Montana’s 63 Traitors

Open season on the following list of legislators who believe they know better than Montanans themselves:  We are officially seeking candidates to replace all of the following Montana house representatives after their shameful votes yesterday to overturn the will of the people (Speaker Milburn’s HB 161) which passed the house 63-37.   Montana’s medical marijuana “drug cartel” members do not appreciate being portrayed as criminals…. and they will definitely seek vengeance in the voting booth.

These people better think twice before ever running for public office again. We won't forget this betrayal.

5 thoughts on “Montana’s 63 Traitors

  1. Excellent point Montanafesto- I had no idea so many state legislators would be willing to make 25,000+ permanent enemies at the voting polls. We will certainly spread this voting record around to the appropriate groups in certain legislative districts and see what happens next election season… Hopefully this session will make people think twice before they believe the same Republican lies about small government and personal responsibility!

  2. Find a different metaphor, please! They’re not “traitors”, nor should there be an “open season” on them. You lose the argument before you begin with such language. HEY, the English language is HUGE! Use it! Wisely, not like an ordinary asshole. Just sayin’. Be a wee bit more creative. Trite phrases equal a lazy thinker.

    • Some feel like they have been betrayed! That DOES qualify them as traitors to the cannabis community…we all have fought a lot of bad press, to keep pushing as professionals, to rise above and PROVE this is a viable industry…and that it benefits the whole community(whether they admit it or not)! I’ve used that term myself, I personally think it pounds the nail right on the head!!!!!!!

      • As a republican, I feel betrayed. Abandoning conservative principles to legislate morality is a very disturbing path for the party to take. As a Montanan, I also feel betrayed. Put it on the ballot if you want it repealed. They won’t take the chance of mobilizing the democrat vote so they are trying to repeal it first. Regardless of what the legislature does, it will be on the ballot again- whether it be by us or the SCSK.

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