arrest them!!

It’s a problem.  Certainly not one of our biggest problems however.  Every day we hear about yet another person being arrested for their tenth or fourteenth DUI.  Nobody is trying to criminalize alcohol though…. why?  Because we know prohibition does not work.

We are dealing with the consequences of the initiative. Actually, this is happening because you chose NOT to deal with the consequences of the initiative in any of the prior sessions.  Accept your portion of the blame, work with the industry and patients and move on. Shut the industry down. Shut the hell up, Mike Milburn.  You have no credibility.

**special thanks to cannapropaganda who will be guest blogging in my absence.

8 thoughts on “Mike Milburn, Montana Masochist

  1. One item that always fails to addressed is this request that the FDA get involved. Well, first and foremost, the FDA has never once in its history studied any drug or medical device. Instead the FDA studies the studies submitted to them my the drug company that stands to benefit (money) from its release to the public. Remember Vioxx that the FDA released. It killed over 100 people before the FDA pulled it and Merck admitted that they did not release the results of all the studies to the FDA. How about Accuntane, an acne medication, released by the FDA, now known to cause severe and chronic disease to thousands who used it. Remember a few years ago, the weight reduction medication commonly known as Phenphen, also approved by the FDA and only removed from the market when patients died and those who survived were left with serious heart damage. SO WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT FDA APPROVAL?

  2. As a medical marijuana card holder I am just in complete awe that this jerk off mike is pushing so hard for the ban! My question is mike is this some of that population control you pricks are pushing for,and who is going to pay for all of our shit prescriptions were all gonna need? Come on you new age FAGS it has created over 3,000 jobs state wide and boosted our state economy and that’s all I hear you idiots talk about is boosting economy!!! My other question that I have mike (JERK OFF) is who is going to foot the bill for everyone who gets addicted to these poisonous prescription pills and needs rehab? I surely doubt your going to help pay for people needing rehab-i guess when it comes to scum like you the best thing that could happen is move away from montana we don’t need NAZI PRICKS like you here infecting our state!!!

  3. Mike Milburn, it doesn’t surprise me that an old Redneck like yourself would be close minded and ignorant about Medical Marijuana…Educate yourself with the facts before you further embarrass your party and this state. How a nut case like you ever made the Senate is far beyond me…I hope one of your relatives uses MM and it comes back to bite you on the ass…Morons like you need to retire.

  4. By the way Milburn, Kids were smoking Pot back in 1969 and selling it in schools so hop off your high horse moron, and catch up on the truth.

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